EPISODE 215 “The Message”

Airdate: 2007-01-29

A special news bulletin announces that Michael and Lincoln have delivered a video. The news cast rolls the tape. Lincoln looks into the camera, “My name is Lincoln Burrows. And I’m innocent.” Six hours earlier…

Michael and Lincoln stand over Terrence’s dead body, Kellerman is on the move. Kellerman barks to the brothers, “There’s no other way out of here. Next time you hold a press conference, do it from a room with a back door.” Outside, an officer with a bullhorn orders the brothers out of the room. Nearby, a local camera crew starts their coverage.

Kellerman cracks the door open and displays his badge. Then he announces he’s with the FBI and that he has Michael and Lincoln in custody. He tells the local cops to hold their fire as he brings them out. Kellerman leads Michael and Lincoln out, and one of the cops asks to see Kellerman’s ID. When the cop gets too close, Kellerman lunges out and grabs the camera man. Kellerman holds his gun to the man’s head. The cops draw their weapons, Lincoln points his weapon back. Michael orders the reporter to get the cops to the squad cars and tells Lincoln to get in the car. The reporter hands them to Michael and The men jump in the car and race away.

Mahone slowly walks into his office and Agent Wheeler gives him updates. Wheeler tells Mahone about Bellick’s incarceration and the arrest of C-Note’s wife. Mahone isn’t happy that nothing more has been done since he’s been gone. A nearby phone rings and Agent Lang picks up. She looks over to Wheeler and tells him to take it. Mahone snatches the phone away before Wheeler can answer. The person at the other end informs Mahone of the events that took place at the hotel.

Lincoln races the car along a dirt road. In the backseat, almost jokingly, Kellerman warns the camera man, “I’ll make you a deal. If you don’t move a muscle, I won’t blow your head off.” Michael looks out the window and listens to the news report on the radio. Michael tells Lincoln to pull over near an abandoned shipping yard. Michael and Lincoln exit the car and walk ahead of Kellerman and the camera man. Lincoln wants to get rid of Kellerman, but Michael knows they can still use him, it’s just a matter of how.

Bellick regains consciousness in the infirmary and calls for a nurse. When he sits up, his face is swollen and bloodied from the beating he took. Trumpets, the inmate who rivaled C-Note, waits for Bellick to deliver a warning about what else is to come from the other inmates.

The camera man sits against a wall, trying to listen in to what Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln have planned for him. The men turn and walk to the camera man, Michael says, “Four hundred and fifty miles in six hours?” Kellerman points to the camera man and tells him to look forward. Kellerman grabs an old tarp nearby.

A colorful bus bounces down highway 15 in Sinola, Mexico. Inside, riders share tight space with livestock. An older man nearby asks Sucre where he’s from. Sucre says Puerto Rico. Sucre tells the old man that he’s headed to Ixtapa to find Maricruz. He tells the man, “Let’s just hope she’s still there when I get there.”

Haywire pops out of a dumpster with an apple in his mouth. He’s rummaging for more pieces to finish his boat. A couple of teenagers, Matt and Sasha, ask Haywire if they can give him money to buy them beer. Haywire takes the cash and heads to the store.

The camera man walks slowly through the newsroom, happy to be alive. He finds the reporter and offers up a tape, “You’re gonna want to see this.”

Mahone looks over the map in the FBI office and ordering his people to take the search in Montana to the next level. A news report in the background catches their attention and they circle around a television. Lincoln’s face appears on the television and he issues his statement, “My name is Lincoln Burrows. And I’m innocent.” Lincoln continues to explain the situation and the events that took place with Terrence Steadman’s death.

In a hotel, Sara watches the same broadcast and the camera pulls back to reveal Michael sitting next to Lincoln. Michael tells the public about the conspiracy behind Lincoln being set up for Terrence’s murder.

Agent Kim watches the news in his office. His eyes are wild with fear, their worst case scenario just happened. Kim screams at Agent Drucker standing nearby and tells him to begin damage control. They need to do whatever they can do get that tape out of the news.

The bus rolls into the town of Calomatillo, and the old man leaves with a caged chicken. The faretaker on the bus approaches Sucre and tells him that this is as far as he paid for. Sucre begs, but the faretaker eyes a couple of police nearby. Sucre gives up and steps away. The old man approaches Sucre and asks if he cooks. The old man offers that if Sucre cooks, the old man will allow Sucre to stay the night at his home.

The FBI agents huddle around a monitor, replaying Michael and Lincoln’s message. Mahone stands in the middle, watching closely. He wants a transcript of the tape and someone sent to talk to the camera man. The room is quiet and Michael’s voice begins, “One man, Special Agent Alexander Mahone murdered not only John Abruzzi and David Apolskis, but also the last fugitive he was assigned to chase. A man named Oscar Shales…” The agents look to Mahone. All he can say to them, “The guy is nuts.”

Haywire returns with beer for Matt and Sasha. Haywire tells them that he’s building a raft to escape to Holland and asks them if they want to see the raft. At the beach, Sasha sees Haywire’s tiny boat and asks if he has a map. Haywire shows her the painting of Holland. She smiles and tells him she hopes he makes it. Haywire sees bruises on Sasha’s wrists. She tells him that her dad drinks. Sasha gets uncomfortable and Matt takes her home.

Bellick still sits in the infirmary, looking at the window where Michael and Lincoln escaped from. Nurse Katie asks him how he is as he ices his face. Bellick begs her to stay in the infirmary for a little longer, he knows if he goes back to gen pop, he’s going to get killed. She seems to be buying it until he makes the mistake of asking her to just leave the door open when she leaves. Katie pulls away from him and leaves.

The camera man speaks with an agent and retells his story, “They hung a sheet behind their heads, on the wall. One of them, the guy with the gun, he found it on the floor while Burrows and Scofield were talking about how far they had to go…Scofield said something about four hundred and fifty miles in six hours.”

Mahone draws on the FBI map, trying to figure out where in a four hundred and fifty mile radius Lincoln and Michael might be headed. Mahone’s cell phone rings, Agent Kim wants to know where the brothers are. Mahone recaps their findings to Kim and rattles off a list of cities. One of them being Denver, where the President is speaking. “They’re going after the President,” Mahone says.

Lincoln, Michael and Kellerman drive on, listening to the radio. When they hear the news about the story, it’s cut short by another story clearly set up by the government. Lincoln is angry that they buried it. Lincoln hints that it’s going to be hard to get to “her.” Michael calmly tells him, “Getting her is going to be the easy part. It’s what we do after that’s the problem.”

Mahone gives Wheeler and Lang to keep an eye on the President, but not show their presence or they could scare the brothers back into hiding. Wheeler tells Mahone that Internal Affairs has asked that every move Mahone makes be run through them first. Mahone tells them that it doesn’t change the plan. Lang asks Mahone how the two most recognizable faces in America are going to get near the President and Mahone tells her, it’s not just the two of them anymore. He walks off to watch the tape again.

Kim tells the Pad Man that he shouldn’t worry about the video tape of Lincoln and Michael. Pad Man notes that they should leave the President out of things, but Kim reminds him that maybe they should send her a message by letting the brothers come.

Sucre eats dinner with the old man, and they talk about his wife and Sucre getting married to Maricruz. The old man tells Sucre there’s a bedroom in the back and thanks him for sharing a meal. When the old man leaves, Sucre eyes the keys to man’s car. He grabs them and runs outside. He puts the car in neutral and pushes it away before jumping in and starting the engine.

Mahone and a techie banter back and forth over anything they could find in the tape. The technie notes that they were probably in a large warehouse and the tarp blocks all reflections. A behaviorist tells Mahone that Lincoln’s eyes say he’s lying and his crossed arms means he’s not confident in what he’s saying.

A flashback to the warehouse reveals that Kellerman is coaching Michael and Lincoln on everything the need to do when they’re on tape. Every little twitch, every body movement, every detail to throw off the FBI.

Mahone keys in on Michael tapping his finger on his leg. It’s Morse Code for “The water is warm.” Michael chose the phrase because he knows it will take the FBI time to figure out that there is no meaning. Mahone realizes that they brothers are traveling with Kellerman and they have been coached on everything. It was just a distraction, but there must be something else in the tape.

At a library, Sara watches the video closely online. Michael’s voice states, “I only hope by now you have found your Safe Haven.” The words strike something in Sara and she reaches for a book and flips through the pages.

Mahone is getting frustrated with the tape. He notices that the section directed to Sara sounds more sincere. He knows this tape isn’t about Steadman, it’s about finding Sara Tancredi. He turns to his team and frantically barks out, “I want everything we’ve got on Sara Tancredi. Friends. Family. Penpals. If they’ve so much as sent her a thank-you note, I want to know where the hell they are!”

Sucre races along in the old man’s car. Behind him, a police car turns on its lights and sirens.

Later, the old man looks into Sucre’s eyes, asking the police where they found him. They tell him they recognized the car, but not Sucre and he was headed south on highway 15. The old man pauses and looks Sucre over, then says, “I’m glad you brought him back. I didn’t get a chance to give him gas money.” The old man hands Sucre the money and tells the officers that Sucre can walk back to the car. Sucre is so moved, he can’t find the words. The old man puts his hand on Sucre’s shoulder and says, “Find your girl. Then find grace.”

Agent Lang goes over Sara’s records with Lang. Lang points out, based on their findings that Sara’s life was her work. Mahone leans in and reaches for the file. He looks it over then pauses before leaving the office.

Lincoln looks through a newspaper and finds the news on Steadman. The papers claim they killed a janitor. Lincoln is frustrated and sends Kellerman away to talk to Michael alone. Lincoln asks Michael what if all this is a set-up by Kellerman. What if all this is just to get the information Sara has? Michael turns and looks at Kellerman.

Sasha kisses Matt goodnight and walks into her house. Nearby, but out of sight, Haywire watches. Inside, Sasha’s father asks here where she’s been, but she tries to walk off without talking. After he grabs her arm, Sasha pulls away. Her father reaches for a rod-iron poker from near the fireplace and heads after her. When he turns around, Haywire catches Sasha’s father over the head with a blunt object.

Mahone walks with Nurse Katie, trying to get what he can out of her. He has Katie read the video transcript, but nothing rings a bell. Mahone tries another card. “Is Brad Bellick still here in the infirmary?” he asks her.

“You must be lovin’ this,” Bellick grumbles through bruised cheeks. Mahone looks him over and hands Bellick the transcript. Bellick tells Mahone that he’d be much more likely to help if Mahone could get him moved to Ad-Seg. Mahone says he will do what he can, but Brad needs to help first. After Mahone promises Ad-Seg, Brad looks over the transcript and says, “See here, where it says this stuff about Another Chance? And Safe Haven? That’s all outta the Big Book.” It’s a selection from the Alcoholics Anonymous book.

Mahone flips through the passages, looking for the answer. He finds the chapters, “Another Chance,” “Safe Haven” and “Doctor’s Nightmare.” Mahone’s eyes catch a line in the passage that reads, “ST. THOMAS HOSPITAL, AKRON, OHIO.”

Lincoln and Michael wait outside the St. Thomas hospital, waiting to hear from Sara. Lincoln isn’t sure that Sara even wants to be involved in this anymore. Over the public address system, a man calls for a “Michael Crane” to come to the front desk. Michael slides inside.

Mahone on his cell phone orders someone to get the local police to St. Thomas Hospital immediately.

Michael answers the phone. He takes a deep breath, “This is Mr. Crane.” Sara waits and replies, “It sounded better than origami.” Sara knows Michael called because he knows she has something. Sara just wants everything to be over, and Michael tells her that with her help, they can end it. Michael asks about what Sara’s father gave her, she replies, “it’s just a key.”

Kellerman’s cell phone rings, he flips it open and looks at the number. He seems angry. “Hello Paul,” the President answers. She asks Paul to come back and turn the brothers in. Everything can go back to the way it was.

Michael walks out of the hospital tells Lincoln they’re meeting Sara at a train station in Lancaster. The look ahead and see the police cars heading his way. Kellerman screeches up in the car, “Anybody want to get the hell out of here?” Michael and Lincoln jump in the car. Kellerman asks if Michael talked to Sarah. Michael whispers, “In a few days, this will be over. One way or another.”

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