And Me

Once again I’m all wrapped up in meMy best friend’s my own worst enemyElectricity and gravityOh my god now take a look at meMy life line’s run by AT&TThey got their wires all up in meIs push and pull the way it’s got to beOnce again I’m all wrapped up in me and me

I Don't Know

What’s pleasing to the eyeIn the delusion of my sightIs not what I find when I reach into the lightI have lost my mindI’m walking through timeDeluded as the next guyPretending and hoping to findThat distant peace of mindI don’t knowWho does knowThere is noWhere to go It’s not so simple as I try to […]

Super Disco Breakin'

50 cups of coffee and you know it’s onI move the crowd to the break of break of dawnCan’t rock the house without the party peopleCause when we’re gettin down we are all equalThere’s no better or worse between you and meBut I rock the mic so viciouslyLike pins and needles and words that stingAt […]

Remote Control

Things get hectic quickFrom the satellite dish to your joy stickIt’s the night of the living cable boxWires coming up from around the blockRemote control to change the stationBut that won’t change your situationHave you seen what I meanI’m the little gnome that’s in your dreamsSo I say this rhyme built by designTo take you […]

She's Crafty

Well this girl came up to me – she says she’s new in townBut the crew been said they seen her aroundI thought they were right but I didn’t wanna knowThe girlie was Def and she wanted to goI think her name is Lucy but they all call LooseI think I thought I seen her […]

Song For The Man

What makes you feelAnd why you gotta beLike you got the rightTo look her up and downWhat makes this worldSo sick and evilI know you don’t know What makes you feelLike you got miracle whip appealWho made you the judge an juryAin’t you never heard of privacyWhat makes this worldSo sick and evilYou figure it […]

Hold It Now – Hit It!

Now I chill real ill when I start to chillWhen I fill my pockets with a knot of dollar billsSipping pints of ale out the window sillWhen I get my fill I’m chilly chillNow I just got home because I’m out on bailWhat’s the time? – it’s time to buy alePeter eater – parking meter […]

Picture This

Something on the windowsillCaught her eye and held her stillThe cars pass by outsideNowhere left to hide Picture this now crystal clearNothing left to hold her hereAnd creeping up meanwhileTraces of a smileEyes open wide to see if I could fly