Sore spots

I stop, my memory is nothing but a gallery of sore spots Can’t you see I carry on but I don’t wanna hold on to the retrospective life I don’t wanna overestimate this time, time, time, time It’s stuck, that’s for sure Can’t do this, follow that, life is so imperfect, almost human, just like […]


Does anybody know this illnes that I’ve caught I feel so devastated like I haven’t slept all night And oh what I’ve got has paralysed my thoughts Somebody reassure me that I’m gonna be all right I wanna see you tonight You gotta know what a fool can cover up inside You gotta know what […]

I don't know you

This one goes out to the other For I just never realised How I used to take it all on me Despite the fact it wasn’t mine I don’t know you like I used to I can’t accept this state of mind It don’t feel to good , I can assure you To know I […]

Hardest time

This is the hardest time, I can’t define it’s never easy When you said goodbye We’re all inclined to act like nothing’s wrong I am the one, he said Who never had a proper reason to be sad or down But now I found I’ve got them all in one I can’t define and nothing […]

Sad boy sam

I believe I got a temper Everytime you read my mind I just feel defenseless So black and blind Never really had this tension Trying to restrain myself Never payed attention Tied up like hell Oh but it can never be the same You should know better now We’ve been going over this again just […]

Everybody knows

Everybody knows there’s a dream that makes us all feel good Well I haven’t had it for some time I believe that it was something about love But I cannot see the details anymore Tell us ’bout your dream and the million things that you go and see That I gotta say you’ve done allright […]


You’re like a firefly, trying hard to give a sign And when it’s getting there, you shine a light Everybody always worked hard and we were pleased with ourselves And someone took away our hungry hearts I can never do it to you do to you Seems so easy just to make it right make […]


She is happy when she is all alone She’s not that hyperactive No, she don’t need the phone tonight No, she’d rather stay inside How she worries, just like the most of us About something real stupid And when it really gets her down You don’t see her much around How can I hope I’ll […]