How to Access Twitter, YouTube and Facebook in China

So how can you access Twitter, Youtube, Facebook in China now?

There are 3 types of solutions for this problem:

1. Web Based Proxy sites:

One of the best solutions in the market is Securitales
(Can be ordered online by clicking here )
(Can be ordered annually online by clicking here )

SecuriTales can do Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all the other Social Media websites.
It requires no installation and works great from China

  • You can install it on iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile devices
  • There’s nothing to install so you can use it at work and on school computers
  • It’s cheaper ($70/year)
  • $16 – Bi-Monthly, $39 – Semi Annual, $72 – Annual
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2. VPN or Windows VPS or Dedicated Server is a good solution for that. Basically the only perfect solution to this problem.
The advantage is that it works great, plus you have a personal computer to store all your info and files, and have access to them anywhere in the world. There are no disadvantages.

There is no software to install or hardware to install, plus it’s 100% Secure and Safe and private.

Click Here to Order a Windows 2008 Server

3. Free Proxy sites

This is the most common practice for this problem, as most user choose this option. There are tons of Free Proxies out there, some even work. The thing is their capabilities are sometimes limited and they fail on Flash and Web2.0 websites. You are welcome to try them out but don’t expect that to work.

One that I tried is Proxy, which does work.

4. Free Software

I’ve found a software you can use, however it is not always fast or reliable, however it does work, you can give it a try for yourself for free by clicking below.

Click Here To Download Free Software

Remember that not just YouTube is blocked in China. Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, parts of Wikipedia, Google images, and thousands of other sites are blocked for seemingly no reason.

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