Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars

Dressed up for a big dateLike Halloween day but it was Fourth of July nowA car crash with a suitcase and a painted faceShe was one of a kindShe wears a plastic crown like CinderellaAnd roller skates in bed he rides the greyhound from his hometownWhen he comes around cause they don’t let him drive […]

Bitter Wine

We met some time ago when we were almost youngIt never crossed my mind to ask where did you come from ?I didn’t have much money so I stole you a roseYou were dressed like an orphan in Salvation Army clothesI never thought I’d lose you, no I’d rather go blindI thought I saw the […]


I been knocked down so many timesCounted out 6, 7, 8, 9Written off like some bad dealIf you’re breathing you know how it feelsCall it karma, call it luckMe, I just don’t give a [Chorus:]Bounce, Bounce Nothing’s gonna keep me downBounce, Bounce Stand up, shout it outBounce, Bounce I play hard, I play to winCount […]

Billy Get Your Guns

I just seen troubleHe’s calling out your name toniteBilly get your gunsYou could walk awayBut I know you were born to fightSo Billy get your gunsThe bandileros are strung outIn the promenadeBilly get your gunsChorusBilly get your gunsThere’s trouble blowing like a hurricaneBilly get your gunsThat’s the price on your head for thePrice of fameAnd […]

Bang A Drum

I went to see the preacherTo teach me how to prayHe looked at me and smiledThen the preacher turned awayHe said if you want to tell him somethingYou ain’t gotta fold your handsSay it with your heartYour soul and believe itAnd I’d say amenBang a drum for the sinnersBang a drum for the sinsBang a […]

Blood On Blood

I can still rememberWhen I was just a kidWhen friends were friends foreverAnd what you said was what you did Well, it was me and Daddy and BobbyWe cut each other’s handsAnd held tight to a promiseOnly brothers understand But we were so young (so young)One for all and all for one (for one)Just as […]

Blood Money

Hey Patty Garrett that’s what I used to call youThey tell me you want me but I hear they’ve got youThey made you a lawman with a badge made of silverThey paid you some money to sell them my soul But you say this ain’t about me, this ain’t about youOr the good and the […]

Good Guys Don't Always Wear White

You say you don’t like my kindA better picture in your mindNo it don’t matter what I sayI hear ya bitchin’ when I walk awayI’ll never be what ya want me ta beYou tell me I’m wrong but I disagreeI ain’t got no apology Just because I don’t look like you, talk like you, think […]