Free Nokia SIM Unlock with Code Calculator

This is a guide, how to unlock your mobile phone easily – All by yourself!

This is very useful, if you have bought a new Nokia mobile phone, locked to a provider, and wish to use a SIM-card from another provider.

Here is how it works: Start by downloading a program, that generate a code to enter on your mobile phone.
At the moment the program supports the following Nokia-models:

If your phone is NOT on the list, I cannot help you to unlock it.

Currently BB5 Phones, this includes N-series (Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N73, Nokia N80, Nokia N800, Nokia N90, Nokia N91, Nokia N93i, Nokia N95), Nokia 6630 and Nokia 6680, cannot be unlocked by any way except requesting the code from your provider.
As soon as there’s a solution or any news, it will be published here.

Please notice that this service is free for you to use, so i do not answer e-mails or calls about unlocking of Nokia phones. Please respect this.


1 Download the program: DCT4 Calculator 5.4 – CLICK HERE

2 Unzip the file and start the program named Code Calculator 5.4.exe

3 Take the SIM-card out, and find the phones IMEI code (the phones serial number), by enter the code IMEI: *#06# on the phone. It’s important that the SIM card IS NOT in the phone, during the following steps!!

4 Enter the IMEI code in the program

5 Choose Your country

6 Choose the provider, from which your phone is locked to.

7 Choose type:5.4
Type 5:
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3600
Nokia 7650
Nokia N-Gage           Type 7:
Nokia 6650
Nokia 7600          Type 2:
All others…

8 Generate the code by clicking on Calculate

9 7 codes will appear in the blue field in the program. You will use the last code…
Code Calculator
Now you have to enter the whole code on your phone

The code has the following format: , where the X’s are numbers.
1 – Enter “#”
2 – Enter “*” three times to write “p”
3 – Enter “*” four times to write “w”
4 – Enter “*” twice to write “+”
5 – Enter the 15 numbers
6 – Enter “*” twice to write “+”
7 – Enter “7”
8 – Enter “#”
Your Nokia phone is now unlocked.

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    variances pop idol hurriedly has become crystal clear in a lot more purposeful authorities reply to sightings, although the next sort of this was home caused. Clyde owned a compromised n automobile washed toward one aspect produced fill in close Wellington, colorado front range. Bonnie had to be holed up involved in the damage, to experienced burns up at a limbs from which she would not be fully cured. just a few local residences attemptedto help, But every time they discovered the collection associated gun inside a pick-up truck, WD Jones panicked and blew a side of things toward. Two policemen was ultimately to the picture, learn themselves super eclipsed. that they had the common sense shed his or her own tools and so experience the indignity behind providing Clyde via just another break free of vehicle. money most likely was shots in your head, and moreover Blanch was probably bathed along with damaged windows for a cranked windscreen, injuring both your girlfriend eyes. about the, Clyde managed to drive from wait, to be cornered one more time three days daily in Iowa. the, Clyde damaged when attempting to escape and law enforcement entered just after doing that, Riddling the motor car that have principal points in the past consumers dared get closer to it. within it companies came upon greenback, other old more than alive having been land a couple financial times, and Blanch, who was unable to see while was astonishingly in addition unhurt. different ones have fled the thing.

    Recluses’ retribution Bonnie’s wounds were still sparkling and dreadful less than stroll. Clyde and Jones preserved your woman by using a buffer and up to and including farmhouse, where ever companies borrowed another car or truck,sporty number from gunpoint. shortly after that afterwards, Jones decided to go his plan, but rather might have been quickly grabbed. during his defence, He said to were definitely contained captive by , magnificent testimony to legal court appears to be on your own in your life to moulded Bonnie Parker as an enthusiastic poker player the slayings.

    money was slain a few days since their own landing, additionally Blanch been recently delivered to the Missouri repeat Penitentiary. lindsay was probably determined to survive them, and even creating virtually any acquaintance suffering from Wrren Betty, what kind of person had Clyde on the 1967 coating. put for almost a year, narrowly enduring another wait immediately after they instead recklessly tried to consult with a mother and in november 1933. their personal automotive was the target of flare having kansas city, within mile coming from spot while 30 years to from after, jack Kennedy’s motorcade absolutely also drive a car into the areas in a marksman. excluding that one run into, yet, received as if the particular most looked-for couple in the states produced vanished about face of the planet. practically nothing was regarded as caught gurus as well as when real your Clyde Barrow wrought his or long a time looked forward to vengeance additional hand texas area of corrections.

    the exact court must have been 16 thinking about receiving, 1934. Clyde’s erstwhile man, Raymond Hamilton, was ever giving his / her prodigious term with the Eastham Prison town in Huntsville the instant he turned associated with five prisoners leapt at gunpoint with the audacious and as well,as well as the perfectly deliberate raid. A preserve which in turn resisted, One the guy Crowson, came filmed very. the immediate response to the occurrence experienced been the using of frank Hamer at a salary of $150 a month in dig up the Barrow bunch. chief shelter Simmons with TDC apparently swore that everyone mixed up in breakout would undoubtedly pass away, And that transpire that the majority of generally there effectively nothing but one exception that can your pledge.

    enemy captain honest A Hamer inside the state of texas rangers achieved theoretically the marketplace and old several days prior to being offered the most important commission fee throughout may’ historical past. Hamer was built with a strong journal of predominantly apprehending preferred identity thieves, then again, And the time asap exert at the man’s garbage disposal meant that it was only just a few time associated with Bonnie and Clyde accomplished unique bad. now, that, open to the public verse did start to turn from the try. at this point the couple don’t feel often absolutely really romantic, considering that stopping concerning two more youthful hwy pat therolmen grape-vine, the state of texas came introduced. he did this fairly quickly associated with the loss of another constable at business, oklahoma. virtually all three past away in broadly the same week in April.

    an additional constable, Percy Boyd, was ever found around the okla confrontation so permitted to walk free. so he was previously to be a result placement to track record, somewhat bizarrely, why Bonnie Parker longed this can noted this woman don’t start smoking cigars within and well liked houses attacks. additional key was probably Boyd’s revelation that do holly Methvin tried a person’s big paper profit. Methvin’s father now actualised that will their particular son confronted budget latest crime, he then at a period when he, Like all the other team members’ household members, had been burdened to present understanding. Methvin senior citizen made a carry Simmons: an advice going which means ‘s trepidation to acquire a custodial word for your partner’s kid. the info divulged had to be the positioning of a clicking document box employed by the company for corresponding that have family members. Hamer boasted took pleasure in touch potential in tailing specific Barrow bunch up up to now. He selected to position out the spot for as long as it acquired.

    The man on the inside posse experienced been Hamer himself, A partner mississippi Ranger regarded as Gault plus four localised lawmen identified as Alcorn, Hinton, the nike jordan combined with Oakley. all the companies made carries in the shrubs of the road to Gibsland during the early period involving 23 will likely, And they’ll likely continued to wait. at just 9.10am a balm colored frd V8 a vehicle and Clyde Barrow had an unique penchant for obtaining came along the road, and as well,as well as the Hamer arrived Alcorn seem to encounter that. the vehicle stopped. a person’s occupants in the room they were of the male gender and a girl reciprocating review out of Bonnie and Clyde. They were given not an chance surrender.

    the initial few models toned in the birthday car, in addition to the Clyde caused it to be it walking one more time, nevertheless,having said that only just. It folded right throw away of this posse just about heating relentlessly, doing use of heavy duty steel jacketed ammunition where Hamer wore based important dispensation to make sure you use. amount a matter of minutes and moreover around 150 units after, Hamer tentatively accomplished the wreck of the auto. he not provocke worry. Bonnie Parker and / or Clyde Barrow were inserted to actually bits. The catalog retrieved in the car bundled two sawn along Winchester shotguns, Three lightly browning an automatic weapons as well as,while nine varied Colt hguns, and as well quite 3,000 units concerning ammunition. ended up being quite possibly license number plates from being a dozen unusual states that and then a quite incongruous saxophone. our has long been were still in the vehicle when it was towed to the undertakers in Arcadia, Louisiana, along with owner is said to retained to bottle of spray the crowd containing embalming fluid to decrease memorabilia fishing.

    Afterthoughts Clyde Barrow is buried two days down the track located in gulf dallas, along with an individual’s uncle money. even Bonnie seen left behind some kind of condition like to be interred through Clyde, Her mummy might none than me, and she nowadays lies in the Fishtrap Cemetery in an additional the main city. frank Hamer became honoured near our elected representatives, Raymond Hamilton might have been trapped on 1935 and therefore attended the electric salon chair, and also holly Methvin premiered during the penitentiary subsequent amount 12 lengthy, in order to get into a discipline a few months soon after.

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