Esta Noche BailamosDe Noite – da mi vidaQuedate conmigo Tonight we danceI leave my life in your handsWe take the floorNothing is forbidden anymore Don’t let the world in outsideDon’t let a moment go byNothing can stop us tonight ChorusBailamos – let the rhythm take you over BailamosTe quiero amor mio – BailamosWanna live this […]

Only You

Looking from a window aboveIt’s like a story of loveCan you hear me.Came back only yesterdayMoving further awayWon’t you hear me. All I needed was the love you gaveAll I needed for another dayAll I ever knewOnly you Sometimes when I think of your nameAnd it’s only a gameAnd I need youListening to the words […]


If I ??I go back to the moment I kissedDo you goodbye no matter how hard I triedI can’t live without you in my life Maybe you say you still want meMaybe you say that you don’tMaybe we say it was overBaby I can’t let you go I walk around couldn’t understandWhere we were wrong […]

I Will Survive

You like to think that you’ll be the only one who understands me with itAnd you tell everyone that I can’t live without you even for one dayBut who gave you the right to talk about the way I feel so deep insideNow I realize you were never mine, you were never rightBaby you will […]

Sad Eyes

Every day here you come walkingI hold my tongue,I don`t do much talkingYou say you`re happy and you`re doin` fineWell go ahead, baby,I got plenty of timeSad eyes never lieSad eyes never lieWell for a whileI`ve been watching you steadyAin`t gonna move `til you`re good and readyYou show up and then you shy awayBut I […]

Be With You

Monday night and I feel so aloneI count the hours but they go so slowI know the sound of your voiceCan save my soul City lights, streets of goldLook out my window to the world belowMoves so fast and it feels so coldAnd I’m all alone (I’m all alone) Don’t let me dieI’m losing my […]

Could I Have This Kiss Forever

Over and over I look in your eyesYou are all I desireYou have captured meI want to hold you I want to be close to youI never want to let goI wish that this night would never endI need to knowCould I hold you for a lifetimeCould I look into your eyesCould I have this […]

She Be The One

She wakes you up early in the morningShe tells you baby I feel a little hornyShe brings you up and then you know you want itI like the way you give it girlYour mouth is dryYour heart is beating fasterYou wanna die but you’re afraid to ask herShe pops a gunYour prayer’s already answeredTick tock […]