EPISODE 118 “Bluff”

Airdate: 2006-04-17

Michael sits in the psych ward’s tv room, directly across from him is his heavily medicated former cellmate, Haywire. Michael looks Haywire square in the eye, trying to trigger anything that might jog Haywire’s memory of him. “Scofield. Michael Scofield,” he repeats, but it’s not working. Haywire blinks, looking lost, “Doesn’t ring a bell.” Michael continues by explaining when they met, where they met, and even that he has a tattoo. Frustrated, he asks Haywire, “Do I even look vaguely familiar to you?” Haywire leans in, and eerily examines Michael’s face. “Are you the guy who stole my toothpaste?” Michael smiles at the break through.A nurse interrupts Haywire and Michael. She presents a tray with small paper cups filled with medication. “Mr. Patoshik.” Haywire pounds down the pills, and tosses the cup back on the tray. She turns to Michael. “Mr. Scofield.” When Michael declines the meds, the nurse pushes the issue. Michael says he’ll discuss the matter with Dr. Sara Tancredi. The nurse then shouts for Carter to “c’mere for a sec.”

Inside Michael and Sucre’s cell, Geary gently flips up the mattresses and does a quick inspection. Bellick tells Geary that Michael has gone “J-Cat” and he’s probably not coming back to his cell now that he’s locked up in the psych ward. Geary then asks about Sucre. Bellick tells him Sucre is in Ad Seg. Geary exits the cell and joins Bellick on the tier. “Middle cell, middle tier. Prime piece of real estate. You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? We can promise to keep it a single for a few months, auction it off.” Bellick likes the idea.

One orderly stands behind Michael, threateningly. Another one stands in front of him, holding the pill cup. “Swallow it, or it goes up the rear door.” Michael backs down. He takes the cup, swallows the pills and opens his mouth so the orderlies can confirm the pills are gone.

When the orderlies walk away, Michael removes the pills from his mouth and throws them away. He quickly moves to Haywire, who is staring out a window. “You were right. I did steal your toothpaste. And you drew my tattoo, from memory. I need you to do it again,” Michael pleads. But the meds have kicked in. Haywire’s eyes flit about and he remains silent in a drug induced haze.

Geary stands out on the tier while a hefty, older inmate looks over the inside of Michael’s cell. The inmate offers Geary two-hundred dollars for the cell. Geary agrees. The inmate takes one more look around as he shuffles out, this time, something catches his eye. “Hey man, the toilet’s leakin’.” Geary tells him he’ll put in a work order and have the toilet replaced in 24 hours. After the inmate leaves, T-Bag intercepts Geary on his way out of the cell. He asks Geary “Ain’t that Scofield’s cell?” Geary replies, “Not anymore.” T-Bag watches the water trickle from toilet pipe.

Inside Westmoreland’s cell, Charles holds open an old gold pocket watch. Inside is photo of his daughter. Westmoreland tells C-Note that his wife gave it to him when his daughter was born. Charles turns to C-Note and says, “Outliving your wife’s bad enough. But outliving your daughter… no man should have to endure that.” Charles tells C-Note that his daughter has a week left, maybe two. T-Bag raps his knuckles on the cell door and quietly informs the two about the new inmate moving into Michael’s cell and the work order Geary is putting in to get the toilet fixed. C-Note asks how much Geary is getting for the cell. T-Bag tells him $200. C-Note chides T-Bag, “You actually had me worried there for a second.”

As the cons line up to exit A-Wing, C-Note slides up to Geary and offers to double what Geary is being paid for the cell. Geary tells him he’s getting $250. “Five hundred? Ain’t a problem,” is C-Note’s response. Geary makes sure C-Note understands he wants cash. As C-Note rejoins the line of exiting cons, he assures Geary that it won’t be a problem.

Haywire stands at the window, massaging a piece of clay in his hand. Michael watches him, rolling clay of his own. When the orderly in the room leaves, Michael moves to Haywire. He taps Haywire on the shoulder. Michael has a surprise to show him. He puts his hand on Haywire’s back and guides him into a supply room.

Michael shoves Haywire into the corner, and slowly approaches him. Haywire, confused, asks what’s going on. Michael tells him that he has something in his teeth. Haywire opens his mouth, and Michael forces two of his fingers into the back of Haywire’s mouth. Michael presses his fingers in until he causes Haywire to vomit, removing the pills from his system. Haywire, shocked, asks, “Why’d you do that!?” Michael replies, “I’m helping you. Remember what you used to call those little pills? Invisible handcuffs. Handcuffs on your mind. You hate them. Remember?” Haywire walks out without answering.

A C.O. slides open Lincoln’s cell door in Ad Seg and tells Lincoln he has a phone call, it’s his son and it’s an emergency. Lincoln springs up from the bed.

Lincoln, shackled, huddles down near the ground with the phone pressed to his ear. Lincoln now knows about LJ’s attempt on Agent Kellerman’s life. LJ tells his father, “I don’t care what happens to me
anymore. They won. They always win. I just wanted to take one of ‘em down with me.” Lincoln sighs and asks him to put Veronica on the phone. Veronica tells Lincoln that he’s being charged with attempted murder as well as being arraigned for the murder of his mother and stepfather, and there’s no chance of bail. Veronica adds that she needs LJ to show remorse for his actions, but LJ isn’t listening. Lincoln knows that LJ will listen to him and begs Veronica to do whatever she can to get face time with his son. Veronica says it’s a million to one shot that they would let Lincoln out for a visit, but she’ll do all she can

C-Note marches through the yard looking for another con named Trumpets. He tells him that he needs round up all outstanding debts immediately.

In his car, at a red light, Kellerman leans over and looks at the gunshot wound behind the bandage on his neck. When the light turns green, he heads down the street, when suddenly, several black SUVs surround his car. Kellerman jumps out of his car, as several large, armed men in suits exit the SUVs, led by Brinker. Brinker walks up to Kellerman, “Lincoln’s son, a sixteen year old pothead, managed to track you down and shoot you. You are now a witness in his criminal investigation.” When Kellerman says he can still do his job, Brinker cuts him off and tells him that he is not to make a move on Burrows as he is no longer with the Secret Service.

Haywire’s eyes are fixed on the television. Michael raises his hand and snaps his fingers in Haywire’s face to make him focus. Michael tells Haywire he needs him to remember what he drew. But again, Haywire just quietly stares at him. An orderly comes in and tells Haywire it’s time for group therapy. As they escort him out, Haywire has a moment of clarity and whispers to Michael, “It’s a path!” Michael turns and smiles.

C-Note leans against a building in the yard as Trumpets, followed by several other African-American inmates, walk by. C-Note moves into the line and follows them into a secluded area of the yard. Trumpets and C-Note stand, surrounded by inmates, most of them looking in C-Note’s direction. “Here’s the thing. You got nothin’ comin’. All your outstanding markers, they’re mine now,” Trumpets defiantly tells C-Note. Trumpets refuses to help C-Note now that he’s part of the P.I. crew. C-Note barks that regardless of who he hangs with, he should still get his money. Trumpets doesn’t care, but out of respect for who C-Note used to be, Trumpets offers him the chance to walk away without harm. C-Note smiles, and slowly turns away, then snaps back and punches Trumpets in the face. The other inmates jump on C-Note, beating him with socks full of batteries and kicking him while he’s down.

Another orderly walks around the psych ward TV room, handing out pill cups. Michael watches Haywire down his pills, as he takes a cup of his own. He tips his head back and again pretends to take his pills. When the orderly leaves, Michael spits the pills in his hand. Haywire gets Michael’s attention, then walks to the supply room.

Michael cautiously walks into the room and closes the door as Haywire regurgitates the pills. “You were right, the pills don’t let me see the pathway,” Haywire says. Michael removes the top of his white jumpsuit to let Haywire have a closer look. Haywire’s eyes move over the tattoo. “I remember,” he whispers.

C-Note carries his lunch tray to a table where Westmoreland and T-Bag are sitting. C-Note’s face is badly bruised and he holds his back as he gingerly walks toward the table. He slowly sits and tells them they’re going to need to find another way to get the money. T-Bag suggests that getting money wouldn’t be a problem for D.B. Cooper. Westmoreland brushes off T-Bag accusation and tells them that there is no visitation today, so there’s no way to smuggle money in from the outside. T-Bag tells them that they’re left with one last option, “The Kitchen Game.” C-Note, T-Bag and Westmoreland look over to Jesus, and a couple other inmates, shuffling through playing cards at their table. C-Note is dubious of getting the money by gambling. T-Bag assures him when he says, “Son, when I play cards, trust me, it ain’t gambling. There’s maybe five people in the country that can do what I do with a deck of cards.” But, he warns, if they’re caught cheating, the kitchen is a bad place to be with all those knives lying around. And they’re going to need fifty dollars just to enter, so they’re still in a catch 22. Charles hangs his head, he knows where he can get the money.

Michael pushes Haywire into his cell and hands him a sketch pad and pencil. Michael turns and removes the top to his jumpsuit and the bandage covering the wound. Michael tells Haywire that he needs to remember the piece that was there. Haywire excitedly jumps to work, “I remember the demons. Or maybe they were pilgrims… pointing. Pointing toward the way, saying, “This is the way! This is the way!” But his memory isn’t completely clear yet, and Michael is running out of time. In the hall, Manche walks by, pushing a laundry cart. Michael tells Haywire he’ll be right back.

Michael whispers to Manche, “I need you to get a message to Sucre. Tell him I’m okay. And that I’m trying to fill in the blanks. He’ll know what it means.” Manche repeats the message.

Michael turns and sees Haywire furiously sketching the missing piece of the tattoo. But, Manche is still hovering in the doorway, and sees the burn on Michael’s back. Suddenly, everything makes sense to Manche. The burn on Michael’s back fits perfectly with the burned hole in the guard’s uniform that Sucre returned.

Geary escorts Westmoreland up to Michael’s cell and asks why he’s suddenly interested in the new real estate, “Second story units like this don’t come on the market too much. Figure since I’m getting on in age, maybe it’s time I retired in comfort,” he tells him. Westmoreland looks around and sees the bible he passed to Michael in the chapel. Inside is the one hundred dollar bill he used to prove to Michael that he was D.B. Cooper. Geary tells Westmoreland to hurry up. When Charles offers a one hundred dollar bid, Geary tells him he wasted his time. As Charles leaves, he apologizes. But Charles got what he came for.

On the A-Wing floor, Charles holds the bible close to him, then passes it to T-Bag. T-Bag opens the book and pulls out the one hundred dollar bill. “That’s your buy in, the rest is up to you,” Charles mutters to T-Bag.

T-Bag turns and slides down to C-Note, who is keeping an eye on Trumpets and his former crew on the tier above him. T-Bag tells him they have the money for the buy in, and he’s going to need C-Note’s help. When C-Note tells him he’s not a card player, T-Bag replies, “All you need to know is this: when I’m dealing, bet big, and never fold. If I’m the one winning every time I deal, I end up with a Colombian necktie, know what I’m sayin’? But if you’re the one rakin’ in all the cash, well, I seriously doubt anyone would ever think you and I are workin’ together.” T-Bag turns and slithers away.

Nick enters a common electronics store. He hands Quinn’s cell phone to a girl behind the counter and asks if she has a charger that works with the phone. She hands the phone back, and goes to look. Nick turns and mindlessly rummages through a small display of phone accessories. As he walks around it, a tall, older man in a trench coat asks, “How you doin’, Savrinn? Where’s your girl?” Nick knows this man, but is very uneasy speaking with him. He tells the man she’s at the courthouse and will be back at his apartment in an hour. The man tells Nick that he shouldn’t have to chase him down for that info and he needs to remember who he works for. He grabs Nick by the scruff of the neck, “You need to keep an eye on Veronica Donovan. Not some of the time. All of the time. Cause pretty soon, we’re gonna call in our favor. Unless you wanna go back on the deal we made.” Nick quietly mutters, “No.” The man then tells Nick they’ll be in touch.

Haywire continues to stare off, his hands tightly wrapped together. Michael taps him on the shoulder, but gets no response. He grabs Haywire’s jaw and asks him if he took his meds. He picks Haywire up and moves him to the supply room again.

Once Michael closes the door, Haywire comes alive and shoves Michael against the wall. He grabs Michael by the throat, “You should be careful when you tell people to remember, Michael. ‘Cause I remember everything now. I remember how you set me up, how you smashed your own head and had me sent back here.” He backs off and removes a rolled piece of paper from his jumpsuit. As he unrolls it, he reveals that he has completed the missing part of Michael’s tattoo. Haywire continues, “And I remember this, the pathway. Your map. Your escape.” Michael lunges for the paper, and Haywire steps back and begins to rip the drawing in half. Michael quietly begs him to stop, then Haywire confidently asks, “Now, do I tear this up, or do you tell me exactly where and when you’re doing this?”

Haywire and Michael hover over his bed inside his cell, and Michael lays out the plan. “It all starts in the basement. This line leads from a hatch in the coal room to this pipe system here. And that runs to the infirmary, and that’s how we’ll get out. I just need to get out of psych ward to set things up. Three days after I’m gone, I’ll come back up through the basement and get you.” Haywire is still suspicious. Michael simply tells Haywire that he needs to trust him. Michael then holds out his hand for the map. Haywire hesitates, then hands Michael the drawing, whispering, “If you try to screw me over again, I’ll kill you.”

Nick sits in his apartment, his mind racing. Veronica enters. She tells him that filing the petition with the Department of Corrections so Lincoln can see LJ was easy, but getting it approved will be the hard part. She sees that Nick found a charger, but didn’t bother to plug the phone in. Veronica plugs it in and the phone lights up, “We’re in business. His entire phone book is still in here, 322 numbers.”

Back behind the kitchen, in the unguarded storage pantry of Fox River, C-Note, T-Bag, Jesus and two other inmates sit around a table. Playing cards and piles of money are scattered about. Jesus calls attention to C-Note, who is still waiting to place his bet. T-Bag does his part to ensure the group doesn’t know he’s working with C-Note, “We ain’t bettin’ on CPT, here. Either you got the balls to see his bet or you can go outside and Million Con March or do whatever it is your people do. Either way, get on with it, son.” C-Note shoves a pile of money forward. Jesus lays down three queens, then calls to C-Note. C-Note throws down a full house. C-Note keeps his poker face and pulls in the kitty.

Kellerman paces inside the Vice President’s living room, briefing her on his encounter with Brinker. He tells the Vice President that the Company’s agenda with Lincoln Burrow and his father is interfering with their agenda of simply having Lincoln executed. The Vice President bitterly replies, “Then maybe it’s time we broke ranks.” Kellerman warns her that the Company will pull their campaign support if she does, but she tells him they never have to know.

T-Bag shuffles the cards and begins to deal. C-Note holds a 6, 7, 8, and 9 of different suits, as he banters with the other players. T-Bag flips a final card to C-Note, but it hits his hand and falls face up and reveals a 10 of diamonds. Zach, the old inmate at the table, smiles and says, “Misdeal, bury the card.” C-Note tries to keep the card, and T-Bag tries to redeal. But the table demands that they bury the card and finish the hand. T-Bag slides the card to the bottom, and deals C-Note a 2 of diamonds. C-Note loses his poker face.

Lincoln’s cell door opens, and Warden Pope enters. Lincoln stands and the Warden gives him good news, “Somehow, your lawyer’s petition
went through. The Department of Corrections is allowing you a one-hour visit with your son.” Lincoln looks relieved. Pope tells him he’s never seen a visit of this nature approved, but he’ll arrange the travel. He tells Lincoln that he’s going to be y-cuffed and surrounded by armed officers. Lincoln assures Pope that there won’t be any problems, he just wants to see his son.

Jesus fans his cards, three 7’s, a 3 and a four. He confidently bets the remainder of his pot, eighty-two dollars. C-Note looks at Jesus, concerned. C-Note stays in, and ups the bet another seventy-four dollars. But Jesus is out of money and can’t raise. Jesus and C-Note stare each other down. C-Note’s raise forces Jesus to fold.

Haywire pulls the sketchbook out from under the bunk and begins flipping through the pages. Each page contains a copy of the tattoo. He tears out a page and looks out the small window in his door. He opens the door and reveals that he’s kept the door from being locked by jamming a piece of clay into the hole where the latch catches the door frame. Then, he moves down the hall to an exit door marked, “BASEMENT.” Haywire pushes the door open and immediately the alarm sounds. Orderlies chase Haywire down. He manages to break free, but before he can get through the door, the orderlies use tasers to bring him down. Michael watches as the orderlies drag Haywire back to his cell.

Westmoreland and C-Note wait for Geary near the pay phones in the yard. C-Note jogs over and passes five hundred dollars through the fence to Geary. When he asks when he can move in, Geary coldly replies, “You don’t.” Geary tells him that the price is now seven hundred dollars and threatens to give the cell away. C-Note then goes to Westmoreland and tells him that he’s going to need his pocket watch. When Charles refuses, C-Note asks, “Listen, would you rather be looking at your daughter in here, or holdin’ her in your arms on the outside?” Charles gives in and hands the watch to C-Note, who then gives it to Geary. But Geary’s scam continues. He tells C-Note, “Problem for you is, someone already gave me seven bills for that cell. So you’re SOL my friend.” C-Note runs along the fence as Geary walks away. Charles is devastated.

Michael folds one of Haywire’s drawings as Sara knocks on his cell door. She smiles, happy to see Michael alert again. The two sit on the bed. Michael smiles and says, “I made you something.” He then hands her a poorly crafted ashtray. She laughs, but steers the conversation back on track. Michael tells Sara that he’s ready to go back to gen pop. Sara tells him that the problem isn’t how she perceives his mental health, but it’s more about keeping the information of who assaulted him from Pope. She tells him that Pope will still place him in Ad-Seg if he doesn’t tell Pope what happened. Sara wants Michael to let her help him, but he has to tell Pope the truth about the burn.

Manche pushes his laundry cart into Ad-Seg. He arrives at Sucre’s cell. He leans down to the slot on the door and passes Michael’s message on to Sucre. When Sucre asks Manche to take a message back, Manche refuses. He saw the burn on Michael’s back and knows he must have been wearing the guard shirt. Manche is done helping them until they come clean about what is going on. From down the hall, Lincoln calls to Manche. Manche, a little scared of Lincoln, moves to Lincoln’s cell door. “I think we can work something out,” Lincoln tells him.

C-Note, Westmoreland and T-Bag sit in the cafeteria, despair on all their faces as they discuss the situation. Manche appears and tells them, “I got a way to help you with your Scofield problem.” T-Bag and C-Note become defensive, grab Manche and slam his head to the table. Manche tells them that Lincoln told him everything and that he’s part of the escape team now. C-Note takes his hand off Manche’s head. T-Bag can’t believe how many people know about the escape now. T-Bag tells Manche to get lost, but Westmoreland holds him in his seat, and tells Manche to talk. Manche tells them Lincoln has a risky plan, but it could work.

Manche strolls around psych ward, picking up dirty art smocks. He moves behind Michael and whispers, “You ready to get out of this aquarium, Fish?”

Manche goes about his day, pressing laundry, picking up the dirty and delivering the clean. Later, Manche pushes his cart towards Westmorland, who is pushing a wheeled trash can of his own. As they pass each other, Westmoreland flips open the lid of his trash can. Manche then tosses something inside.

Charles drags the trash can inside the guard room where C.O. Mack is finishing his coffee. When Mack leaves, Charles opens the trash can and digs inside.

Pope and Michael stand together in the hall. Michael wants to make sure that Pope will protect him. Pope tries to tell Michael that his protection should be a foregone conclusion. “With all due respect, Warden, if I had been protected in the first place, none of this would have happened.” Pope looks for the words to reply with, but can’t find any. He finally asks for a name. Michael fingers Geary. “He shakes cons down for money, anything he can get his hands on. He knew I went to college, so he must’ve thought I was rich or something.” Michael takes another deep breath. This is all so hard for him to relive. And from the look on the Pope, he doesn’t like hearing it one bit. “When I didn’t pay, he held me down with one arm, burned me with the other. I’m not sure what he used, but it was hot as hell.” Pope looks away, taking in what Michael said.

Nick throws the phone down in frustration, another number in Quinn’s phone book is disconnected. Veronica reflects on the addresses of the phone numbers, “Two hundred fifty businesses, seventy-two residences, covering all fifty states, London, Martinique, Jakarta, Dakar. Soon as Quinn disappeared, they must’ve erased the paper trail. I’m talking world wide. In a matter of days. Is there anything they can’t do?” Nick has an idea. He hopes he can send his investigator friend in Washington all of their info and he might be able to get a fix on working numbers. Veronica then thanks Nick for keeping her going and focused.

As Bellick enters the guard room, Geary is reading the newspaper and complaining about some baseball player making millions. Moments later, Pope enters and stands in the doorway. Bellick asks, “Warden. What brings you to our little clubhouse?” But Pope is focused on his mission. He moves straight for Geary’s locker and begins tearing in apart. He picks up a spare pair of boots and pulls out C-Note’s five hundred dollars. But that doesn’t stop him. Pope continues his search. He finds Westmoreland’s watch, then looks back in the locker and finds the burned guard uniform. Geary shakes his head in disbelief.

C.O.s escort Geary, dressed as a civilian now, out toward the prison’s sally port. He approaches Bellick and says, “This is a railroad, I didn’t do nothin’.” But Bellick is quiet, Geary continues, “Don’t look at me like I’m some con. You’re as crooked as scoliosis.” Bellick mutters back, “I don’t get caught.” Geary walks off, and Bellick backs out of the way for an on coming transport van. Inside, Lincoln locks eyes with Bellick as the van pulls through the gates.

As the van passes various Illinois farm fields, Lincoln stares out the window. A guard in the van gives Lincoln the run down of what’s going to happen when they get to their destination.

Nick makes sure Veronica is busy working. He then walks into another room. He flips open his cell and says, “She’s here. I’ve got her.” Then he hangs up the phone.

Michael stands at the entry to A-Wing. Over the P.A. system, we hear, “Scofield, for re-admission to Gen Pop.” Michael walks into his cell. Charles welcomes him home. Michael then gives Westmoreland his pocket watch back, saying Pope wanted to make sure it was returned to him. Charles opens it, puts the photo of his daughter back inside, then closes it and leaves.

Lincoln absorbs the rolling countryside. The transport guard asks, “What the hell are you starin’ at anyway?” Lincoln, smiles and quietly says, “Everything.”

The truck crosses into an intersection, and Lincoln’s eyes grow wild. A giant semi truck blows through the stop sign and slams into the back half of the transport van. The van spins, then flips over, throwing the guards and Lincoln about inside. The van finally comes to rest on its side in a ditch.

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