Angels On The Balcony

Afterglow in a distant rowThe door is open and the lights are coldThe children come in here and they dare the ghostLike a fire burning in a stoneAhSilent light in the theatre’s skyPhantom cigarette and a silent cryThe door swings open and it’s cold outsideRun and hide, run and hideAh, ah They can still see […]

Live It Up

Your old lover’s lying in the gutterHe used to be such an all night strutter"Oh, my heart," I heard him mutter"Oh, my dear, it seems to flutter"Ah, ahIt’s so hard to say "No"When the deck is stacked to only go slowIt’s easy sweet to live it upAn easy street when you’ve had enoughAh, ah Darkened […]

Go Through It

She knew it about Route ThreeOh, she blew it, you know she could’ve told meHe can’t say no, he can’t ask whyGo through it, highway brideHe delivers, he’s a roadsiderHe gets no road from a back seat driverAway we go, yes or no?I love you honey, gimme a beer But just like Jerry Lee, she’s […]

Follow Me

Far from day, far from nightOut of time, out of sightIn between earth and seaWe shall fly, follow meDry the rain, warm the snowWhere the winds never goFollow me, follow meFollow me Follow me to a cave by a sapphire shoreWhere we’ll walk through an emerald doorAnd for thousands of breathless "evermore’s" my life you […]

Do The Dark

There you are, giving candyMaking confidence with an easy eyeEasy words, oh, what a dancerDance you right into the corner in the fireDo the dark apostleDo the sidewalk hustleDo the invisible danceIn the fire, fire, fire, fire Walk on glass with the masterThere’s no question he can’t answer with his eyesWhat a stage, oh, what […]


Based on the desire for total mobility and the serious physical pursuit of religious freedom, the auto drove mankind further than the wheel and, in remote areas even today, is forbidden as a device too suspect for human conveyance. This articulate conception has only brought us all more of the same, thoughtlessly locked into phase […]