EPISODE 420 “Cowboys and Indians”

Airdate: 2009-05-08

Michael and Lincoln, trapped in the hotel, make a run for it once spotted by the local police, led by Captain Hutchinson. They are trapped in the kitchen area. Michael calls Mahone and says that Scylla’s gone; they need help getting out. Self gets on the line and says they need to get over to the other side of the hotel, to a loading dock where there’s only one cop; Self can take him out. Their only hope is to find rooftop access. Michael gives Mahone the address where Sara is holding Christina and tells him to go there and find out where Scylla is. Linc grabs the phone and tells Mahone he doesn’t care what he does to Christina; just make her cooperate. Meanwhile, Krantz is frustrated. T-Bag volunteers to go to the hotel and kill the brothers before they can talk to authorities. Krantz is skeptical, but T-Bag says not to underestimate him. Krantz won’t go for it; he sends Ralph instead. Back at the hotel, Michael swipes a universal room key card from a maid’s cart. They’re spotted by Hutchinson, but manage to duck into a stairwell. Hutchinson has the hotel manager override all the locks. Michael and Linc run up to the top floor, the 16th. They can’t take the stairs to the roof because it’ll trigger the fire alarms and the cops will find them before they can find the laundry vent. They need to get out via the duct work. But the key card won’t work. Michael realizes they’ve been locked out. Can’t go up, can’t go down. They’re trapped.

Christina watches a news report, which says that a wire transfer has been found from Chinese operatives to Michael and Linc. She compliments Downey for his work on the fake Chinese documents. Christina is still sorrowful that Michael’s going to take a fall, but Downey says he made his choice. At the hotel, Michael calls Don and tells him he needs to find out the cops’ plan of attack. Don approaches Hutchinson, flashing his Homeland Security badge and demanding to know what they’re doing. Hutchinson is annoyed, but says they’re planning on gassing the brothers out floor by floor; they’re using a colorless, odorless gas. Back at the townhouse, Mahone finds and frees the tied-up Sara. They bring each other up to date. Sara wants to go to the hotel and help, but Mahone forbids it. He tells her to run, but she insists on staying put so Michael can find her. Of course, so can Christina, but that’s a risk she’s willing to take.

Christina meets with Nandu Banerjee, the Indian Prime Minister, and the late Naveen Banerjee’s father. He is wrathful, and wants to buy the Scylla technology to wage war with the Chinese as vengeance for his son’s death. Christina pretends reluctance, then gives in and agrees to the sale. Meanwhile, Homeland Security agent Darrin Hooks arrives at the hotel and is taken aback to find that he’s the second Homeland Security agent arriving on the scene. Don Self, so far as he knows, is dead. Back at the loft, Krantz realizes that Christina is reigniting the 1962 China/India border war. She’ll profit from the coming war by offering services to transport troops, get them food and water in harsh conditions, and other military applications of Scylla. Everybody will want to buy the Scylla technology. Mahone enters and wonders why Krantz never did it. Krantz says that a war involving Indian will drag in Pakistan, then Russia, then Europe, then the U.S. It’ll be a global apocalypse, and Christina’s just too prideful and unstable to accept that.

The gas sweeps have reached the 8th floor. Michael has Linc stuff air conditioner aerosol cans into rolls of toilet paper. Michael works frantically with a shoe horn and a nail clipper from a hotel toiletry kit. Downstairs, Ralph shoots his way past the single guard at the loading dock, while elsewhere, Hooks runs into Self. Self claims his death was faked and that he’s working covert ops, but Hooks doesn’t buy it. Self at least tries to tell him that the brothers are being set up, but Hooks isn’t listening. Self disarms him and they engage in a savage fistfight. A box full of cutlery overturns and Self grabs a knife and kills Hooks. Upstairs, Michael’s prised a wire free from a door lock. Self calls; he’s at the loding dock and seen the body of the cop, which means somebody else is coming after them. Michael cuts the wire. The hotel manager reports a room breach on the 16th floor. The cops are scrambled upstairs. Linc piles the aerosol-stuffed TP rolls into the mini-fridge, then sprays them down with air freshener. Michael tells him to make sure the door’s shut; they need the pressure to build. As the cops can be heard on the stairwell, Michael signals Linc to set the TP on fire and then close the fridge door. The brothers hide as two cops arrive. The cops are blown off their feet when the mini-fridge explodes. Hutchinson runs up the stairs to find his two men running downstairs, saying they were booby-trapped and made a run for the roof. However, Hutchinson senses something isn’t right. He runs back down after the two and orders them to stop and take off their masks. It’s really Michael and Linc, who stole the cops’ uniforms and gas masks. They’re caught. Suddenly, Hutchinson is shot dead… by Ralph, who is there to take Michael and Linc back to Krantz.

Krantz says it’s time to keep one of his promises. He puts three names in a bowl, then draws one randomly: Self. His wife will die for their failure. This is Self’s secret: his beautiful young wife has been a vegetable for years because of Self’s drunk driving. Self became embittered that his government medical benefits only just barely kept her alive in a county hospital, and planned to sell Scylla to he and his wife could slip away forever. Self begs for mercy, but, over speaker phone, he hears her being shot dead by a Company agent. Krantz then orders Ralph to kill Self. Self makes a run for it, and jumps off the balcony and into the waters below. He does not resurface. Meanwhile, Christina finishes her dealings with Nandu and tells Downey to contact China. Downey advises against playing both sides of this coin, but Christina insists. Michael realizes that Christina’s going to want to confirm her money is safely overseas before leaving town; find the money, they find her; it must be at the local Federal Reserve signatory bank. Indeed, Christina is at the bank, making a $10,000 withdrawal to make sure the account is set up properly and the millions are there. It’ll take 30 minutes to do the paperwork. That gives Michael and Linc enough time to arrive and pretend to be bank robbers. They take Scylla from Downey at gunpoint. “Hi mom,” deadpans Linc as they leave. Michael and Mahone get away, but Linc is trapped and caught by Christina and Downey, who knock him out and abcut him. Meanwhile, Don, his leg fractured, crawls out of the water at the wharf. Two kids see him. One runs off to call 911; Don weakly begs them not to call anybody before passing out. And at the loft, Krantz says he needs leverage over Michael. T-Bag has checked Mahone’s car and gotten the last visited address from his GPS. Krantz sends him there, and T-Bag finds and abducts Sara. Krantz calls Michael and puts Sara on the line for a moment; he tells Michael to bring him Scylla, or this time, Sara’s death won’t be faked. A moment later, the phone rings again. It’s Christina. She shoots Linc and grazes his lung, giving him two hours to live unless he gets medical attention… which he won’t get unless Michael brings her Scylla. Michael, anguished, is frozen, faced with an impossible decision.

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