Prisoner Of Love

Gotta run away from youIf I wanna save myselfAnd there’s nothing I can doTo break your magic spellOh, you are veilyou show it with your eyesOh, and the way your body movesJust keeps me hypnotized ‘Cause I’m a prisoner of loveSomebody rescue meRelease me from this state of mindI was born to be freeJust a […]

Love Me

I can’t go on this way foreverclosing my eyes and just imagining.I’m loving you When I’m close to you it feels so right.Can’t sleep at night But if I try to stay awaycan’t even make it through the day. No longer care if it is wrong or right. I wanna love you baby, through the […]

I Need Your Love

Something deep inside of meKeeps holding on to your memoryHow I’ve tried to find someone newBut everywhere I lookIt’s you that I see Don’t you knowThat my whole life has changedI can’t look in the pastWithout feeling the painAnd that night all alone I just criedAnd I hope and I prayYou’ll be back by my […]

I Need A Man

I’ve been waiting for somebodyto satisfy my needs. Someone who will be my lover,someone that I can please. I just don’t know where to find himI don’t know where to go. All I know is this urge inside mewill drive me up the wall. I need a man who will love meI need a man […]


Ok, well, what’s it all about. It’s alright to change your mind. But whenever you found what you must find, just remember: I’m holding on the line. So take advice from an old friend. To the heart you must be true. While you’re doing all the things you do, know that always I’m in love […]

Do You Want To Dance

Do you want to dancewould you take a chance with me. Let the music playdance your life away, be free. Don’t you know that with the music you’re dancing all your troubles away. Do you wanna dancewould you take a chance today. Do you wanna dancewould you take a chance today. Come on baby, do […]

Dr. Beat

SPOKEN:Emergency! Paging Dr. Beat! Emergency! Docter I’ve got this feelin’ deepinside of me, deep inside of meI just can’t control my feet whenI hear the beat, when I hear the beatHey Docter could you give mesomething to ease the pain, to ease the pain‘Cause if you don’t help me soonGonna lose my brain, gonna go […]

Eyes Of Innocence

When I look into your eyes I can see all you hopes and dreams. I can feel your warm desires and I know you’re wanting me. You’ve got to use discretion. I don’t know if it’s right to take away that look from you, by loving you tonight. I’m looking in the eyes,in the eyes […]