No One Knows

We get some rules to followThat and thisThese and thoseNo one knows We get these pills to swallowHow they stickIn your throatTastes like gold Oh, what you do to meNo one knows And I realize you’re mineIndeed a fool of mineAnd I realize you’re mineIndeed a fool of mineAhh I journey through the desertOf the […]

Gonna Leave You

Wait by the phoneLate aloneHe can’t help youBut I know I could Free is too longYou know this is wrongEverything scars the skinPush it in, break it off I’m gonna leaveI’m gonna leave you I gave it startsI stomped on your heartsThis the is the end,No more pictures, we ain’t friendsIt’s raining in my roomThere’s […]

Mosquito Song

I know, I know the sun is hotMosquitos come suck your bloodLeave you there all aloneJust skin and boneWhen you walk among the treesListening to the leavesThe further I go the less I knowThe less I know Where will you run?Where will you hide?LullabiesTo paralyze Fat and soft, pink and weakFoot and thigh, tongue and […]


I see you go Through a park in a haze Well I don’t listen For traffic goin’ the same way A simple system…yeah I string ’em up, I cut ’em down Dare I say A perfect vision Such simple ways to let you know Free range humans All cooped up, naked clown Is playing lame…yeah […]

How To Handle A Rope

Too late to think and filter anymore A bitter pill to swallow…maybe you’re In a blanket haze of Ephedrine I’m wondering where the hell you been So come on and right this wrong You’ve got it all right You’ve got a feelin’ I’d rather open up my wrists – let it go You’ve got it […]

Leg Of Lamb

You’re a head case with a smile Can’t stop to make up your mind Education is so lame (so lame) When you bitch and you moan You’re a loose girl, I’m a guy You’re a truth freak with a lie The situation is so strange It’s a T.V. show In a hotel on the phone […]

Auto Pilot

Silent man on the marble slab The best trip that I’ve ever had High up in a jet plane pass it around My drinks on empty, need another round I wanna fly, wanna ride with you Is this the best that you can do? I wanna fly, wanna ride with you High up in a […]

Tension Head

Every day I wake up feelin’ this way I take it downtown, with all the action goin’ down I strike a match, strike a match, cook it up! (High life) I’m feelin’ so sick (Low life) I feel so fucken sick On the bathroom floor Gotta get out and get right Hustlin’ little girls Machine […]