Once In Love With Amy

Once in love with Amy, always in love with AmyEver and ever fascinated by her, sets your heart afire to stay. Once you’re kissed by Amy, tear up your list it’s AmyPly her with bonbons, poetry, and flowers, moon a million hours away. You might be quite the fickle-hearted rover so carefree and boldWho loves […]

Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town

You better watch outYou better not cryBetter not poutI’m telling you whySanta Claus is coming to town. He’s making a list, And checking it twice; Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice. Santa Claus is coming to town. He sees you when you’re sleepingHe knows when you’re awakeHe knows if you’ve been bad or goodSo […]

Sand And Sea

Sand and sea, sea and sandAnd the warm bright sun up there aboveSummer days, happy daysWith my love. Sand and sea, sea and sandHear the wings in flight of the lovely doveSummer nights, happy nightsWe were makin’ love. The blinking stars are dancing on the whitecapsCrazy stars, they’ve had too many nightcapsI touch your hand, […]

Same Old Saturday Night

Went to see a movie showFound myself an empty rowThought the show was just all rightSame old Saturday night. Then I made the usual stopCoffee at the coffee shopFriendly face nowhere in sightSame old Saturday night. I really thought the papers I boughtWould help me forget you for a whileBelieve me, honey, the funnies weren’t […]

I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night

I couldn’t sleep a wink last nightBecause we had that silly fight.I thought my heart would break,The whole night through,I knew that you’d be sorry,And I’m sorry too.I didn’t have my fav’rite dream,The one in which I hold you tight,I had to call you up this morning,To see if ev’rything was still all right.Yes, I […]

Full Moon And Empty Arms

Full moon and empty armsThe moon is there for us to shareBut where are you?A night like this could weave a memoryAnd every kiss could start a dream for twoFull moon and empty armsTonight I’ll use the magic moon to wish uponAnd next full moon if my one wish comes trueMy empty arms will be […]

Can I Steal A Little Love

Can I steal a little loveCan I steal a little loveCoo me honey I’m on fireTo steal your love is my desire. Hug me, squeeze (kiss) me, ’til I’m red‘Til my eyes bug out my headCoo me, woo me, turtle doveCan I steal (grab) a little love. (Please) Tell me, why are you driving me […]

Dream Away

Dream away, child; let your dreams run wildOr a lifetime of worries might claim you.Dream away, child; let your dreams run wildOr the years and the tears shed might claim you. For the last time we have tastedlove’s sweet tears by the fire’s glow.If our hearts are strong there’ll beno long good-byes when it’s time […]


Dream when you’re feeling blue.Dream, that’s the thing to do.Just watch the smoke rings rise in the air.You’ll find your ship of memories there.So, dream when the day is through.Dream and they might come true.Things never are as bad as they seem,So dream, dream, dream.Things never are as bad as they seem,So dream, dream, dream.

Love And Marriage

Love and marriage, love and marriageGo together like a horse and carriageThis I tell you brotherYou can’t have one without the other. Love and marriage, love and marriageIt’s an institute you can’t disparageAsk the local gentryAnd they will say it’s elementary. Try, try, try to separate themIt’s an illusionTry, try, try, and you will only […]