Box In Hand

ft. Raekwon, Method Man [Intro: sung] Wu Tang will survive, no no no-no no noWu Tang will surviveCause every time they flip a party You know the party screams and shoutsCause you… DAMN! Aw, TC that was the bomb… [Ghostface]Get all my peoples,get all my peoples headphonesAll of emLay em a death warrantAaaah, yo, show […]

Apollo Kids

ft. Raekwon the Chef [Ghostface]Uh-huh, uh-huh, motherfucker, uh-huhYeah, I see that, I see thatAll y’all fake motherfuckers up in the joint, huh?Stealin my light, huh? Watch me, duke, watch me Yo, check these up top murderousSnowy in the bezzle as the cloud mergesF.B.I. try and want word with thisKid who punked out bust a shot […]


ft. Killa Sin, RZA "I want you, you’ve got me, something soothing" [x4] [Killa Sin]The fuck?Yo, somebody sent their wolf pack and in clappin’ roundsActin’ like, what a way to play these clownsShady towns, guerillas tryin’ to lay me downYo Lady Brown, I’ll set it up, who give a fuck?We vested up from head to […]

Never Be the Same Again

[Ghostface Killah]Yeah, damn momIt’s gone be aight, don’t worry about itKnowha’msayin, I’ma just goI’ma just pack my shitPeace out, aightDon’t worry about itI still love you though [Chorus – Carl Thomas]I’ll never be the same again (I’ll never be the same again)I’ll bet you’ll never understand (I’ll bet you’ll never understand)The things you put me […]

Ghost Showers

[Singer]One goes through this rhyme that youHe made up his mindThat every little thing he doesBe designed to entertain you (yeah)Ooooh (yeah), his whole life through (that’s right)He’s been walking through the rain (rain)Until the day he rhyme for you (uh huh, uh huh)And the sun came pouring down (tell ’em girl) [Ghostface]Ay yo, my […]

Ghost Deini

ft. Superb "In an enemy land…""Ack, just by destroying Starks Enterprises,we could cripple their national defence.So, you Professor Finkle, the world’s greatestexpert on electricity must devise the destructionof Starks’ mighty guardian, Ironman." [Ghostface Killah]Yo, summer time holdin the 9, split the Vega in halfJeeps rumble and my dogs puff grassBank stoppin, high-derox hydrolicKid with the […]


ft. Raekwon the Chef [R] You got your hands on Moony shit[G] Say "word"[R] We gonna get high[G] I don’t give a fuck about them enemies[R] He a bird anyway?he be taking his packages?he a snitch too [Ghostface]In Pam’s house there was money missingShe was too dumb, had her nose numb, sniffin blow in the […]

Interlude 1

Yo.. one-two..Yo; aiyyo he said I had fly anklesPlus my bangles was star-studded out, Ice cut it out!Everytime we attend somewhere, you act real terriblyYou shit on niggaz too much you start to worry meYou switch up, last week you burned a old lady’s retinaI thought them thick Coke bottle jammies might protect herBut it […]