Can't Let U Go

[JD]Yo, shitI’m sick of this manI can’t even take no moreCause I hate the fact that I love you so muchAnd you don’t even understandWhat this is doin’ to meEverytime I try to get awayI just can’t let you go, you know what I’m sayin?I just can’t let you go [Usher]I never ever wanna hurt […]

I Don't Know

[P. Diddy]Check this out, yeah, yeahAll my niggas take a walk with meYou ain’t gotta holla – you can talk with meJust try to learn where my thoughts can beAnd how I stack figuresLearn why I’m real – still that niggaI get money I ain’t gotta do a crimeShit I hit dimes – what I […]

IntroLude 8701

8701Man it’s been a long time comingBut I never forgot about youI’m hereYeah, we’ve traveled the worldSeen a lot of places, so many facesWe had a good time – we’ve grown togetherWho would’ve thought we’d stay down this long, heh?This is my chance to share my world with youAnd I know you’re gonna like itAre […]

How Do I Say

A foreign beauty so exoticWhen she smiled at meShe took my breath awayShe’s reminiscent of a goddessIt’s a shame that we could not communicateHow do I say How do I say hello?I just wanna talk to youHow do I say you’re beautifulWhen I can’t take my eyes off youI don’t wanna say the wrong thingI […]

Can U Help Me

Umm Why, Umm Why Living on the edge out of controlAnd the world just wont let me slow downBut in my biggest picture was a photo of you and meGirl you know I tired our content provide all the material things I thought that would make you happyI’m confuse can you make me understandCause I […]

Hottest Thing

I’ve been looking at youTurning brothers downSome got their songWell its time for me to holla now(Your body is calling, don’t fight it)Ooh I like it You’re dancing all aloneWhat’s that all about?You’re so fineBut it’s time for me to call you out(Watch out, I’ll straight run up on ya)Girl I want ya You’re the […]

Pop Ya Collar

Hello everybody, huh Welcome today to the wonderful world of…you, he-heh Now check it, you have two options You can eat it or throw it away, heh See its a shame when you’re working on doing well People hate you yeah Buying nothing that’s not the best for yourself Then they really hate you yeah […]

If I Want To

[Usher (JD)]Every time I look up I see it in your faceYou wanna hook up with me(You know you wanna hook up – stop playing)Instead of acting like you supposed toYou cop an attitude like you’re too good for meAnd you know good and damn well that… If I wanted – I could take you […]