Angel's Wings

I would die for youLay down my life for youThe only thing that means everything to me‘Cause when you’re in my armsYou make me prouder than Than anything I ever could achieveAnd you make everything that used to seem so bigSeem to be so small since you arrived On angel’s winds, an angelical formationAngel’s wings, […]

My Love

[Nicky:] OK, Lads the last flights just been canceled.[Kian:] Oh, My God.[Mark:] What are you talking about?[Shane:] Again?[Mark:] Please tell me your joking.[Shane:] That’s the same old story.[Brian:] Are you serious?[Kian:] Lads if I could fly this plane meself, we’re going home.[Brian:] Look forget this. It’d be quicker walkin’. I’m going! [SHANE]An empty street,An empty […]

Loneliness Knows Me By Name

Loneliness is always looking for a friendIt found me once and it has been around since thenLoneliness is never waiting by the doorIt sweeps right through and it will never be ignoredWhy, hwy was I chosen?Why am I left without? The love of my life, the love that I needThe love that they say is […]

Nothing Is Impossible

Isn’t life strangeA total mysteryAs we passed each dayDid you notice me? And I know girlYou’ve been looking at meAnd I know nowThat you and me were meant to beWhat would it take to realiseThat in my heartNo matter what they say No matter what they sayWhen it comes to loveTwo hearts are inseparableNo matter […]

Puzzle of My Heart

It’s the way she fills my sensesIt’s the perfume that she wearsI feel I’m losing my defencesTo the colour of her hair And every little piece of her is rightJust thinking about herTakes me through the night [Chorus]Every time we meetThe picture is completeEvery time we touchThe feeling is too muchShe’s all I ever needTo […]

Every Little Thing You Do

Hello, let me know if you hear meHello, if you want to be nearLet me knowAnd I’ll never let you go Hey loveWhen you ask what I feel, I say loveWhen you ask how I knowI say trust And if that’s not enough It’s every little thing you doThat makes me fall in love with […]

I Lay My Love On You

Just a smile and the rain is goneCan hardly believe it (yeah)There’s an angel standing next to meReaching for my heart Just a smile and there’s no way back Can hardly believe it (yeah)But there’s an angel, she’s calling meReaching for my heart I know, that I’ll be ok nowThis time it’s real I lay […]

Somebody Needs You

I’m only human Sometimes I make mistakesIf you forgive meI’m gonna do what it takes But now I know better To hurt you was wrongGirl it’s with you I belong Somebody needs you like never beforeSomebody wants your loveBaby so open the doorDon’t you leave me aloneDon’t you turn out the light Somebody wants youSomebody […]