EPISODE 414 “Just Business”

Airdate: 2008-12-08

Sara injects Michael. Meanwhile, at an abandoned building nearby, Lincoln sees Self’s car pull up to the warehouse. Michael calls Self, who wants the missing piece. Self fires gas canisters at the team. Lincoln gets the drop on Self. Gretchen shows up with a drawn gun. She saves Self and the two escape. Mahone meets with Lang and asks who he can trust.

The Company techies search satellite images for Michael and Lincoln. Pad Man has them look for Gretchen and Self as well.

Michael tells the team that they are not selling the piece to Self. Sucre agrees to get in Self’s trunk. He gets a text message from Michael – their plan will work. Self and Gretchen watch the warehouse with Xavier. Yet when they arrive at the Fauntleroy Hotel, Sucre is not in the trunk.

Lincoln and Sara are concerned about Michael’s health. Michael hides the chip on Xavier. Self and Gretchen watch him do this.

Mahone asks Wheeler to help with The Company. He calls Michael, who says they are getting Scylla.

Lisa gives Pad Man her resignation. The Company techies find Self and Gretchen on the street. Pad Man orders his men to shoot them on sight.

At the hotel, Sucre bribes the desk clerk for Self’s room number. Meanwhile, Michael sends Lincoln to the hotel rooftop where he loads up on tear gas. As Vikan notifies Self that the buyer has touched down, the hotel clerk informs Self that a man was asking questions about him.

Michael removes a bolt from the hotel fire escape. He gets a nosebleed. As Gretchen descends down the stairwell, Sucre attacks her. They fight. Lincoln fires a perfect shot of the gas canister at Self’s window. Self flees with Scylla, but when he sees Gretchen and Sucre fighting, he heads upstairs. When he gets to the fire escape, he is trapped by Michael, who takes Scylla. Yet Michael becomes dizzy and falls. Self takes Scylla back and aims his gun at Michael.

Sara arrives to slam Gretchen down the stairs and save Sucre. Gretchen runs out of the hotel and shoots at Lincoln. She steals a car. Ferguson from The Company arrives and shoot at Self, grazing him. Gretchen saves Self and they escape with Scylla. Ferguson puts Michael in a van and drives off. Lincoln watches, helplessly. He discovers that the chip is gone.

Sucre and Sara discover the labtop at the hotel with images of Xavier. Meanwhile, Mahone watches as Lang and Wheeler argue. Lang says that the Attorney General will meet with him. Yet when Mahone sees that the car brought to him is a perp transport, he knows that there is no deal.

At the Company headquarters, Michael is prepped for surgery. He flashes in and out of consciousness. Lincoln demands that Pad Man let him see Michael. Pad Man offers him a deal — get Scylla back and he will save Michael.

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