Bring It All Back

I’d been carving you To see what form you’d takeYou were hiding in ivoryI just wanted to free you shape Bringing me down, its too quiet to breatheWho wants to hear their heart beat? It’s gotta be hereIn your spider-web alphabetsDid I read it all wrong?Or have I just not gotten it yet? You got […]

Butts Wigglin'

The sweet sound of patent approvalcomin’ down in a not quite fogThe sweet sound of patent approvalcomin’ down in powdery sparksThe sweet sound of patent approvalcomin’ down with holiday concernThe sweet sound of patent approval comin’down in a world of hurt In my opinion the drug is ready The warm hand of abject approvalcomin’ down […]

I'm A Werewolf Baby

The moon comes up, I start to sweatcall the doctor, call the vetmy brain goes numb, my blood gets hotall I need is what you got I’m a werewolf, baby, and here I comeI’m a werewolf, baby, and here I come I lose control, I just can’t stopyou look so good like a big pork […]

Apartment Song

Illuminate the obviousit’s standing right here infront of uswhat our apartment doeswhen we’re not around does not concern us Simulate the obviousand it’s standing, standingright here in front of usjust what our apartment doeswhen we’re not arounddoes not concern us She’s the horrible estheteand she hates her ugly feetat a place where her friendsall meetshe […]


he bought two-fifths of lead free gasolinesaid, the bottle is dusty, but my engine is cleanhe bought a nice blue suit with the money he could findif his bride didn’t like it, St Peter wouldn’t mind now I lie here so out-of-breathand over-opiatedmaybe I couldn’t catch up, no butmaybe he could have waited well the […]

Born In The Water

Rolling hill all covered in suedeI’m heat-nervous and out of roadDowntown there’s a paradeBut I don’t think I wanna goSmart as trees in Sault Ste MarieI can speak my mother tonguePassing laws just becauseAnd singing songs of the English unsung How could you do it?How could you even try?When you were born in the waterAnd […]

An Inch An Hour

I want a book that’ll make me drunkfull of freaks and disenfranchised punks.No amount of hate no load of junkno bag or words no costume trunkcould make me feel the same wayan inch an hour two feet a dayto move through nightin this most fashionable way. There’s this fuckin band you gotta seethey used to […]

Gift Shop

The beautiful lull,the dangerous tugwe get to feel smallfrom high up aboveand after a glimpseover the topthe rest of the worldbecomes a gift shop The pendulum swingsfor the horse like a manout over the rimis ice cream to himthe beautiful lull,the dangerous tugwe get to feel smallbut not out of place at all We’re forced […]