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Michael Jackson was unquestionably the biggest pop star of the 1980s, and certainly one of the most popular recording artists of all time.

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“Michael you were a great dad who was raising three great kids. I will never forget the three months I worked for you in Las Vegas. Especially the one on one talk you had with me at the Wynn Resort Villas, while you were waiting to visit Steve Wynn. Escorting your kids to their teachers room was also a valued experience. All three are so polite and well educated. The are so well-behaved even at the show at the Luxor we attended. Admittingly I was never one of your fans until I got to know you while you stayed at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas for three months. Thanks for the memories that will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace my friend. Thank you for everything.”
–Lanny L. Lamb, Las Vegas Nev.

“He’s transcended us now. He’s with the ages and will live forever in our memories and the history of our time.”
–Chris Peterson, Palos Verdes, Calif.

“I’ve always felt a connection to Michael and his music. I can remember getting my first audio cassette tape when I was younger…Dangerous.  I loved that album, and I’ve loved just about everything Michael ever did. He was an innovator and a master performer, and his music always touched me.  It was so dynamic. He’s always been my favorite artist, and I’m extremely saddened that I’ll never see him perform live…but I celebrate his life and all of his accomplishments, and the joy and entertainment he brought to my own life.  I’ll always remember him.”
–Nicole Elizabeth Ryker, Greenwood, Ind.

“To the Family of Michael Jackson we from Kansas City send our condolences and our prayers to you for your loss of one the world’s greatest icons in American History. Today is a day the angels have payed a visit to the world and have received a great man. A man who has touched the whole world, who has brought many races together in life and even on this sad day. He was truly a blessing to us all and may God bless his family, his children, and his fans all across the country. Just remember ‘You are not alone.'”
–The Graham Family, Kansas City, Mo.

“I will never forget the day Michael Jackson stole my heart as a child into adult life and regardless of the personal allegations surrounding his life; he was and will always be remembered as the King of Pop — a true legend. My heart is heavy; I am brokenhearted, short of words.  Let us all remember him as the phenomenal performer he was and how he strived to changed the world by reaching one person at a time with his music. People talk about the fact that Michael was going to make a comeback but in my eyes, he never left. He is gone but not forgotten and may he be able to finally rest and in peace.  A true legend, so very tragic. My condolences and prayers for his family, friends and fans all over the world.”
–Millie, Kissimmee, Fla.

“My first memory of Michael Jackson was a video tape my mother bought that had a compilation of concerts, songs and even the videos of Micheal. My sisters and I watched that video over and over almost everyday. I laugh just thinking about how much we looked forward to seeing him perform and sing. It is so heartbreaking to realize now that he is gone. I wish the best to his family, friends and fellow fans. He was a legend. Like Elvis and Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson is a musical icon and he will never be forgotten.”
–Kerrian M., Atlanta, Georgia

“May He Rest In Peace I am olny 20 years young but Micheal Jackson has been in my life as long as i can remember i feel like an emptyness inside i mean everyone know all the scandels that happened with him but still everyone loved and still loves him will never forget MJ Now lets all have a moment of silence for that the King of Pop has laid to rest. Rip Micheal Jackson. May Your Soul Dance Its Way To Heaven As We All Know It Will…”
–Michelle Sanchez, Riverside, Calif.

“I have listened to Michael’s music for as long as I can remember and I am 43 yrs old. I am very saddened by his untimely death. He had too many fans to even begin to count. He was talked about by so many people who just didn’t understand him. Michael Jackson will live on in many many peoples hearts and memories… YOU will never be forgotten… God be with his children!!”
–Lisa Smith, Walterboro, S.C.

“Stunned is the only word I can think of. When I was in high school, kids teased me and made fun because I was different. I used to imagine what it was like for Michael and looked to his songs and the words in them to help me cope with the bulling and hazing. The one song that forever changed me was ‘Man in the Mirror’. That song really forged a new path in my life. I did what it said I took a look at myself and…Changed. I let me be me and I can never really thank him now. I am one of many who will deeply miss this great man. Let’s hope the world remembers the good that he has done and hopefully respect his children and family in this hour of need. We will miss you Michael.”
–Darrell Thomas, New London, Wis.

“Even through the trials and subsequent downfall of this man, my mother still had respect for him; still a fan after all these years. When I logged into and glanced at the story on the front page, I couldn’t believe it. The King of Pop–dead? I literally did a double take! The most prominent memory of him was watching Michael dance on escalators (the kind that you see in airports and such) while singing — I had always wondered how someone could handle dancing, moving on those belts on the floor, and singing at the same time. With his and Farrah’s death marks the end of a golden era of the 80s where music moved the soul so profoundly. He will be greatly missed by millions across the world.”
–Kayla Dunkley, Tampa, Fla.

“The first live concert I ever saw was a Jacksons concert in Toronto – 1981 – Maple Leaf Gardens. The show was great, but Michael was pure magic. And the only poster of a music artiste that I ever put up on my bedroom wall was – guess who – Michael Jackson. Say what you will about his lifestyle, but as an entertainer and performer, the man was phenomenal. He was the greatest performer ever, and there will never be another Michael Jackson. His music will live forever, his legacy will live on, and he will never be forgotten.  Rest in peace, Michael, you will never be forgotten, and God bless your family.”
–Patricia, Grenada

“Say whatever you will about Michael Jackson’s behavior over the last 20 years…but for those of us who grew up in the 80’s, MJ will always be a pop God who gave us some of the best songs and videos. I along with many young girls back then, was totally in love with him. We are playing all MJ music at work today. He will be greatly missed!”
–Stacy, Waikoloa, Hawaii

“I believe that Michael was the best singer, dancer, performer, entertainer, etc…He will always be remembered for the great things he did and for his accomplishments. We will miss him.”
–Manuel Silva, Tustin, Calif.

“Michael Jackson was and will be biggest pop star of all the times. He will be missed and will always be a ‘Super Star’. Michael Jackson will remain in our hearts forever. My deepest condolences goes out to his family. R.I.P.”
–Sandra Ibanez, Miami, Fla.

“Michael Jackson, king of Pop Music, will always be remembered in the hearts of everybody. His untimely and tragic sudden death has stunned people the world over. Though famous and talented he was highly misunderstood by American people. May God take him to heaven and give him eternal peace.”
–Mubarak Ali Patel, Chicago, Ill.

“First and foremost I’d like to extend my condolences to the Jackson family. No one can feel the pain as much as the family. I am a transplant from Chicago to Gary, 45 years old and I really grew up on the music from the Jackson 5 and Michael. I never knew how much he and his family meant to me until today. Through his ups and down, trials and tribulations he remained a character bigger than life. I truly feel his loss is a loss to the world of entertainment. Rest in Peace Mr. Jackson, as you could not in life.”
–Kenya Williams, Gary, Ind.

“I am only 23 but remember great things about Michael Jackson. I loved his songs such as, thriller, billy jean, beat it and even his song with rockwell, i always feel like somebodys watchn me. Michael had an amazing voice and a great energy about him that will truley be missed. RIP king of pop.”
–Jessica Sousie, Yakima, Wash.

“I am completely stunned by the news of Michael Jackson’s passing. I had the opportunity to see his concert in Kansas City and to this day I have never scene a better performance. Being the same age as Michael I often watched in awe of him as we grew up together. I will miss him in a physical sense but spiritually all I will need to do is play ‘I’ll Be There’ or better yet ‘ABC’ and once again we shall moon dance together! Rest in peace.”
–Mrs. B, Springfield, Mo.

“I felt like dying along with michael Jackson for his sudden death. Im a big fan since my childhood years. My late father was his great fan, too. May he rest in peace. I love you Michael Jackson. You will forever live in my heart & in my soul. with prayers & love…”
–Grace Okada, Japan

“To the best singer that ever lived. You will always be remembered as the King of Pop, you are a part of history and a big part of our hearts. Rest in Peace, WE LOVE YOU! To the family, May God speed.”
–Shannon, Dallas, Texas

“And now I am sadly singing ‘I Want You Back’.  Michael Jackson will be dearly and truly missed by all.”
–Darlene Jojola, Albuquerque, N.M.

“thank you for all the ‘thrills’ you have given us over the years…rest in peace and know you are loved.”
–Joan, Illinois

“I am 24 now and I have been listening to Michael Jackson songs since I was a 7 yrs old kid. I still remember my dad giving me the cassette of Dangerous as a present. Those were the golden days for Michael Jackson and his fame brought him to a small city in India in early 90’s. I was grown listing to his songs and I learnt to dance from him. And it was Michael Jackson behind my awards for several dance performances in India. No one will believe me if I say that I wont listen to any other song even now except Dangerous and Beat It. It is not that I don’t like other singers but I cant start my day and end my day without Michael’s music. I terribly miss him. My deep condolences to the KING OF POP. Final Message to Michael Jackson: Michael, I promise I will never stop listening to your music in my life. I will pass your music to my kids in the future. You are the King and will be the King in all our hearts forever. May your soul rest in peace.”
–Kalyan R., Tulsa, Okla.

“The talent with which Michael Jackson entered the world was destined to leave an indelible mark in world wide proportions and it shall. His talent was of such epic proportion that the man who was Michael Jackson was unable to thrive as normal men do. He was born to entertain and he fulfilled his purpose. Historically, such a legacy has its price and, sadly, Michael Jackson the man paid that price privately throughout his life. His death is bittersweet.”
–Ruben Holguin, Long Beach, Calif.

“Here I am a grown man and I am saddened to hear of Michael Jackson’s death.  Though he became a ‘freak’ in my eyes I still loved his music, his moves, and his videos. He helped make MTV as great as it used to be with his talent. He will be missed but will remain a music icon.”
–K. Forsythe, Kingwood, Texas

“Michael – As I sit here, trying to hold back the tears from hearing the devastating news about your passing, I’m playing your THRILLER album and rekindling all of those feelings I felt when I first heard this album and fell in love with P.Y.T! I truly am saddened by this and I pray that you are in a better place. My sincere condolences and prayers go out to the Jackson Family and all of those whom were impacted by his music. You are forever in Our Hearts! LONG LIVE THE KING!”
–Rasheedah Davis, Norfolk, Va.

“I already sense a bad feeling for him and it all pave after knowing on his death. He truly deserves to be remembered from all his untiring good contribution on music, dancing and influence to other artist and forget all the controversies encountered. Condolence from all Filipinos here in Philippines who love and truly believes in your talent and for being who you are. We love you.”
–Susan Tudtud, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

“I look at Michael Jackson and his music as a piece of my life’s puzzle. I have been blessed to live these 25 years of my life experiencing his remarkable talent and I will never forget him. He has touched me and I feel alright! God bless his beautiful soul!”
–Sabine Fisher, Buffalo, N.Y.

“It was a total shock to hear today that Michael Jackson died. His music will always be with us. Rest in peace and thank you for giving us your all.  My prayers are with the family and the children.”
–RB, Pennsylvania

“I always liked you Michael. You were my favorite when I was a kid. And then you changed… I didn’t know why. If I would have known you, I would have taught you the love of God. Now, you’re gone, I worry about your soul.”
–Tammi Tatum, Oakdale, Calif.

“While Michael Jackson might be remembered by some as the pop star that mistreated a few kids, it doesn’t overshadow how he brought joy and inspiration to millions of other kids around the world, for decades.”
–Jeff Hirsch, San Francisco, Calif. 

“For all the drama…for all the controversary…Undoubtably the King of Pop. My sympathies to his family, his friends, and most of all his children.  God Bless.”
–Elaine, Michigan

“I remember when thriller came out. eveyone was dancing, even my brother and i lol….You will be missed.”
–Linda Woolf, Phoenix, Ariz.

“Very sad moment in history to hear that the King of Pop is dead. No matter what controversy surrounded his personal life, NO ONE can deny what an amazing dancer, singer, and performer he was. I am in my mid 30’s and all three of my children are captivated with his style, moves, and his unforgettable songs. His music would provoke anyone to dance, and we loved to go to youtube to watch his videos and hear all of his music. He was an amazing artist, and that is how we will remember him…”
–LaDonna Anderson and family, Burkburnett, Texas

“I heard this most heartbreaking news on the radio today. It’s as if a piece of my ‘life’ is gone because I grew up being a devoted fan of Michael Jackson! I will always have fond memories of him singing and dancing on stage as a child and his wonderful contribution to our ‘age’ music. My love goes out to his entire family during their time of mourning.”
–Nina Ragan, Nashville, Tenn.

“Thank you Michael for all that you brought to the world your music dancing and the care of children, I will not forget and nor will the millions of your fans. You are loved and will be remembered…today tomrrow and forever..Thanks again MJ RIP. Deepest condolences.”
–LeAnn Sage and Baby Ayden Michael, Coldwater, Mich.

“Michael Jackson was an absolutely brilliant person and performer. yes, he was a bit ‘different’ but a true genius none the less. I loved watching him perform or listening to him sing, the whole world couldn’t wait to see what he would do next. I will never forget him.”
–John Dooley, San Angelo, Texas

“He is remembered in Mexico too. R.I.P. He will be always in my heart. Thank you Michael. Keep singing Us from heaven.”
–Alberto Cortez, Monterrey, Mexico

“I have been a Michael Fan since I was little, the house was always filled with his music and his dancing. Even though im 23 his music is such an inspiration to everyone. Michael is and will forever be the king of pop, the king of Music Videos and dancing. Even though you are not with us Physically you are with us by spirit and your journey was finally fulfilled. You are now in a better place with the lord where there is no apin and no suffering…you are at peace now Michael Jackson, you will be missed and forever loved. R.I.P.”
 –K. Miller, Columbus, Ohio

“It’s the end of modern culture as we knew it. With sadness and deep respect…”
–Gart van Gennip, Iquitos, Peru

“well the world lost a legend and I was looking forward to his concert. he will be missed.”
–Jose P Jacinto, Pacheco, Calif.

“How sad for us this day. Micheal Jackson gave so much of himself to so many. His generosity not only to youth in this country, but to children and adults in every country he was in. A gifted entertainer, a friend, a parent, a son, he filled these roles and will be missed in each.”
–VJ OConnell-Saurer, Scandinavia, Wis.

“On my way to work this morning I was listening to his Dangerous cd N i just luv the song gone to soon, which was just finishing as i parked… I have been a fan of Michael since i was nine; I’m thirty now… I have all his cds and i was anticipating his comeback. this news of his sudden death totally crushed me. **sigh** I absolutely cannot believe this. Michael will be missed.”
–Emme Christmas Henderson, Nev.

“Music universally unites people, especially in such hard times. The death of such an icon is truly a tragedy. You will be greatly missed, Michael, but your music will continue to touch lives and live on forever.”
–Michelle Hutton, Apex, N.C.

“Michael Jackson was the artist that turned me on to music. My dad has always loved Elvis, but MJ was where I made a stand about my musical tastes. His contributions to music and to the artistry of musicians that came after him are countless. He will be missed. The world has lost an artist, an inventor, a trail-blazer…Condolences to the millions of fans everywhere who feel this loss like I do.”
–Bina, Columbia, Mo.

“I am deeply sadened by the news of michael jackson’s Death…I didn’t beleive it at first and thought it was a very bad joke….my prayers are with his family and I know that the whole world is shedding tears for their loss.”
–Brandy, Littlefield, Texas

“How can people b so cruel when Michael has given the world so much! I guess they just ‘Want 2 be startin’ something’. Haters! I appreciate ‘The way u make me (us) feel’. It really doesn’t matter if u are ‘Black or White’. I ‘Remember the Time’ we use to do the ‘Thriller’ dance moves. We thought we were ‘Bad’ and a ‘Dancing Machine’. So tell those Haters 2 ‘Beat it’ cuz ‘The Man (woman) in the Mirror’ misses u! RIP!”
–Nicole Legaux, Los Angeles, Calif.

“Michael, you will be sadly missed. Being 50 myself, I grew up with your music and loved you. There will never be another as great as you.  Rest in peace, King of Pop!”
–Vicki Frohnapfel, Ruffs Dale, Pa.

“I’m still amazed that Michael is gone. He always seemed not of this world. Not like the rest of us. To see him die at such an early age is more than shocking. I will always remember listening to his music and trying to imitate his awesome dance moves. Such good memories!”
–Chris, Rochester, Mich.

“He was the Elvis Presley of the 80’s, the inspiration we all grew up with raised our childeren to. And all that crap he had to go threw just showed us all that no one is immune to the horable things we all have to face in our lives but with fight and determanation we can survive. Michael will be sorly missed but he can be happy now with all his Idols in heaven.”
–Joyce Bloore, Marion, Ohio

“Was never much of a fan, but always enjoyed Michael’s perfomances. Though he lived a seemingly troubled life, I bet he had fun and put smiles on faces of many people. Adieu!”
–Timothy, Santa Rosa, Calif.

“I got really sad when i read about his death. I hope it was a rumar but….
He was given the best name, king of pop, that could best describe his talent. right now i just can say i am sorry and condolences to all his fans and family. i am wordless.”
–Maryam, San Jose, Calif.

“I am sure you will be missed by millions of fans. I admire your talent and what you have been able to accomplish in the music industry. I hope you had a relationship with Jesus. He is the best friend anybody can have.”
–Todd, Jenison, Mich.

“Although many people my age always spoke harshly of Michael Jackson, I only admired him. At the age of 15, I was hoping I could see him live one day in my life. Michael Jackson was truly a GIFT from God. He was put on this earth to entertain and love. No one could ever reach the height of popularity that he reached. When I heard the news, I was shocked and heartbroken. It felt as if a part of me died. Michael had always been a part of me since I was 8 years old. Even through all his troubles, I stayed by his side, no matter what anyone else said. Today is a sad day for everyone in the world. The greatest man that ever lived just passed away. I now pray for his children and his loved ones. May God bless his family and may his legend continue. Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson.”
–Angela, New York, N.Y.

“My heart goes out to the Jackson Family and his children. I recently lost a loved one and that pain is very deep. I can’t imagine having to deal with it and the whole world at the same time. Michael felt like family to us and we watched him grow and blossom into something out of this stratosphere. The world is a little dimmer without his magic and he was truly unique. This is an unbelievable tragedy that most of us will have trouble getting off our minds. Michael you are loved and will be missed deeply.”
–Marion R, California  

“He was a great artist, in his style. He also was, and is a tragic talented human being, who lost touch with the real world. I wonder how many people ‘use’ him, and at this moment are thinking of dividing his fortune, and preparing to fight for their part of the cake. My respects to you Michael, rest in peace.”
–Carmen G. Aguilar, Chicago, Ill.

“My condolences to the Jackson family. A sad time and a loss for all of us.”
–Vicki Johnson, California

“My wife is a big fan of Michael and she is happy when Michael visited the Philippines for his first and only concert here. She is a witness how popular Michael Jackson is. It a big loss to the music industry and Philippines love Michael for his humble attitude as a person and a singer.  We will definitely miss Michael!”
–Philip Noza and Charo Noza, Philippines

“We All Miss You Already. You Was More Than A Singer. You Was The Hope For Alot Of us. You was An inspiration for us. You Was A prove that kindness N mercy still exist in human beings.”
–Omar M Al, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“He was absolutely amazing. An idol to me and many others, he died too soon. With all the criticism through out the years, many of us stuck by him. Now that he’s gone everyone wants to be all nice and say how much they loved him. If he wasn’t going through so much stress, trying to make up for everything, he would still be alive. No matter what people say or have said…..I LOVE MICHEAL JACKSON AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!”
–Marilyn, Milwaukee, Wis.

“As a young girl I adored him just adored him I would have posters all over my walls, and dream the unimaginable that I might one day meet him. I never stopped adoring through everything I believed in him, his music soothes my soul and brings together all people, cultures, kinds. He undoubtedly has had an impact on the world through his music like no other before him and I doubt after him. Myself and 3 of my close female friends planned to travel to see him in concert in London, and I admit I often dreamy eyed imagined myself rocking in the stands. His music had that ability to capture, excite, delight, and soothe. I am deeply saddened, I would have to say I am in mourning I feel grief. I pray for his family, and certainly his children.”
–Tina Laws, Bermuda

“Michael Jackson was one of THE greatest performers of all time. I remember having such a crush on him in the 80’s. I had a 6 foot poster of him hanging in my bedroom for the longest time… His songs in the 80’s were fantastic — especially the Thriller album. His music videos were extraordinary and his dancing was beyond words. Who could forget his performance for Motown’s anniversary special, when he moon-walked across the stage. And all those outfits with the single glove. Unbelieveable. It’s tragic that he is gone so young… So much talent — now all just a memory. My sincere condolences to his family and close friends. My he finally be resting in peace.”
–L. Topor, Plantation, Fla.

“I am a fan of Michael Jackson since I was a boy. I remember it was 1982. I am his loyal fan and still remain a loyal fan no matter what he has been through. His sudden demise is a great shock to me but I pray for him with my tears. We miss you Mike. May your legend prevails.”
–Terence Lee, Sibu Malaysia

Vinoguna, Malaysia

“The first time I was introduced to Michael Jackson was in Moonwalker!  One of the most amazing feats I’ve seen was the 45 degree lean he did.”
–Niki, Marietta, Ga.

“Godspeed Michael – you brought many people smiles and memories. Some of my favorite times revolved around your music playing in the background. No matter what your history is – you were always a pop icon and entertainer – thank you for the memories.”
–Jennifer, Space Coast, Fla.

“I will always remember as a kid watching Michael and loving his original style.  I remember him and his kin doing shows together and how popular they were. I love Michael and always will no matter what the others may say. He was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s and even later. I even had the doll itself and tons of magazine posters and clippings.  I would like to give condolenses to the family and friends. God Bless Michael and his family.”
–Kimberly Thomason, Clarksville, Tenn.

“Unbelievable. I have been playing ‘Remember the Time’ and ‘Don’t  Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’ for my just under two year old son and he loves them.  I was anxiously awaiting a tour date in the US, hoping to see him for the first time. As I said to my husband, whatever happened in his past — whether he was guilty of anything or not — he probably didn’t think what he did was wrong. It seems he was never really happy with his life or himself — maybe for a year or two, but had a tough upbringing. I remember watching his performance on the Soul Train Music Awards as a kid — and you just got chills. His ‘Thriller’ video, is unparalleled. My heart goes out to his family — especially his siblings.”
–MaryK, Connecticut

“I loved his songs and music, his persona, his charisma, his dance moves, his videos and the excitement that went along with everything Michael Jackson. He was a performer who had everything. This is a sad day in the pop world and in the whole world. He will be missed.”
–Lori, New York

“Michael Jackson was truly an artist for the generations. My father came up with him and the Jackson 5. I, as a small child, was truly one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans I could possibly be and my love for his music and style never ended. My sister, 13 years junior to me loved his music also and grew up begging to use my CDs. He has inspired a legion of stars and will certainly continue to do even now that his has gone. The news of his death has shocked and saddened me. He will truly be missed… We love you Michael…your legacy will live forever.”
–Vanessa N. Reado, Gulf Breeze, Fla.

“Micheal Jackson changed the world. Abc? Jackson 5? Remember when you first saw the moondance? That was one of the single most impressionable moments in dance…Or saw one of his videos? …Remember fighting with each other over who would get to wear the one glove? …The hours and hours playing Thriller, and trying to get that moondance down, while singin “Billie Jean.”? LOL…He was a star…and like so many stars, stardom took it’s toll on an amazing performer’s life. I hope he finally found the peace that so evaded him in this life…R.I.P Micheal… No matter what anybody said or judged you on…you were an icon in my childhood…Thank you for sharing your dream with the world, and I’m sorry it hurt you so much..”
–Tiffany Valkoun, Dahlonega, Ga.  

“I have followed Michael Jackson since I was a boy. We are the same age. I grew up with him and his music and remained loyal to him and his music. I own all of his music from Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, etc. I shed tears when I watched Fox fews from the time the story broke until they announced his death. There will never be another entertainer like him and he will be missed. The world will never be the same without him. I said a prayer for Michael and his family and now he is in a much better place then the rest of us. God will take care of you now Michael for eternity. Take care Michael, I love you.”
 –Kent James Kolstad, San Diego, Calif.

“I have been a fan of Michael Jackson’s for the majority of my life. I am 30 yrs old and remember vividly being a huge proponent of him and his music in the 80s and even through the 90s. When all of his legal scandals came about, I had a hard time believing any of those things were true. I believe he was a highly misunderstood, amazingly talented and intelligent person. It was very sad for me to see his decline in his career and himself as a whole in these last several years. I believe Michael Jackson was someone that young fans like I was, looked up to, to some degree. However, he was and always will be King of Pop. This is an untimely and tragic loss, especially for his children I am sure. Despite the scandals that plagued him these last several years, I believe his life should be absolutely recognized and most definitely celebrated for his massive contributions to this world, not only in the form of music but in the form of humanity as well.”
–Samantha Rowland, Charlottesville, Va.

“The world will never, ever be the same. Michael Jackson was not only the King of Pop, but he was also a very iconic person, a magnificent performer and fabulous entertainer. I hope that as we pay our respects to him that people remember that and how he made a profound impact in the world of entertainment. May you rest in Peace and my condolences goes out to his family.”
–F.W. Hardmon, Lawrenceville, Ga.

“Michael you will be remembered and missed worldwide. Our deepest thoughts goes out to your family and children. May you now finally have some peace.”
–Ric Lancaster, Ohio

“I am saddened by the death of my childhood icon Michael Jackson. I shall always remember the excitement that I felt as a child getting dress to go to my first major concert, the VICTORY TOUR featuring Michael Jackson in the Gator Bowl located in Jacksonville, Florida. What a significant loss to the entertainment world. Michael rest in peace and thanks for the MEMORIES!!!”
–Michele, Orange Park, Fla.

“He was my biggest crush growing up. I loved all his music and videos and my friends and I raved over him. Michael you will be sadly missed but your music will go on. I love you still!
–Missvicki, Plainfield, Ind.

“August 25th, 1984, Buffalo Rich Stadium. As soon as we neared the stadium I felt it — we were about to witness something incredible. The stage lit up like fireworks and there he was. I felt privileged to be there, to witness it and able to take the memories home with me. I was hoping to see him again in concert, this time with my boys…so that they could witness what I had…magic. RIP MJ.”
–Jennifer Page, Toronto, ON Canada

“Pop music is History. Condolences from Paramaribo, Suriname to all fans.”
–Lilian & Dean

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