Gang Bang

Well, there’s mad gangs, but only one got controlWherever they roam, from north pole to south poleIce cold with a vice hold on all crimeThey gettin paid even if they shit is small timeAll your dimes’ll get took, yo watch them sling (?) them thingscause they nothin but a gang of crooksThings look like they’ll […]

Hold On

[Starr]I’ll keep, holding onI’ll keep, holding on! [Lord Jamar]Young black male, twenty-five years of ageMany-a-lives didn’t survive to this stageCause the rage of another brother got him poppedShot him and he dropped, like a beanbagMean motherfucker with a rag and some jeans that sagThey signify your death by crossin out your tagThen they go and […]

Straight Off Da Head

Yeah, yeah, fo’ your mindHmmmright, let’s see what we can come up withRecord after record, yeaaah, rhyme after rhyme check it [Sadat X]In the studio, on the first tryOn the verse high only birds flyYou get out the pack like that y’allStraight off da head (what?), let niggas know I use to wear the proGet […]

Claimin' I'm A Criminal

Verse One: Lord Jamar 7 in the mornin, they kickin down my momma’s doorNow tell me what is this motherfuckin drama for?Can a nigga get rest after rest without the stress?Then they put the Glock to my chestBest think ‘fore I twitch or I’m poppedoff to the clink with this bitch ass copThey gotta nigga […]


Intro: Sadat X Ha, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahYo, straight from the wilds of The Bronx, it’s Buckwild, y’knowI’msayin?And that kid Sadat X born king, doin my thingKnowI’msayin? I let’cha know how it is in my lifestyle everyday Verse One: Sadat X Lately yo, I been walkin tightropesIt’s an adventure everyday as I walk down the […]

Down For The Real

Intro: Y’all niggas hurry up. Go in there, buck them niggas and get the fuck out,don’t be playin, dogg playin, yahearwhutI’msayin? Kill them niggas and getthe fuck back so we can stay ballin, we’ll be chillin right here"Eh nigga, I wanna know if you’re ready to do this shit? You ready to dothis shit or […]

Sweatin Bullets

Intro/Chorus: Sweatin bullets, watch me pull it on a motherfucker (Wet em up!)Sweatin bullets, wet a whole click full of suckers (Wet em up!)Sweatin bullets, watch me pull it on a motherfucker (Wet em up!)Sweatin bullets, if I flip then I’m gonna fuck it (Wet em up!)*repeat* Verse One: Sadat X For the next couple […]

Step Into Da Cipher

[Lord Jamar]First up it’s the nuts up, what’s upto the niggas from the projectsProspect Park in Brooklyn, I’m lookin at another crime sceneCommitted by the brothers on this rhyme teamJust freestylin in a cipher, I take the life of MCsIf you’re wack we got the right to seizeHe’s black like Ultra, know your cultureMotherfuckers don’t […]