Animal House

[Angie]Welcome to "Animal House" The animals are in the buildingIt’s a new day Angela… Better known as(Angie)(We are animals… Animal House… wut we are… animals)(Angie)Uh yeah uh yeah uh uh uh yeah uh uh [echo]All I could do is give you me if you choose to believe it’s on youI live in peace I could […]

If I Could Go

[Lil’ Mo] Yeaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!![Angie M] Oh yeah yeah{Lil’ Mo] Yeaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!![Angie M] Uh, woo! come on, uh[Lil’ Mo] If I can go, with you[Angie M] Yo, yo, uh [Verse 1: Angie Martinez]If I can chose a place to go it gotta be far awayFrom here we could crossover like HardawaySomewhere outside the states where tommorow’s like todayAnd […]