My Eternal Love

I gave you something for nothing my loveThis apparition of living your lieI had the power but you stole control my loveI need you close to me I can’t denyIt’s your night worldPlaces I’ve never knownAll of the wonders lay before meI pray this heaven never stops It’s your night worldThings are revealed to meAnd […]

System of Love

Now you don’t know what you have doneYou made me what I thought I could never beOut of the flames with my hands untiedNo time to grieve for the lossHearts that come together for the first timeSparks that fly around the roomLets face it I’mDealing with something I don’t understandBut I’ll kill you if you […]

Letting Go

A childThat hides behind a chairAlmost afraid to growWithout you thereWhisper words that make you seeWhat you’ve come to mean to me A voiceThat rises from the heartThe hunger that seizes meAnd tears my soul apartAnd serving only to renewHow I came to feel for you Through your love I’d seenforeverWe became as oneI never […]

Not In Love At All

Passed the stage of sympathyNo longer living on the pain,Oh babyThough I learned my lesson wellYou got me with your magic spellI’m back in love againI let you go for what you areShould never be restrainedI simply set you freeYou found me lost without you girlAnd the love you say was missingA love that brightens […]

Childhood Days

Gone gone childhood daysGone in so many waysAll that I have said and doneThe castles we have overcomeAt last you have found a friendThe sweetest voice will never endAnd it echoes down the mountainsidePeople live and people dieFriendly face will always beWrapped up in my childhood days Old dogs and worn out shoesEven children sing […]