Funnel King

Wake up Monday nothing newWeekend has caught up with youLie in bed hold your headPray to god you ain’t deadAlarm clock rings out like a bellStart this day a living hellTake a breath and what’s that smell?Well it smells like shit… but you can’t tell Just like you – always thereJust like you – never […]

No Fronts

No fronts no tricks no soap box politicsNo guns just blunts we kick this just for fun We come with the fat jointsTo uplift the moodsBig up to people catchin’ on this grooveThis is Dog Eat Dog not a snitch or a snoopI might chew a bone but don’t call me poochWe’re not braggin – […]

If These Are Good Times

Yeah yeah look here what I got for youI can hear you inside screamingFeed me the juiceThere’s nothing left for you to doI got get mine no time to be sorry If these are good times Hey man ya got some spare changeFor me brother?All I need’s a little somethin’You see me sittin’ here face […]

Pull My Finger

If I pull my finger on YouWould you pull your trigger? Bang clack clack pop popHow many have to drop before it stopsBig man with a triggerWhat makes him bigger by blasting off a capBut how do you figure?The number one son-of-a-gun is named deathA thief of life, a poacher of breathIt’s against me here’s […]

Strip Song

Start off the day say you wanna playYou don’t wanna pay but you wanna stayDo what you want when you wanna do itCould of had more but you went and blew itNow the time has come time to have some funWon’t see the sun until I’m doneThere’s one thing before we beginGet on the table […]