I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano Episode 13

Directed by: John Patterson
Written by: David Chase

The cat’s out of the bag, and the rat’s in it – a body bag, that is.

Junior agrees with Tony that Jimmy Altieri is wearing a wire; he then gives his blessing for Tony to do what’s necessary, “and send a message.”

So Jimmy’s body, punctuated with bullet holes and a rat stuffed in his mouth, is left in an alley as a clear statement of what happens to made men who make deals with the FBI.

But no sooner is one problem solved than an even bigger, more dangerous one comes along. The FBI brings Tony in to listen to a tape – and it’s not Springsteen. They’ve bugged Livia’s room at Green Grove; and they let Tony listen to his mother and uncle planning the hit on him. If that weren’t bad enough, Tony now knows that Junior and Livia, and the FBI, know he’s seeing a psychiatrist.

So now Tony’s got a lot to take care of: he warns Dr. Melfi that her life may be in danger, and that she should get out of town. He tells Silvio, Christopher and Paulie that Junior planned the hit on him so they can “take care of” Chucky Signore and Mikey Palmice.

Oh, and he tells the crew he’s seeing a shrink.

Their reaction? Silvio feels it’s not a bad thing and Paulie admits he saw a shrink himself for a while. As for Christopher, he’s not sure what he thinks. But Tony can’t be concerned with that right now, he’s got Livia and Junior to contend with.

Before Tony can get to him, Junior’s arrested by federal agents who offer him immunity if he’ll testify that he was never the boss – Tony was.

And Livia? She’s had a stroke – at least that what Tony’s told as he show up at Green Grove. But Tony knows Livia better than anyone, and he can see her poor, stroke-stricken face smiling cruelly at him through her oxygen mask.

At the end of the day the only place Tony can find refuge is with Carmela, Meadow, and Anthony Junior at Artie Bucco’s Nuovo Vesuvio Restaurant. As Tony raises a glass to his family a storm rages outside, literally and figuratively…

…and we wait for the next season.

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