Bringing Out The Elvis

You’re bringing out the Elvis in meYou’re bringing out the Elvis in me Just like a fossilFrozen in time I could not moveMy heart, my soul, my feetThen you unearthed meAnd put me in a hot pulsating grooveNow I’m a slave to the beat You’re bringing out the Elvis in meMaking my hips want to […]


I can feel the magic floating in the airBeing with you gets me that wayI watch the sunlight dance across your face and I’veNever been this swept away All my thoughts seem to settle on the breezeWhen I’m lying wrapped up in your armsThe whole world just fades awayThe only thing I hearIs the beating […]

Love Is A Sweet Thing

He was sitting on a corner with a bottle of beerAnd the same shopping cart he’d been pushing for yearsA big smile on his faceLike the first day of springAll the people looked the other way, but they heard him singAnd he sang "LoveLove is a sweet thing"He sang "loveLove is a sweet thing" She […]

Let's Make Love

Baby I’ve been drifting awayDreaming all dayOf holidng youTouching youThe only thing I want to doIs be with youAs close to youAs I can be Let’s make loveAll night longUntil all our strength is goneHold on tightJust let goI want to feel you in my soulUntil the sun comes upLet’s make loveOh, baby Do you […]

It Will Be Me

When you start fallingWho’s gonna catch yaI’m willing to bet yaIt will be meWho’s gonna love yaLike there’s no otherSearch and discoverIt will be me When all the othersHave gone and hurt youWho won’t desert youIt will be meWeighing the optionsSo much to think ofBut when you think loveIt will be me You may not […]

If My Heart Had Wings

Damn these old wheelsRolling too slowI stare down this white lineWith so far to goHeadlights keep comingLoneliness humming alongWho poured this rainWho made these cloudsI stare through this windshieldThinking out loudTime keeps on crawlingLove keeps on calling me homeI’d jump all these mountains and take to the skiesSail through the heavens with stars in my […]

I Got My Baby

Diggin’ aroundFeelin’ so downFloatin’ around like a featherNothin’ but meAnd all of my dreamsTrying to hold it togetherThose were long daysLong days indeedCould not avoidI felt no joyNo relief Everyone knows when that’s how it goes it’s usually bound to get betterSo when you arrivedI looked in your eyes and all I could see was […]

If I'm Not In Love

If I’m not in love with youWhat is this I’m going throughTonightAnd if my heart is lying thenWhat should I believe inWhy do I go crazyEvery time I think about you, babyWhy else do I want you like I doIf I’m not in love with you And if I don’t need your touchWhy do I […]