Just One Heart

The fever’s running in the cityPeople want to make it so much worse.On the high street I can see no pityPeople with their faces in the dirt. Just one heart, that needs to openJust one word will break the iceOne touch, to kill the darknessOne kiss to give it light. Just one heart, that needs […]

I Won't Be Leaving You

We sat down togetherOur table for twoWe went through the menu so slowlyI just couldn’t take my eyes off you.The juices were flowingBut time wouldn’t moveWe gazed and the waiters were waitingThey came and went awayEverything around me disappeared. Don’t you worry no moreI won’t be leaving you (now I believe in you)Don’t you worry […]

I Won't Let You Go

Some girls want to play with youDoing things that they really can’t doThey think that love is a game to playThey oughta know that I get my way. They look at you with starry eyesVery soon they all realizePlay with fire and your fingers burnI wanna tell them, they never learn. I won’t let you […]

One Way Love

One way love, it never sleeps, it just grows deeperOne way love, it pulls you in, it takes you downAnd I wish I knew what I had to doTo get into your life, to get close to youBut baby, it’s a one way love. One way love, if you could only see me as I […]

Eyes Of A Woman

I met her at the airport, we talked on the planeShe saw that I was downcast and said it was a shame.I gave her all the reasons for being in despairShe said that explanations won’t get you anywhere.It’s not a matter of virtue or the cause you defendIt’s only the moments of choice that count […]

I Keep Turning Off Lights

Staring into space, I try to convince myselfIt doesn’t really matter that I’m living your life not mine,Then holding my head up highI swallow hard and ask myself why.How is it I find myself here with you? I keep turning off lights,And getting under coversCaught up in your nights,Crying for the answersOh, I keep turning […]

Save Me (Why Don't Ya)

I talk to my mirror nowWhy does it have to be me?Oh, listen to the rumours nowPick up the pieces and see.Oh, but I’d never hurt you, I wouldn’t want to,Why does everybody look for troubles when there isn’t any?No one listens to me, so I’m talking to you. Go walk in your sunshine now […]

Click Track

Business and pleasureKeeping you up,Hunting for treasureYou can’t dig enough,Growing but losingStaying up late,All the nightclubs are closingBut you’ve got a date. So you’ve hit the right spotBut you’ve still got the itch,Business and pleasureYou can’t mix, you can’t switch,Just a case of a face and a place, no disgraceIt’s just a rhythm a syndromeIt’s […]