Intro: Grand Puba Brand Nubian baby, here to flip it againAnd you know it don’t stop until the party endsSo get your hands up high, if you feel me replyCos you know these brothers here we keep it extra tight Verse One: Lord Jamar Look, listen and observe, it took precision to connectThe words of […]

Gang Bang

Well, there’s mad gangs, but only one got controlWherever they roam, from north pole to south poleIce cold with a vice hold on all crimeThey gettin paid even if they shit is small timeAll your dimes’ll get took, yo watch them sling (?) them thingscause they nothin but a gang of crooksThings look like they’ll […]

Probable Cause

[Grand Puba]Uhh.. yeah.. then they sayProbable cause (uh-huh) probable cause (yeah)You don’t have to break no lawsThey say probable cause (probable cause)Probable cause (yeah) probable causeYou don’t have to break no lawsThey say probable cause (word) Now who’s this nigga in the 4.6?About twenty to five, got a truck full of chicksJust leavin the disco, […]

Love Me or Leave Me Alone

[Sadat X]Aiyyo Jamar I got a girl that’s bad! (uh-huh)But she don’t understand my ways.. (why’s that?)Arguin days after days after days.. [Lord Jamar]Well I can dig itSee I done had some fly onesBut they try to get just that, thought I’d like to chase the catBut I’m not a Dog, God is who you’re […]

Hold On

[Starr]I’ll keep, holding onI’ll keep, holding on! [Lord Jamar]Young black male, twenty-five years of ageMany-a-lives didn’t survive to this stageCause the rage of another brother got him poppedShot him and he dropped, like a beanbagMean motherfucker with a rag and some jeans that sagThey signify your death by crossin out your tagThen they go and […]

Maybe One Day

[Grand Puba]Yeah, yeah yeah yeahOne time as we do it like this, yeahGrand Puba, Common Sense [Common]Yeah, yeah, yeahIt’s all love y’all (3X) what you say? Intro/Chorus: all, Common [all] Maybe one day we can work it out Strive to understand what life’s about All it seems to be is sadness and pain Blood like […]


[GPM] Hit her, I mean let’s hit this[??1] That’s not straight[??2] Do it God, ya bwoy let’s do it now seen? Let’s pull it bwoy [Grand Puba Maxwell]Aiyyo, check this outBrand Nubian gettin ready to swing this ep’We got the Grand Puba, we got Derek X on the flexWe got, Lord Jamar, we got Alamo […]


Yeah, black woman [Grand Puba]This one goes out to all the black woman acrossthe whole planet Earth, givin our black nation birthNothin in this universe is worth your worthSo we dedicate this song, black woman [Lord Jamar]This one is for every woman I was ever withThe ones that I cared about and ones I just […]

Straight Outta Now Rule

Intro/Chorus: Lord Jamar, Grand Puba Straight outta Now Rule, Brand Nu keepin coolWe drop a jewel and never stoppin what we do Always do what we must, everything that we touch is going platinum plus, comin thru in a clutch*repeat* Verse One: Lord Jamar, Grand Puba A lot of y’all niggas is 85th, on some […]

Straight Off Da Head

Yeah, yeah, fo’ your mindHmmmright, let’s see what we can come up withRecord after record, yeaaah, rhyme after rhyme check it [Sadat X]In the studio, on the first tryOn the verse high only birds flyYou get out the pack like that y’allStraight off da head (what?), let niggas know I use to wear the proGet […]