Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist’s Office Episode 14

Directed by: Allen Coulter
Written by: Jason Cahill

Tony still has his two famiglia, but he’s now the sole Boss of the professional one, as Junior’s been indicted on twelve RICO predicates. So while his uncle spends his days sporting an orange jumpsuit and doing the perp walk, Tony is running the business “bunker style” and trying not to draw the Feds’ attention himself. If that weren’t enough to deal with, Christopher now has a broker’s license from the SEC — thanks to a stand — in who took the test for him — and is running a brokerage selling phony stock to senior citizens. But Christopher’s direct reports in this venture are two volatile new cugines, Matt Bevelaqua and Sean Gismonte, who don’t exactly blend in with the white-collar milieu: they pour hot coffee on the brokers and steal cars from the parking garage.

To top it all off and answer the biggest question from last season Big Pussy is alive and back in New Jersey. He shows up at the Soprano house, indignant that he was labeled a rat and wanting his action back. He tells Tony he’s been in Puerto Rico, having therapy for his back and canoodling with a beautiful 26-year-old acupuncturist. Paulie tells Tony that the story checks out — but with all that’s happened, can Tony afford to believe it?

Things aren’t any easier for Tony with his other family. Livia is still hospitalized — either recovering from a stroke or hiding from Tony — and his long-lost sister Janice has come home from Seattle. Janice, who legally changed her name to “Parvati” when she left New Jersey, claims she has only her ailing mother’s interests at heart. But whatever first name she uses, Tony’s big sister is still a Soprano and Tony is suspicious of her motives. He tells Carmela, “Whatever her scam is, I’ll be five thousand dollars lighter before she raindances back to the commune.” As for Carmela, all she wants is for Tony to get back into therapy. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible, as Dr. Melfi won’t let Tony anywhere near her and she refuses to refer him to anyone else.

It’s a good thing there are twelve more episodes to sort this all out.

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