J-Lo falls flat at the AMAs

American Music Awards: J-Lo falls flat at the AMAs

J-Lo provided one of the unintentional highlights of the American Music Awards when she fell over on stage in the middle of her dance routine.

The star otherwise known as Jennifer Lopez landed on her famous behind mid-way through her performance of Louboutins.

She had climbed on to the back of a male dancer and jumped off, only to slip as she landed. Ever the professional, she quickly recovered her composure but was later filmed looking furious as she exited the auditorium.

It had all started so well, with the singer entering the arena dressed as a prizefighter for a boxing-inspired performance.

Afterwards, her spokesman reassured fans that Lopez had not been injured in the fall. “She’s fine, totally fine,” he said.

Lopez was not the only star to take a tumble at the ceremony. Adam Lambert, the former American Idol star, also slipped mid-way through his routine. However, that was the least noteworthy element of his performance, which was so risque that it provoked furious complaints from viewers who felt it was too graphic for a primetime audience.

Other performers at the ceremony included Rihanna, Lady GaGa and Whitney Houston.

Michael Jackson won four posthumous awards, which were accepted by his brother, Jermaine, wearing a glittery white glove in tribute to the late star.

The biggest winner of the night was Taylor Swift, who won five trophies including Artist of the Year.

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