Parental Discretion

[Big Punisher]Aiyyo I’m hard to talk to, if you live I probably thought you stalked youwhere you walked to at night, caught you then tried to extort youNew York niggaz is trigger happy, got Pataki scaredThis town ain’t big enough for both of us AND I AIN’T GOIN NOWHEREThere it is, plain and simple like […]

Super Lyrical

PUNISHER —Ay-yo my murderous rap verbal attack is actual factTactical tracks match perfectly with graphical statsHalf a you lack the magical dap of tragical rapThat tackles you back and shackles and laughs at youThat’s…the mathematical madness I’m on, the savage, the strongThe marriage, a bond of havoc and songThis massacre’s on as if Picasso laced […]


Niggaz is flossin a lot, time to start extortin the plotJust a portion of prod’ off the top for my Porsche and my yachtSomethin for the cops to keep em blind, so we can crimewith piece of mind, turn the key and shine without bein downTime to expand, New York to Chicago, ColoradoYou know my […]


CHORUS:I gave you fair warning, beware…beware…beware… (2x) –Mobb Deep sample– Yo…what you thought punk, shit was sweet, now you can’t sleepGotta keep ya eyes open wide and hide ya face from the streetsI’m like the beast with a warrant, far from alarmin’Gave you fair warnin’ now you on the stairs swallin’I’m callin’ out any rapper […]

Fast Money

I got the sweetest heist, million in cash, another 3 in iceWho can I trust? Cuban’ll bust plus ?good thief the night?Here’s the plan (plan), we nab the man, bring a camcorderGrab his fam, and run the train on his granddaughterNah chill, that’s too ill, for real I’d rather kill somethinHere’s the deal, we shatter […]

Glamour Life

Intro (Cuban Link) Glamour life style baby, bottle the rocks Lose the ice, 100 mil kid, money, money, money, mo Platinium status, yeah, what up, what up?(Big Punisher) Stick around (Cuban Link)Yo, I plan to live a life a-glamourLike my man Tony MontanaStand and pose in front of camerasWith my golden silk pajamas onSmoking havanas, […]

I'm Not a Player

Intro: from the O’Jays "Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby" by (K. Gamble, L. Huff) You’re my darlin’ darlin’ babyYou’re my darlin’ darlin’ loveYou’re my darlin’ darlin’ babyI said you’re everything, I ever hoped forin a woman..And as long, as I may live.. ooh, you’re {*record cuts off*} [Big Punisher]YoI ain’t a player, I just fuck a lotJump […]

Punish Me

[Big Punisher]I was the luckiest man on Earth, my wisdom was worthany purse but had a curse that hurt worse than givin birthMy first verse explains some of the game she was playinI’m blamin myself cause in my wealth was her pain would havenBehavin like a money hungry hooker, funny how the money took herfrom […]