EPISODE 218 “Wash”

Airdate: 2007-02-26

The audio file plays on the laptop. Michael, Lincoln and Sara don’t breathe as they listen to the recording. When the file finishes, Sara in shock says, “Oh my God.” Lincoln paces and tries to grasp what he just heard.
Mahone stands before the photos of the Fox River Eight at the FBI command center. He draws red X’s through Haywire and tells the team that C-Note has been incarcerated and is helping track the brothers. Agent Wheeler presses Mahone for information about C-Note’s detainment, but Mahone ignores his request. Agent Lang informs Mahone that Sucre was almost apprehended in Mexico, but before he can voice his concern, his eyes see Bellick, standing in the office doorway. Mahone excuses himself and guides Bellick to his office.

Mahone closes the door behind him and wants to know what Bellick is doing there. Bellick has come for the reward money on Haywire. Mahone tells Bellick he was supposed to be “under the radar,” but Bellick doesn’t care. Bellick, thinking he has the upper hand, sits down and puts his feet on Mahone’s desk. Mahone pauses, then knocks Bellick’s feet down. Before Bellick can move, Mahone presses his foot into Bellick’s twisted ankle. Mahone keeps his cool and tells Bellick he has to be patient. Mahone warns that if Bellick ever shows his face in the FBI office again, he’ll “never see the cash, and you’ll never see another sunrise.” Mahone then offers to Bellick, “You ever been to Mexico?” and hands him the file on Sucre.

Lincoln tells Michael and Sara that if the take the audio file to the media, they government will discredit it, just like they did with the video they recorded earlier. Michael says their father was working with people in the administration. If they can find these people, they can take President Reynolds down. Lincoln offers to call Jane Phillips, the woman who worked with their father and is currently watching LJ.

Somewhere in Chicago, in a secluded alley, a man hands Kellerman a sniper rifle from the trunk of a car. Kellerman looks the gun over, feels its weight, and checks the scope. He takes the case from the man, and then puts a large sum of cash into the man’s hand. Kellerman leans into to the trunk and puts the gun in the case. When he stands, he’s brandishing his silenced hand gun and shoots the man in the chest. When the man falls, Kellerman fires another shot.

C-Note sits in an orange jumpsuit, huddled impatiently over a laptop. On his screen is the website EuropeanGoldfinch.net, which Michael intended to use for the remaining cons to communicate. C-Note has left several messages for Michael, hoping to lure him out of hiding. Mahone paces in the room with C-Note, also growing impatient. C-Note tells Mahone that Michael is too smart for the FBI and if Michael sees an unfamiliar face when it comes time to meet, it will just send him back into hiding. C-Note and Mahone argue over whether or not Michael even checks the site. C-Note tells Mahone they just need to wait, and Mahone snaps back, “I’m the only one in the world right now helping your family.” C-Note defends that they both need each other and he intends to hold up his end of the deal.

A house phone rings, and LJ answers. Lincoln asks him how he’s holding up, LJ is doing well. Lincoln apologizes for taking so long to call and tells LJ that they think they finally found something that can let them be a family again. LJ’s eyes roll, he’s not convinced. He interrupts Lincoln and tells him that he’s back in school, under an alias. He’s making friends and starting to feel like he’s at home. He asks that Lincoln just leave him be until he’s sure they can be safe. Lincoln, devastated, asks to speak with Jane.

T-Bag looks over a wall of framed diplomas and accreditations inside the office of a psychologist. Dr. Stammel enters the room and apologizes to T-Bag, “Mr. Webster, sorry to keep you waiting.” When T-Bag turns, his face lights up and thanks the doctor for seeing on such short notice.

Lincoln hangs up the phone and hands Michael a piece of paper. The contact information for Cooper Green is on it. Green is a former Deputy Attorney General and is an ally of their father. Michael asks how LJ is, Lincoln mutters, “He’s doing alright,” and then he turns away from his brother.

A receptionist tells Michael that Green isn’t available. Michael offers that he has “important information about the sons of Aldo Burrows.” Aldo’s name is familiar with the receptionist and she asks Michael to hold while she finds Mr. Green.

And older man walks and talks on his cell phone, he greets Michael over the phone. Cooper says he’s sorry for what happened to their father. Michael tells Cooper that they have the tape and tells Cooper that he’d like to meet him near the statue of a Woolly Mammoth in Ebert Park. Michael tells Cooper to wear a blue suit with a red tie. Michael leaves, and Sara is clearly nervous about Michael’s mission.

Sara walks though a cemetery, looking for her father’s headstone. When she finds it, she squats down, and quietly cries. The leaves rustle behind her; she snaps her head to see Bruce Bennett. “Hello Sara. I figured you’d show up eventually.” Bruce defends that he had nothing to do with her father’s death and her attempted murder. Sara still believes that Bruce betrayed her family.

Sucre’s cousin, Manche, cautiously enters a conference room at Fox River. He’s hesitant when he sees Bellick standing in a corner. “I thought you were a con in here like, two days ago,” he tells Bellick. Manche sits down and quickly tells Bellick that he has protection now and he won’t crack for Bellick again. Bellick slowly walks over, Manche is clearly scared. Bellick pulls out a couple photos; one shows a comfy room with a plasma screen TV, the other a game room with billiard tables. Bellick tells Manche that he could be transferred to a minimum security prison if he tells Bellick where Sucre might be headed.

An old pick-up truck bounces on a dirty road, Sucre and Maricruz sit on the back. The truck stops in front of a house and Sucre sends the truck off. An older woman exits the house, “Fernando!” she cries out. Sucre runs to hug his aunt and introduces her to Maricruz and their unborn baby. His aunt is happy to have them in her home.

T-Bag opens up to the doctor, telling him “I’ve just been a penny on the train track my entire life and the ‘ole Union Pacific keeps on comin’, every day, back and forth, runnin’ me over, runnin’ me down, but I will not flatten.” The doctor tells T-Bag that the great thing about pennies is that they have dates on them. And T-Bag just has to pick today’s date and start fresh. T-Bag laughs and says he had no intention of talking to Dr. Stammel. Stammel questions why T-Bag came at all if he didn’t intend to open up. T-Bag admits that when he saw Dr. Stammel’s ad at a bus stop, that T-Bag couldn’t help but see there were some physical similarities between himself and Dr. Stammel. Dr. Stammel smiles. His thin face, blonde hair and glasses do resemble T-Bag in an uncomfortable way. Stammel leans forward, he doesn’t understand. T-Bag smiles and slowly stands. He grabs a heavy statue from a nearby table, and with a hefty swing, strikes Stammel in the head.

Cooper Green waits near the Woolly Mammoth. A payphone rings nearby and at first, he’s not certain he should answer it. Cooper slides over and answers the phone. Lincoln watches Cooper from a nearby hotel. He orders Cooper to take off his jacket and leave it in the dumpster near the phone. After he does, Lincoln tells him to make it to the fountain on the other end of the park. Cooper begins to jog.

Lincoln calls Michael, and Michael quickly warns Lincoln that his cell battery is fading fast. Lincoln tells Michael that Cooper is being tailed by a couple other guys in suits.

Another payphone rings and a homeless man stands to answer it. Lincoln tells the man he’s looking for a man in a suit. Cooper runs up and forces the homeless man aside. Lincoln tells Cooper to get into the fountain. Cooper hangs up the phone, and tries to catch his breath. He slowly walks into the water until he’s up to his neck.

The two men in suits stop and watch in the distance, one says to another, “They want to drown the mics in case we bugged him.”

Cooper walks out of the water, soaking wet. A kid walks up behind Cooper and offers him a cell phone, he tells Cooper, “Some dude offered me twenty bucks to give it to the first wet dude I see.” Cooper flips open the phone, Lincoln tells him to go to the building across from him. Cooper is tired of Lincoln ordering him around. Lincoln tells him that he’s been double-crossed too many times and he needs to make sure that they do this right. Cooper sighs and heads towards the building.

The two suits watch Cooper enter the building. One man picks up a phone and calls Agent Kim to give him an update. Kim hangs up the phone and immediately calls Mahone. Kim orders Mahone to get to Chicago and intercept Scofield. Kim also orders that Kim take care of Franklin now that they have trail on Scofiled. Kim tells Mahone that Franklin needs to be a death that doesn’t raise any questions. Mahone hangs up and looks into C-Note’s holding area.

Mahone walks into a conference room at the jail. C-Note is still waiting for a response from Michael. Mahone tells C-Note that if he was in the same situation, he would have done everything just like C-Note did, “You’re a good man, a good father.” Then Mahone tells C-Note that his colleagues are close to Scofield and he won’t need C-Note’s help. C-Note shrinks in his chair. Mahone tells C-Note that even though C-Note couldn’t take care of his part of the deal that he will keep his part and help C-Note’s family. But he needs C-Note to do something else. Mahone begins to crack, showing a rare vulnerability. He tells C-Note that what he wants him to do isn’t something C-Note will want him to do and it’s not something that Mahone wants him to do, but it has to happen. C-Note knows something is wrong and asks, “What the hell are you sayin’ to me?” Mahone stands up and says that C-Note will get a package in his cell later, and he has to use. C-Note wants to know what’s in the package, but Mahone leaves without answering.

Cooper walks into the building and looks around. Lincoln tells him to take the stairs and walk across a catwalk. He directs Cooper into the basement and into a secluded door.

Sara and Bruce walk into Cooper Green’s office. Bruce tells Sara that he and Cooper go back many years. A man enters the office, “Bruce?” It’s the real Cooper Green. Bruce tells Cooper that he can help with Michael and Lincoln, but Cooper doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sara’s face grows pale.

Lincoln leads the man pretending to be Cooper through an underground tunnel that leads into another building. Lincoln points him towards a door on the man’s right and says, “Congratulations. You made it.” The man opens the door and cautiously pokes his head in.

Sara’s voice has a tone of panic as she addresses Cooper, “I trust you’ve met with Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows today?” But Cooper says he would remember if he had. Sara asks, “If you’re Cooper Green, then who is with Michael right now?”

Michael greets the alternate Cooper Green inside a storage room. The fake Cooper asks Michael if he has the copy of the recording. Michael holds it up.

Sara frantically dials the phone. When Lincoln answers Sara quickly tells Lincoln, “The man that Michael is with is not Cooper Green! Do you hear me?”

Lincoln sprints through the streets towards Michael’s location.

The fake Cooper moves to take the recording from Michael and tells him they should hurry because it won’t be long until The Company knows Michael is in town. Fake Cooper tells Michael that they need to take the tape to a friend of his, a federal judge. Michael demands to know the judge’s name and fake Cooper tells Michael “Judge Scott Warren.” Michael tells Cooper that he was followed so Michael needs to set up the meeting. But fake Cooper tells Michael they need to get to Cooper’s car because he’s asthmatic and will have problems breathing in a few minutes.

Lincoln arrives at the storage area but is too late. Michael and fake Cooper are gone.

Michael and fake Cooper head back to the car and exit back into the park. Michael asks the man, “Albuterol, Cortizaide or Prednizone?” Fake Cooper pauses, thrown by Michael’s question. Michael notes that his mother was asthmatic and demands to know which type Cooper uses. Cooper is frustrated, and answers, “Fine. Cortizaide.” Michael adds, “I’m sorry. If you knew what we’d been through.” Fake Cooper and Michael start to walk again. Suddenly, Michael pushes fake Cooper from behind and slams his head into a building, knocking him out. Lincoln runs out of the exit behind him, ready for a battle.

T-Bag stands at the counter for an airline, donning Dr. Stammel’s sweater and glasses. His bulky backpack sits on the floor next to him. “One-way ticket to Bangkok, s’il vous plait,” he asks the ticket agent. The agent apologizes and tells T-Bag that they won’t have a flight until tomorrow unless he doesn’t mind connecting in Chicago. T-Bag is happy to accept. A baggage claim man walks up behind T-Bag and grabs his backpack, offering to put it on the conveyor. T-Bag pounces on the bag and the man tells T-Bag his backpack is clearly over the weight limit for FAA regulations. T-Bag knows better than to make a scene and watches his bag, full of money, roll down the conveyor.

A young woman, Kristine, stands in an environmental conscious office, telling a new co-worker that they use both sides of the legal pad paper to conserve paper, just like the Native Americans did. Kellerman chimes in from behind her and says, “The Indian as conservationist is a myth created by white liberal guilt. Kristine turns around and smiles when she sees her brother.

Kellerman and Kristine head into a small break room. Kristen said she had hoped to see Paul when their father died, but no luck. She offers to tell him how their mother is, but Kellerman replies with bitter tones that he knows how she is. Kellerman is angry, “The woman was insane. Do you remember what she did to us, or have you suppressed it all?” But Kristine argues back and says that Kellerman left her. He was the only thing she had left and he left when he was eighteen. Kellerman apologizes, and tells her that he’s not the same brother she remembers, “I’ve changed. In a really bad way. To the point where I don’t even know what’s good and bad anymore.” He tells her he’s going to do something that a lot of people are going to think is horrible and he just wants her to remember the brother she grew up with.

Fake Cooper gives Mahone the replay and Mahone isn’t happy. Mahone calls Agent Kim and tells him they brothers slipped through their grasp again. Mahone asks Kim why the brothers are back in Chicago and Kim reminds him that the President is in town. Mahone notes that he finds it strange the brothers want to meet with someone from the Attorney General’s office. Kim snaps back, “Your point?” And Mahone puts it together, “Burrows is innocent.” Kim reminds Mahone that no one is truly innocent.

Back at the hotel, Michael and Lincoln try to figure out where the mole was that nearly got them killed again. Michael figures it was the receptionist. A knock at the door stops Michael. Michael opens the door to find Sara standing with the real Cooper Green. She introduces them and enters the room.

An inmate pushes a book cart through the halls of the jail. He stops at C-Note’s cell and hands C-Note a box. C-Note reluctantly stands up and takes the package. He sits back on his bunk and opens the box. Inside, is a rope. On one end, a noose is tied.

Sucre and Maricruz try to be more intimate than they have in a very long time. Suddenly, Sucre jumps back. He felt the baby move. Sucre grins ear-to-ear and says once his son is born, he’s going to put a soccer ball in his hands. Maricruz smiles and says their son will read books.

On board a plane, the captain speaks over the address system, “…so we should be arriving in Mexico right on time.” A flight attendant walks down the isle and Bellick signals for her attention. Bellick asks for a meal, but the attendant tells him all they have to offer is pretzels. Bellick mutters that he’ll settle for the pretzels. The attendant then heads to first class. And arm reaches out, holding an empty champagne glass. She looks down and finds T-Bag, very comfortable and asking for a refill.

Kacee sits with C-Note in a conference room and tells him that Dede is doing fine. C-Note needs to know that Kacee forgives him for everything that happened. C-Note tells Kacee about a time when Dede wanted to watch a video, but he was busy watching the game. When Dede insisted, he snapped at her and for the first time he could see that his daughter was afraid of him. C-Note begins to cry, regretting that he upset her just so he could see a guy kick a field goal. C-Note wants Kacee to tell Dede that he means everything to her. A guard steps in to take Kacee out. Kacee hugs C-Note, knowing something is wrong.

Kellerman walks out of a rooftop exit and heads towards another federal agent. He’s dressed in a suit, carrying his sniper rifle and flashes his badge. He tells the agent, “We’ve confirmed a Boom Charlie a half block south. Team Leader wants you there now.” Before the agent can do anything, Kellerman fires his silenced hand gun at close range, killing the agent.

Mahone dips his hand in the fountain where fake Cooper was asked to take a bath. Mahone begins to piece the puzzle together, trying to locate Lincoln and Michael based on the locations they chose. Mahone realizes that the brothers were trying to keep fake Lincoln in their sight. Mahone spins around and sees the hotel.

Cooper sits at the laptop. He’s recording the unique data from the memory key to make sure that it doesn’t get confused with any other. Then they can label it and begin the process of presenting it to trusted judges. Cooper pauses. Something is wrong. He tells them that the time stamp on the recording is the date it was copied, not the date the conversation took place. Without the time-stamp, the recording useless. Lincoln explains, “People died because of this tape. My family died.” Cooper apologizes.

Mahone storms into the hotel lobby and heads for the front desk. He shows his badge, then shows her images of Michael and Lincoln asking if they checked in. The desk worker doesn’t recognize them. He shows her a picture of Sara. She pauses, then remembers her. He gives her a key to room 1006. Mahone runs up the stairs.

Cooper offers them a solution, “Actually, I said it can’t help exonerate you in a court of law. Maybe it can still help you outside the law.” Cooper tells them that the content of the conversation also holds proof of the President’s guilt. Michael knows they need to blackmail her for a Presidential Pardon. Lincoln is excited, “So the woman who set me up, is going to set me free.”

Kellerman quickly sets up his sniper rifle, listening to the chatter in his ear piece.

C-Note stands on his bed, and slides the rope around his neck. He takes a deep breath, and whispers, “I love you.” C-Note leans forward…

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