Jam Knock

[1] – Baby don’t stop, let your body rockWhile you listen to my jam knockWe can party all nightIf you don’t stop, let your body rockWhile you listen to my jam knock Friday night, after 8, smiling’ face, just got paidYou know how it feelsGotta find the party, paint the townPick a hootie, go get […]


I can’t remember why we fell apart From something that was so meant to be. Forever was the promise in our hearts. Now more and more, I wonder where you are. Chorus: Do I ever cross your mind anytime? Do you ever wake up reachin out for me? Do I ever cross your mind anytime? […]

Hold Me

[Chorus:]Hold me, Love me Givin’ me all that you’ve got Tell me, truly Can I get in for a spot For so long I’ve waited for you to come and love me Don’t waste my time Cos I need you to let me know if you want me to Do the things to you that […]


[Verse 1]Lying alone in my room Don’t know what I’m gonna do Trying to figure out If this is it, this time Just can’t stop thinking About the way you make me feel inside I just can’t get you off my mind No matter how hard I try [Chorus:]Could you be the one for me […]

I Belong To You

I want you For myself I don’t wanna have to share you with nobody else I want you baby Come to me Let me give you all the lovin that you need I wanna touch your body Feel your arms around me I wanna be your fantasy your dream come true I wanna need your […]

Show Me The Way (Back To Your Heart)

Verse 1 I remeber days and nights were never cold Had you in my life, I had you there to hold And I remember love warm as a summer day But I lost you, and I lost my way Now I’m in the rain, begging you please, please Chorus Baby won’t you show me the […]

Everytime We Say Goodbye

uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh,……… Could it be that I can’t stand to be alone This long distance has us livin’ on the phone Ever since you’ve been away I just can’t get thru a day Girl I just can’t wait to have you here at home (oh baby) [Chorus:]Everytime, we say […]