Can't Take My Eyes off You

You’re just too good to be trueCan’t take my eyes off youYou’d be like heaven to touchI wanna hold you so muchAt long last love has arrived,And I thank God I’m aliveYou’re just too good to be trueCan’t take my eyes off you Pardon the way that I stareThere’s nothing else to compareThe sight of […]

I See Your Smile

I, get a little tongue twisted every time I talk to youWhen I see you And I’m so glad that you just missed itThe way I stared To memorize your face To kiss you in my mind Love you all the time ‘Cause when I close my eyes I still can see your smile It’s […]

Here We Are

Here we are, face to face. We forget time and place. Hold me now, don’t let go, though it hurts and we both know. The time we spent together’s gonna fly and everything you do to me is gonna feel so right. Baby, when you’re lovin’ me, I feel like I could cry ’cause there’s […]

Ava Adore

It’s you that I adoreYou’ll always be my whoreYou’ll be a mother to my childAnd a child to my heart We must never be apartWe must never be apart Lovely girl, you’re the beauty in my worldWithout you, there aren’t reasons left to find And you’ll pull your crooked teethYou’ll be perfect just like meYou’ll […]

I'll Say Good-Bye for the Two of Us

When you wake upAnd find me gone tomorrow,Don’t think I meant to hurt youI just did what we knew I had to do Oh, and all the time we knewThe time was never right for us,Time to leave this love behindI could never leave you,Baby, if I see you cry I’ll say good-bye for the […]

Can You Read My Mind

Can you read my mind?Do you know what it is you do to me?Don’t know who you are,Just a friend from another star Here I am like a kid at a schoolHolding hands with a god, I’m a foolWill you look at me quiveringLike a little girl shivering?You can see right through me Can you […]

Mony Mony

Here she comes now sayin’ Mony MonyShoot ’em down turn around come on MonyHey she give me love and I feel all right nowCome on you gotta toss and turnAnd feel all right, yeah I feel all rightI said yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ‘Cause you make me feelSo good, so good, so goodSo fine, […]

End of the World

Why does the sun go on shining?Why does the sea rush to shore?Don’t they know it’s the end of the world‘Cause you don’t love me anymore? Why do the birds go on singing?Why do the stars glow above?Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?It ended when I lost your love I wake up […]