Brian Wilson Said

My life, nothing was easy till nowHope like the morning will paint the dawnMore than ordinary ( deep down )Make it more than merry ( deep down )Take me to the jamboree ( deep down )And shine a light on meDraw back the curtains and smileEverything’s wow ! Girls are ten penny Janet, Joy and […]

Dog's A Best Friend's Dog

ShameDog shameI know what’s wrongMan’s too old and wiseBring in the dogTurn onDown the mountain rescueSlip and slide when sunnySmall cat better move alongOr this bitch could do harm, babyStraight as an arrowI’m walking the dog Three is a crowdTwo is a dog and me playing(What’s he saying)Free as a cloudNo one ever really knew […]

Break It Down Again

So those are my dreamsAnd these are my eyesStand tall like a manHead a strong like a horse When it’s all mixed upBetter break it downIn the world of secretsIn the world of sound It’s in the way you’re always hiding from the lightSee for yourself you have been sitting on a time bombNo revolution […]


Last years rivals share their bloodSailor sworn to secrecyRide the waves and stem the floodThe tides of endless enmityPower now is all the rageSons and daughters of the gunHungry babies come of agePhasers switched and set to stun Power now, power how, power wow !Here’s power If you’re seeking power ……… Doctor held you tight […]


This race is already runGet off your horseGet on this trainWelcome to the real worldI said, Welcome to the real worldAre we rushing like the windNaked out and naked inWelcome to the free worldI said, Welcome to the me worldAre we rushing like the wind Put your lovin’ arms around Did you lose your faith […]

Mr. Pessimist

Time will swallowYour precious timeLike magic create the future What makes man so fickle ?Who put the daggers in those eyes ?Was it to learnThrough dark days of struggle ?Was it to burnTo burst all our bubbles ?Thunder and rainWell the cynicle flame will it heat, stick and blister ?Thunder and rain Evangelistic brotherShould be […]


The coldest shoulder cast in metalFrozen to the boneTo rely on hook, line and sinkerWhat a sinkerSinking like a stoneYou’d be better off aloneShe saw me on the television underneath the sunThought that I was warm like mother, lover, brotherBrother, she was wrongMe, I don’t long to belong Cold, been excommunicated cos I’m coldMy temperature’s […]

Goodnight Song

Here on the stageThe time has comeWith the strains of "Be my angels!", of rock in two fourTime may keep alive that old swang songThat we’ve been playing foreverTill the time maybe right to say goodbyeMy voice is aching, I’m tongue tiredAnd the sounds we are making are so uninspired Goodnight song, played so wrongBlame […]