Skype Keeps Crashing Solved

My Skype kept crashing when I installed Windows 7, for the first time on my pc.  However it worked perfectly for years on Windows XP even with SP3.  So what happened was I got Windows 7 O/S and was excited to test it out.  Windows 7 and even with the SP1 upgrade I enjoyed using the O/S.

All excited I installed my Skype and Skypmate for my SkypeIn and SkypeOut services.  Everything seemed to be going as planned without any issues.  Then after about 10 minutes Skype showed me offline and trying to connect.  My calls were getting disconnected and my Skype didn’t even let me quit the application.

SkypeMate wasn’t working, my contacts weren’t showing on my Cordless Skype phone.

I went crazy all over even spoke to Skype support via chat, seemed a bit automated but not sure, anyways, who cares, I’m sure you want to get your Skype back to normal now and if you have SkypeMate you’ll want that working also.

After about 2 weeks of googling and other searches, I finally got it to work.  First let me thank the thousands for blogs, forums and FAQs.

Let’s get your Skype working again. I’ve made some screen shots on how I did it, so it can help you if possible.  Just in case you additional help please leave a comment and I’ll do the best I can.  Remember I am just an end user of Skype and not affiliated with their support.

1. My Skype Version is:

2. If you need a good working Skype please click here to download the one I am using and the one that is working perfectly with Windows 7, Please Click Here To Download Skype Software

3. If you need a good working Skype Mate please click here to download the one I am using and the one that is working perfectly with Windows 7, Please Click Here To Download SkypeMate Software

Ok, now that I’ve gotten the Skype and SkypeMate versions we are ready to go:

I recommend you uninstall any Skype and or SkypeMate software you may have installed then restart your system, just in case and to be sure, as Microsoft can be funny at times.

4. Install Skype completely

5. Login to your Skype Account normally

6. Install SkypeMate, this is optional as I do need it to use my Skype VOIP Cordless Phone, you may not need to do this so SKIP this Step

7. Now you have Skype and also SkypeMate installed on your computer

8. What needs to happen now is to change your Firewall Settings, as I noticed the following error, and I am sure 100% that this was the root cause of the problem, and I would blame the Skype Installer (Software) for this problem, which took me a day and night to do about 2 weeks now.

a.) Goto your Windows Control Panel (For Windows 7)

b.) Click System and Security

c.) Click Windows Firewall which is the 2nd option in the control panel for Windows 7

d.) Now top left side of the screen you will see under Control Panel Home the option Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall, please click this option

Now you will get a screen like above, of course you will have different programs than I have, but the one you will need is Skype

e.) Now SCROLL DOWN and FIND Skype, like the screen shot below

You will notice I have 2 Skype and 1 Skypemate, most likely you will have only 1 Skype, which needs to be changed.  The problem with the Skype Installer is that it doesn’t point to the right location for Skype to have access to Windows Firewall, as the next screen shot shows, and most likely you have the same thing.

f.) Now HIGHLIGHT the 1 Skype listing and then click Details, the next screenshot shows what I was getting.

If you look closely after you click detail option for Skype you will see it just says Name: Skype but no Description, now let’s add Skype and SkypeMate (SkypeMate only if needed)

Jobs From Working Teddy

g.) Now just click ok and go back to the Firewall Screen, and click Allow Another Program

h.) Once you click Allow Another Program you will want to click the Browse option for the Path, don’t just choose from the programs automatically.

You’ll want to find the actually directory on your system to give access to Windows Firewall

Most likely it will be in Windows – Programs Files – Skype – Phone Directory, the following Screen Shot shows you the path (Your system may be different)

i.) Once you’ve found the directory where Skype is, then just High Light it and click Open and then the Directory Screen Closes

j.) Click Add on the bottom once you’ve located the correct path for Skype

k.) Now you can double click the 2nd Skype that you just added and it should look like the screen shot below

l.) You should do the same for SkypeMate if you are running this program, otherwise that’s it.

My Skype and SkypeMate have been running effortlessly for the past 33 hours now, that I have noticed.

I hope this helps you get your Skype back in order, as I am so relieved to have my working again, Video, Voice and Chatting are running normally, SkypeMate is working now also.

Just in case, I have also modified one more setting and that is compatibility option for both Skype and SkypeMate, easy to change, just find the path again as you did before via My Computer, C:, etc….

Then Change the Settings to the following

This is what you will see once everything is done, a stable Skype and SkypeMate Icon:



If you need help or can’t solve it, please leave a comment, and I’ll surely try my best to help you out.

Good Luck and Keep Skyping !!!!


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