Love Won't Work (If We Don't Try)

Whooooooah whooooooah yeahwhooooooah…whoooah yeahI don’t know what you do to meI only know it worksSometimes you make me feel so goodSometimes you make me hurt ’cause you give me a reasonFor getting up each dayI ain’t no poet babyBut I’ll say hey Anywhere you goI’ll be by your sidecause baby love won’t workIf we don’t […]

Keep On Walking

Seems like I was always runningFrom someone or somethingSo scared what life could holdDidn’t even want to knowEach day I would stand against itPut up my defencesWouldn’t let nobody insideThen you walking in my life [CHORUS:]Your love isAll I knowNever let you goBaby with youI choose my roadAll my lifeYou’re the reason whyBaby with youI […]

Heal me

HHeal meSteal meFeel meHeal meWhen thingsDon’t turn out rightAnd it feels like youLost the fightWhen things don’t workOut quite the wayFriend you canLook my way OhLet’s start thinkingWith our heartsThen this world,Can make a new startStart [CHORUS:]Why won’t youHeal meLove won’t youSteal meInto the nightFeel me(I believe,I believe,I believe)Heal me If there’s beenA change of […]

My One Thing That's Real

I hope you feelThe same way I feelMy one thing that’s realAnd I pray your mineTo the end of timeThank god you’re alive In this world of painYou’ve never changedYou’re sun through the rainWorld look at usWe’ve got an everlasting loveAnd I know there’s a god aboveBecause he sent you…you This is our life there’s […]

If I Don't Tell You Now

I kept it insideFor the longest timeAnd I can’t keep keeping itAll this love that’sInside of my heartMaybe it’s safer notTo say that I careMaybe this road won’tLead me anywhere [CHORUS:]But if I don’t tell you nowI may never getThe chance againTo tell you thatI need you, tell youWhat I’m feelingIf I keep these feelings […]