Homeschool Graduation Tassel and Diploma

Providing your child with a homeschool graduation tassel and diploma will help appropriately mark this turning point in his or her life.

Where to Buy a Home school Graduation Tassel and Diploma

Homeschool Diploma

Homeschool Diploma


The following sites offer homeschool graduation tassels and diplomas for purchase or download:

  • Although Jostens typically caters to the public school crowd, the company does offer a selection of tassels, diplomas and other graduation accessories for home schooled students. Graduates can purchase a cap, gown and tassel package, souvenir tassels, diplomas, graduation announcements, and even fun accessories like a tassel key ring and a graduating stuffed bear.
  • Homeschool Diploma focuses on providing supplies to small schools and homeschooling families. They sell a full array of graduation supplies, from class rings to a transcript embosser. The company offers diplomas, personalized diploma covers and wallet diplomas. There are also nearly 50 tassel colors available with several charm designs.
  • sells a high school home school diploma on white or parchment paper. You can also purchase elementary and middle school diploma designs.
  • Tassel Depot focuses solely on tassels for all occasions. Find standard and deluxe graduation tassels in a wide variety of colors.
  • Brown’s Graduation also provides caps, gowns and tassels to graduates. They do not offer diplomas but do sell diploma covers.
  • The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) sells graduation tassels separately or as part of a complete cap and gown package. The organization also sells diplomas and graduation announcements. There is a discount for HSLDA members.
  • Free Printable Certificates provides a number of free printable diplomas. However, the free designs must be filled in by hand. There is a charge for fully customizable files.

Before ordering, check with your local homeschool cooperative for other options or to purchase tassels or diplomas in bulk quantities.

Other Sources

  • A local printing shop is another potential source for diplomas. They may be able to produce more special effects like foil and embossing than you would be able to accomplish on a home printer.
  • Craft your own graduation tassel out of embroidery floss and select from an array of colors.
  • Home school organizations may provide tassels and diplomas to graduates as part of a larger coordinated ceremony.

Selecting a Tassel

Tassels can be a single color or a combination of two colors. There are also patriotic red, white and blue tassels. Color availability and combination possibilities will vary from company to company.

When graduating from a traditional high school, the tassel color is typically determined by the school’s colors. However, for homeschooled students, this isn’t a concern. Home school graduates can simply choose a favorite color or they can select a color for its symbolism.

Tassels generally include a charm stating the graduation year. These charms are available in a variety of styles and a gold or silver finish. Some charms include the full year, while others only state the last two digits of the graduation year.

Presenting the Diploma

Presentation is important for the homeschool graduation tassel and diploma. Don’t forget a diploma cover. If the company does not provide a cover or you are printing your own, a high-quality folder or portfolio is a good option for preserving the diploma. Another traditional way to present a diploma is as a scroll. Roll the diploma into a tube and tie a length of ribbon around the center.

The tassel and diploma symbolize the end of an era of learning. Knowing your options will help you appropriately recognize your special graduate.

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