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He may not have superpowers, but, you’ve got to admit that Tony Stark has some awesome toys. He built three incredible suits in “Iron Man,” but by the looks of the brand-new trailer for this summer’s “Iron Man 2,” the technology in the sequel will top the first.

Star Robert Downey Jr. unveiled the trailer on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Sunday night after the Oscars, and it gives a better look at both a new villain and Tony’s latest high-tech armor in the next movie.

Watch the New Trailer for ‘Iron Man 2’

The trailer gives us a better look at Ivan Vanko, aka Whiplash (played by Mickey Rourke), at work developing his own arc reactor — the same technology Tony Stark uses to power his Iron Man suit. Vanko builds his own mechanized weapon, and we get to see the power of his electrical whips when he slices Stark’s F-1 racer in two.With pressure building on Tony from both Vanko and the U.S. government, we see him at work as well. In his laboratory, he aims a laser at a new, triangular-shaped arc reactor, and apparently almost blowing himself up in the process. But judging from shots of the updated Iron Man suit later in the trailer, he does get the triangle reactor to work.

Vanko is subsequently recruited by Justin Hammer (played by Sam Rockwell), a villainous weapons manufacturer out to destroy Tony Stark. In the comics, Hammer is depicted as an older, white-haired Brit, but the casting of Rockwell makes him more of a contemporary for Robert Downey Jr. Hammer enlists Vanko to help him build an army of fully robotic warriors, saying, “I want to make Iron Man look like an antique.”

In the trailer’s biggest action moment, Tony teams up with his old friend James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle, replacing Terrence Howard from the first movie) to take on Hammer’s bots. Rhodes dons a refitted version of one of Tony’s old suits — dubbed “War Machine” — and the two friends are attacked on all sides. Apparently, the drones can fly as well, and we see them chasing after Iron Man across the skies.

But the trailer saves the coolest bit of new tech for the very end. After Whiplash destroys Tony’s car, he deploys a metallic briefcase that pops open and starts to unfold. The case transforms around Tony until he is completely encased in a red-and-silver version of the Iron Man armor. Besides just being an amazing effect to watch, this scene is also a tribute to the comic books. In the early “Iron Man” stories from the ’60s, Tony carried around his armor in a briefcase so it would always be at the ready. In the books, though, the pieces just fit inside the case and didn’t actually turn into the suit.

To see the other technological toys that Tony Stark and his foes will use in their battles, you’ll have to check out “Iron Man 2,” when it opens on May 7.

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