Uh-huh make me tonightTonightMake it rightUh-huh make me tonightTonightTonight Oh, uh-huh make it magnificentTonightRight Ah, oh your hair is beautifulAh, tonightAtomic Tonight make it magnificentTonightMake me tonight Your hair is beautifulOh, tonightAtomicOh AtomicOh Oh AtomicOh AtomicOh

Die Young Stay Pretty

Die young, stay prettyDie young, stay prettyDeteriorate in your own timeTell ’em you’re dead and wither awayAre you living alone or with your family?A dried up twig on your family tree?Are you waiting for the reaper to arrive?Or just to die by the hand of love?Love for youth, love for youthSo, die young and stay […]

Accidents Never Happen

No I don’t believe in luckNo I don’t believe in circumstance no moreAccidents never happen in a perfect worldSo I won’t believe in luckI saw you walking in the darkSo I slipped behind your footsteps for a whileCaught you turning round the blockFancy meeting in a smaller world, after all Accidents never happen, could have […]