EPISODE 222 “Sona”

Airdate: 2007-04-02

Michael paces on the top deck of the boat, tortured by Mahone’s offer. A teenage Panamanian kid, Chaco, walks down the dock with a box full of assorted goods. He offers Michael candy and beer, but Michael coldly rejects Chaco’s offer. Chaco looks around then offers Michael, “Spleef? Magic Mushroom? Burst your brains.” Chaco offers Michael that if he doesn’t have it, he can get it. Michael turns Chaco away as his satellite phone rings.

Mahone forces Michael to answer, and give him the money and the boat. Michael is hesitant, “Then you’ll just let my brother go?” Michael continues, “Just like you let Tweener go. And Abruzzi. And Haywire.” Mahone tells Michael that things have changed and he’s now an enemy to the same people as Michael, “You’re my way to freedom Michael and I’m yours.” Michael pauses, then tells Mahone it will take him at least twenty-four hours to get to the docks where Mahone is holding Lincoln.

Lincoln asks Mahone how it feels being on the run, but Mahone is calm and collected, “I’ll survive.” Lincoln tells Mahone he’ll get the chair for what he’s done. Mahone shakes it off and dials his phone, “Mr. Kim. Alex Mahone. Call me.”

Kellerman sits on the witness stand, addressing the jury and court, “What I’m about to divulge to you, will in all likelihood, get me killed. Actually, I guarantee it.” Kellerman tells everyone that he’s testifying because he has wronged people who should not have been wronged.

Deeper into the trial, Kellerman retells how he set up Lincoln for the murder of Terrence Steadman. He says that with Lincoln framed, everyone would forget about Terrence and his dealings with the Company. The Prosecutor stands and asks how Kellerman’s testimony is relevant to Sara’s trial. Kellerman interrupts her, “She did so because she was scared for her life. Because I had orders to kill her.” The courtroom fills with whispers.

Michael preps the boat to leave, then looks to see Chaco walking away. He tracks him down on the beach and asks Chaco, “Are you still in the magic business?”

The Judge looks over a stack of paperwork, then addresses the Prosecutor. He says that all of Kellerman’s accusations are in corroborated in the paperwork and the Prosecution needs to know if their time is best used with Sara. The Prosecutor stands and says they plan to dismiss all charges against Sara immediately. However, they do plan on filing charges against Kellerman. Kellerman stands and hands himself over to the bailiffs. Sara turns and looks at Kellerman, “I literally don’t even know what to say to you.” Kellerman is escorted passed Sara, and he warmly tells her, “It was good knowing you, Sara.”

Mahone answers his cell phone, Kim demands that when Mahone gets Michael and Lincoln together, he has to be there for visual confirmation. Mahone tells Kim, “Then I suggest you get on a plane, because by the time you get here, I’ll have Scofield and Burrows right where you want them. And then this whole thing is over.”

Michael sets sail. When the boat is away from shore, he calls Sara and leaves a message. He isn’t sure she’ll ever hear it, but he continues anyway. He tells her that he finally made, but without her, his escape is still a loss. “If by some miracle you do get this…I need you to listen close…”

Sara walks out of the courtroom with Bruce Bennett. They shuffle passed a row of reporter’s covering her trial, all the reports covering Kellerman’s new information. Sara walks with her head down, and reaches for her cell phone. Suddenly, she stops and looks back at the reporters. She pauses, then turns to Bruce wild-eyed, “Oh my God, Bruce. Lincoln’s a free man!”

Sara listens to Michael’s message, “He doesn’t know. He’s still planning on running!” She quickly dials Michael’s number, “Come on, Michael.”

Michael docks the boat, Chaco at his side. Chaco tells Michael, “Let me do the introduction.” Michael agrees, but he’ll do the talking. Out of earshot, Michael’s satellite phone buzzes as Sara calls. Michael can’t hear it, but looks back at the phone before he goes.

Sara tells Bruce she needs to get to Panama, “What he’s doing right now is going to get him killed.”

Kim sits in the back of a limo with Pad Man and informs them of Mahone’s progress. Pad Man flips up a piece of paper that reads, “Sona?” Kim says he’ll make it happen, he’s heading to Panama to oversee it. Pan Man holds up another note, “Just ONE is needed.” Kim replies, “I assume we both know which one that is.” Kim moves to leave and Pad Man grabs his arm and glares at him. While no words are spoken, Kim gets the message.

Mahone paces the warehouse with Pam on the phone. He’s asking Pam to head to Columbia or Cartegena. Mahone peers over his shoulder to see Lincoln watching his every move. Mahone continues, trying to convince Pam to bring Cameron down to see the country. Mahone turns his back, Lincoln takes the opportunity to fidget with the pipe his handcuffs are attached to. Pam tells Mahone that she will try to do everything she can to see him, but she needs to know that this won’t fall apart like it did before. Lincoln manages to loosen a bolt, and the pipe slides slightly. Mahone looks out over an empty dock, and ends his call with Pam.

Sucre stands at the sink in his hospital room with a large bandage on his chest. He’s pale and can barely hold himself up. But all he can think about is saving Maricruz. A nurse rushes in, and tries to tell him he can’t leave. Sucre has lost three pints of blood and leaving now could lead to kidney damage, brain damage or even death. Sucre puts his shirt on and stumbles ahead.

Outside the hospital, Sucre calls the US Embassy. He checks his wound as he talks to the operator, “I’m looking for a friend. A missing American friend. He could be in the hospital. He could be in jail.” When the operator asks for a name, Sucre replies, “Bellick. Brad Bellick.

Bellick stands behind bars of a small jail, screaming out to anyone who will listen, “Do I get to call my lawyer or what?” When no one answers, he limps over to a bench and looks around. He looks back to the jail door as guards escort T-Bag into the holding cell. Bellick screams out, “Finally! That’s him! That’s the guy! He’s the one that killed that girl!” The guards push T-Bag through the door, and lock it behind him. Bellick pleads with the guards to release him, but they ignore him. Bellick slides over to T-Bag. T-Bag tells him that Michael made off with the money, but T-Bag has another plan and tells Bellick to rest his leg.

Chaco walks onto a boat where several large men lounge around women in bikinis. DeJesus, the drug dealer who owns the boat, smiles at Chaco. Chaco tells him he’s brought someone with a lot of cash. DeJesus sees Michael, and gets suspicious. Michael tries to make a deal, but DeJesus won’t hear it, believing that Michael is a cop. One of DeJesus’ thugs puts a gun to Michael’s neck. Michael tells DeJesus to do a search for his name online. DeJesus snaps, “That means nothing to me.” Michael replies, “It could mean a hundred grand.”

DeJesus looks up to another thug with a laptop. He quickly punches in Michael’s name, then turns the laptop to face DeJesus. Michael’s face appears on an FBI website, the headline offers a one-hundred thousand dollar reward. DeJesus tells Michael he just gave him a good reason to turn him in, but Michael offers more money to help him.

Lincoln tells Mahone, “You know I’m innocent?” Mahone replies that he doesn’t care, he just wants to get his life back. Lincoln tells Mahone he should call his family back and tell them not to come, keep the evils from his life from seeping into theirs. Lincoln tells Mahone that there’s no way out for them.

Bellick asks T-Bag how much of the money he was able to spend. T-Bag muses that it was probably a small amount, but in Panama it was like spending millions. Bellick teases that T-Bag isn’t going to see daylight ever again, but T-Bag hints back that he might have another trick or two. Bellick stands and drags his leg towards T-Bag, “You know, Bagwell, of all the guys, all eight of you, you were the guy that I was hoping would go down in a blaze of gunfire.” The tension rises between the two, T-Bag taunts Bellick to finish what he started. A guard raps on the cell door and tells Bellick in Spanish, “We’re going to move you.” Bellick smiles, misunderstanding what the man is saying. Bellick walks out the front, and the guards cuff him. Bellick begins to panic, and one of the guards mutters, “Buena suerte.” Bellick shouts down the hall as T-Bag watches him go, then hisses, “Good luck.”

Sucre asks the owner of a kiosk where the police station is. The man points down the road. Sucre staggers a few steps, then sees Bellick being dragged down an alley. Sucre cries out Bellick’s name. The guards toss Bellick into a cage, affixed to the bed of a pick-up truck. Sucre hurries down the street, begging the guards to stop. Bellick turns and sees Sucre, Sucre shouts, “Bellick! Where’s Maricruz!” Bellick, fearing the worst, screams back, “You wanna know where she is? Get me outta this!” The truck pulls away, and Sucre falls to his knees and collapses in the street, whispering, “Maricruz…Maricruz…”

The Christina Rose bounces over the waves at the sun sets over the ocean. Hours later, Michael docks the boat, and heads down a pier with the backpack full of money on his back.

Mahone looks through a window and sees the Christina Rose has arrived.

Michael stashes the money behind a generator and heads back to enter the warehouse.

Michael enters with his hands up. Mahone quips, “Michael, it’s a beautiful boat.” Michael slowly walks down onto the warehouse floor, “Just promise me you’ll change the name when you take it. I don’t think my mother would have approved of you.” Lincoln demands to be set free, but Mahone isn’t ready for that. He searches Michael for weapons, then steps back. “As of now, they want you alive,” Mahone tells Michael, and then he demands the money. But Michael is offering the boat as a showing of good faith, the money comes when Lincoln is free. Their negotiations are interrupted by Mahone’s cell phone ringing. He answers and says, “I’m inside the warehouse.”

Kim gets out of a rental car, “I’ll be right there.”

Mahone quickly dials another number and looks to Michael and Lincoln. “Here we go.” When the other person answers, Mahone speaks up, “Hello? Do you speak English? Good. Miraflores Docks. Yes, there’s been a murder. A well dressed Asian man has just been shot by two Americans.” Michael looks around, this still doesn’t make sense. “So you kill him and frame us? Why?” Mahone looks at Michael, “So everyone will leave me alone. That’s all I want.” Michael refuses to give Mahone the money, and Mahone begins to unravel. He screams to Michael and puts his gun in Michael’s face.

Agent Kim enters the warehouse behind Mahone, “I am dumbfounded.” Mahone keeps his weapon trained on the brothers, while Kim tells Mahone that his is not “right where we wanted them.” Lincoln continues to work on the pipe fixture without being noticed. Kim comments, “Or is it something else? Another reason we’re all here?” Mahone spins and puts the gun to Kim’s face. As he moves to kill Kim, several other agents move into the warehouse forcing Mahone to retrain his weapon on them. The room is silent; Lincoln moves the fixture off the pipe and slides the cuff off, then dives for cover as the room erupts in gunfire. Kim draws his weapon and the agents move to Mahone. Lincoln catches an agent off guard and punches him in the face, then recovers the agent’s weapon. Mahone is able to kill off one of the oncoming agents. Lincoln and Michael run for the exit, while Mahone battles the agents inside. After snapping the neck of another agent, Mahone quickly slips out the exit.

Kim stumbles into the alley, looking for Michael and Lincoln.

Michael grabs the backpack while Lincoln watches his back.

Mahone sprints for the Christina Rose and undocks it as sirens approach in the distance. He fires up the engine and heads to sea.

Two guards escort Kellerman, now donning an orange prison jumpsuit, into a transportation van. One guard explains the situation to Kellerman, but Kellerman cuts him off, “I know the drill.” The guards load him into the van.

The van leaves the jail. The guard sitting with Kellerman asks the guard driving why he didn’t take the freeway, “Rush hour,” the driver replies. Kellerman listens to the conversation with a faint smile on his face. The driver continues, “The service engine light just came on.” He pulls the van under and overpass and gets out. Kellerman looks to the guard sitting with him, “In the French Resistance, it was considered a high honor to face a Nazi firing squad.” The guard snaps to Kellerman to stay quiet, but he continues, “Meant you did your job. The highest honor was to smile when they shot you.” Suddenly, the back doors of the van fly open. Two men with ski masks and shotguns stand ready. “It took you long enough,” Kellerman says peacefully. The two men pause, then unload their shotguns into the back of the van.

Mahone hurries down a pier with a Harbor Master who is holding some maps. He’s helping Mahone charter a course to Columbia. The Harbor Master tells Mahone that it will take him about two days to get there and the conditions are perfect for sailing. A Coast Guard Captain interrupts them and tells Mahone they received a call telling them his boat had been used for illegal trafficking. An officer walks off the Christina Rose, towards the Captain, holding two large pouches of plastic. He holds it up to the Captain, “About two kilos of cocaine.” Mahone looks at the cocaine, Michael set him up. Mahone is speechless as the guards handcuff him.

Lincoln and Michael work their way through the jungle, Michael tells Lincoln that Mahone should be captured by now. Lincoln comments that they might have lost the boat, but at least they have the money. Chaco meets them, and motions to them, “This way.” The brothers wait a moment, Lincoln tells Michael, “So we get out of here, we never look back?” Michael replies, “We never look back.” They continue to a pier where another boat is waiting. Chaco looks to the boat, “It’s the best I could do with the money you gave me.” Michael slips Chaco a roll of cash for his help. Chaco walks away and tells them, “She’s very pretty.” Michael turns to Chaco, “She’ll get us where we need to go, right?” Chaco laughs, “Not the boat, senior.” Michael and Lincoln look back to the boat where Sara walks to the back shaking a rag. She smiles and waves to them.

Michael hands Lincoln the bag and embraces Sara. Sara looks to Michael, “Michael, Lincoln’s free.” She tells them that Kellerman came forward with documents and made a full confession. All charges against Lincoln were dropped. The news hits Lincoln and he can barely stand. Lincoln asks about Michael, Sara tells him that Bruce is looking into it and because of the circumstances that no one is going to press charges against him. A wave of relief washes over the brothers and Sara goes below deck to find a drink. Lincoln follows. He sets the gun on the table and grabs a fish hook, then returns above deck.

“Here, help me out of this,” Lincoln hands Michael the hook and Michael uses the hook to open the handcuffs. “We did it, Linc,” Michael whispers. “No…you almost did it,” Agent Kim stands over them from the pier, gun trained. The brothers slide back away from him. Lincoln tosses the money to Kim, but Kim has no interest in it and kicks the bag into the water. Kim tells them it isn’t about the money, it’s about the brothers. Lincoln asks Kim to let Michael go, but Kim doesn’t listen. He tells the brothers that you don’t see family loyalty like this anymore, too bad only one will survive. Kim points the gun at Lincoln and a shot rings out. Lincoln stumbles back to see Kim, standing stunned, with a bleeding gun shot wound on the right side of his chest. Kim collapses and falls into the water. Sara stands off to the side, gun pointed towards Kim, shaking. Police cars race up the dirt road to the boat, Lincoln shouts, “We gotta go!” and sprints up the pier. Sara and Michael split off from Lincoln and the cops follow.

Lincoln finds his way into a boat yard while Michael and Sara crash through the jungle.

Lincoln moves his way around the boats and sees there are three officers behind him. He looks around and moves towards a shack.

Michael and Sara find an empty house. Michael looks out the boards covering the windows and sees that the police have surrounded them. An officer shouts to them that he will give his men the order to fire if they do not come out with their hands up. Michael and Sara lay low, Michael working on their next move. The officer shouts out his last warning and Michael takes the gun from Sara. Sara begins to break down, “I took a man’s life.” Michael comforts her and tells her that they’ll walk out and they’ll tell the police exactly what happened and he will do whatever he can to help her. Sara hugs Michael and the two exchange “I love yous” and a kiss.

Sara opens the front door and she raises her hands. But Michael slides in behind her and puts the gun to her head, “Nobody moves!” He whispers to her, “You sacrificed everything for me once.” Sara tries to convince him to stop, but Michael moves off the porch, hands in the air. “It was me! I did it!” Sara screams behind him that Michael is innocent and begs him to tell the truth. Michael throws the gun down and guards rush in. They take control of him and drag him towards a squad car.

Mahone’s hands shake as he dials a payphone. Pam answers, excited to hear his voice. Mahone, fighting tears, tells Pam forget about seeing him and that he ever existed. He slams the phone down, and guards pull him away.

Lincoln finds a local police station and finds a female administrator. He asks her if she knows anything about Sara Tancredi. The woman tells Lincoln that she was brought in to give her statement and was just released, Lincoln just missed her. Lincoln spins around in the crowded streets, looking for Sara. His eyes lock on a few women, but none are Sara. Then he sees her, her head down and moving quickly away. A strange man leaning against a car watches Sara walk by, then follows behind her. Lincoln rushes through the crowd, trying to gain ground on her, but when he turns the corner, there’s no sign of her.

T-Bag looks down the hall and sees another American, a Company man, approaching, “Oh! I thought you’d never show up.” T-Bag asks the man when he’s getting out and the man cautiously replies, “That’s the thing…there’s been a hiccup.” T-Bag’s demeanor changes and he tells the man that he has done everything he was told to do. The Company man tells T-Bag that getting caught wasn’t part of the agreement, and T-Bag defends that he was caught because he was playing the part of bait for the Company. “Now I got you Scofield down here. I got you what you wanted.” The man pauses, looking into T-Bag’s eyes, “You got caught, Bagwell.” The Company man turns and leaves. T-Bag stands at the cell door screaming, “I did what you told me to do!”

Rain pours down as a Panamanian police transport arrives out front of a dark, concrete prison. A guard opens the door, and leads Michael out of the van. He takes the restraints off of Michael and leads him around the rear of the truck. Another van arrives, the prisoner is Alex Mahone. Mahone and Michael lock eyes, both of them knowing that they are no longer the other’s biggest problem. The guard pushes Michael on to the front gate and rasps, “This is as far as I go.” Michael looks into the prison, above the door part of the prison sign reads, “SONA.”

Thousands of miles away, at a research facility in Long Island, New York, a man walks through a sterile hallway wearing a lab coat. Pad Man, also donning a lab coat and surgical mask, hangs up his suit coat on a rack. The man calls out, “General, I assume this is a safe place to speak.” Pan Man nods, the man continues, “It’s Scofield. They got him.” Pan Man turns and swipes a security badge on a door. The door opens and the man follows.

Michael walks slowly into the dark corridors of the prison. Inmates of all walks of life litter the hallways. Sona is a prison that has long been lawless. Michael moves forward, looking over the inmates loitering along the filthy walls. These are Panama’s worst criminals, with no guards to maintain the order. Michael looks down to see a familiar face. Bellick lays shaking on the prison floor, near naked and beaten within an inch of his life. Bellick looks up to Michael, his face scarred. A massive inmate standing over him glares at Michael.

Pan Man and his aide continue through the white corridors of the facility. The aide states, “Scofield back in the pen. Got to be honest, didn’t think we were ever going to see it happen.” They approach a door where to soldiers stand guard. They salute General Pad Man as he opens the door. The aide adds, “You know he’s going to break out. It’s in his blood.” The General looks back, “That’s exactly what we want him to do.” The men pull up their surgical masks and enter a room full of caged animals.

Michael comes to the end of the hallway and looks out a door to his right. Rain pours down and a bright light obscures what is in front of him. All he can hear is the sound of men chanting and the stomping of their feet as he exits through the door into the rain.

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