EPISODE 416 “The Sunshine State”

Airdate: 2008-12-22

Lincoln and Sara go to Miami where they have tracked Gretchen, T-Bag and Self. Lincoln tells her that he will find Scylla. Searching for answers, a woman named Tia shows Lincoln who Erica is. Suddenly, he is shot at. Lincoln returns fire. The people after him escape.Michael wakes up in a guest room of The Company. He sees Ferguson outside with a guard. Michael meets Dr. Knowlton, who informs him about his mother. The doctor gives him a stack of childhood photographs.

Tia is in cahoots with Carruth, but Lincoln has taken Tia’s wallet. Lincoln sends T-Bag and Self to Tia’s apartment.

Pad Man encourages Sara to relax and enjoy her stay in the hotel. But she cannot.

In Tia’s apartment, T-Bag and Self collect “evidence” as they plot to take down Lincoln. Gretchen says that they will try to move Scylla by boat. Mahone arrives in Miami.

As T-Bag and Gretchen scan the harbor, Self and Mahone go to the harbor master’s office to get information. They search passengers and someone tries to leave. Lincoln catches Ted, who has three joints.

Dr. Knowlton tells Pad Man that he’s close to cracking Michael. Pad Man wants him to hurry.

Sara receives a text. When she rushes to answer a payphone, she is kidnapped by men in a black van. They transport her to a limo, where Lisa is. Lisa gives Sara the location where Michael is. Sara exits the limo.

Mahone gets the security disk from the harbor master’s office. They learn that the buyer is coming to Miami. Gretchen sees Carruth’s mug shot. Lincoln tells Mahone about Michael’s situation and asks him to deal with The Company.

Sara tells Lincoln that she must go save Michael, but he asks her to stay away. Meanwhile, T-Bag calls Pad Man to report on Sara’s plans. Pad Man orders Knowlton to drug Michael and get out. Knowlton says that he can handle Sara.

In the guest room, Michael has a flashback to the “cute poison” idea. Ferguson grabs Michael. Yet Michael had rigged the room’s water heater and it explodes. Dr. Knowlton is dazed by the blast. Michael grabs the gun, and Ferguson injects Dr. Knowlton. Michael runs, and the agents chase him.

Self spots Carruth on the Miami loft surveillance tape. Where’s Gretchen? Carruth arrives at a café and Gretchen waves him over. She makes a deal with him. Back at the loft, Gretchen tells the others that she knows who and where the buyer is.

As Michael flees in the woods, Ferguson spots him. The agents’ car catches up to Michael but Sara crashes into them with her car. She and Michael escape.

Gretchen pulls a double cross and shoots Carruth. She gets shot in the gunfire.

Michael tells Sara that his mother is still alive.

Lincoln answers a call on Carruth’s cell phone. Christina is the buyer.

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