10 Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid

It was supposed to be a momentous occasion for Brian, who was about to close on his first home. But after signing a thick stack of documents–and taking part in the ceremonious passing of the keys–something felt off for the then 26-year-old Montgomery County, Md., resident. There wasn’t even a chilled bottle of bubbly or […]

America’s most unusual planned communities

Whether it’s a religious calling, a golfing itch or Disney-developed serenity, millions have found a way of life in communities that amount to mini worlds. There’s no place like your centrally planned home For a citizenry obsessed with personal freedoms, it’s amazing how many of us live in manufactured environments. But just as art and […]

America’s Most Miserable Cities 2010

Cleveland leads a slew of Midwestern towns on our annual list, but thanks to high taxes New York and Chicago make it too. The city of Cleveland has had a colorful history. The Cuyahoga River, which runs through the city, famously caught fire in 1969 thanks to rampant pollution, and it wasn’t the first time. […]

Great Real Estate Deals That Won’t Last

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions that a person makes. Because of the serious financial commitment involved, most buyers are interested in securing the best deal possible when purchasing a home. As the economy continues to wreak havoc on our jobs and plans for retirement, many people are wondering when will be […]

Places to Retire On Social Security Alone

Avenida Mader and Plaza de Armas, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. One of the most compelling reasons to consider retiring to another country is the opportunity to reduce your cost of living, maybe dramatically. As one American I know who retired to Boquete, Panama put it recently, “Back in Tucson, Arizona, where I’m from, my monthly Social […]

Wanna Buy Nicolas Cage’s Money Pit?

Apparently not. At an auction held Wednesday in Los Angeles, no one was willing to throw down the minimum bid of $10.4 million. Debt-ridden movie star Nicolas Cage lost his Bel Air mansion to foreclosure on Wednesday. The courthouse auction was a flop, as no one was willing to make the minimum $10.4 million bid. […]

America’s Richest Counties

The country’s fattest paychecks are brought home to these high-end suburbs. The country may have started its long haul back to economic recovery — if recent news that consumer spending increased slightly in January is any indication. But even so, most Americans still aren’t ready to brag about their paychecks. Except, perhaps, in Loudoun County, […]

World’s most spectacular pools

Bliss in the Golden Triangle Landscape architect Bill Bensley was responsible for a complete redesign of the grounds at Anantara Resort & Spa, a 90-room hotel located in Thailand—in the Golden Triangle, the point where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet. Commanding a view over a jungle canopy, its pool may be the only one in […]