Bye Bye Baby

this is not a love songbye bye baby I keep on waiting, anticipatingbut I can’t wait foreveryou say you love meyou’re thinking of mebut we’re never together Chorus:bye bye baby bye byeit’s your turn to crythat’s why we have to say goodbyeso say goodbye you had your chancesall your romancesand now I just don’t want […]


Why am I standing on a cloudEvery time you’re aroundAnd my sadness disappearsEvery time you are near Bridge: You must be an angelI can see it in your eyesFull of wonder and surpriseAnd just now I realize Chorus: Oooh you’re an angelOooh you’re an angelOooh you’re an angelIn disguise, I can see it in your […]


Holiday CelebrateHoliday Celebrate Chorus: If we took a holidayTook some time to celebrateJust one day out of lifeIt would be, it would be so nice Everybody spread the wordWe’re gonna have a celebrationAll across the worldIn every nationIt’s time for the good timesForget about the bad times, oh yeahOne day to come togetherTo release the […]

Justify My Love

I wanna kiss you in ParisI wanna hold your hand in RomeI wanna run naked in a rainstormMake love in a train cross-countryYou put this in meSo now what, so now what? Chorus: Wanting, needing, waitingFor you to justify my love Hoping, prayingFor you to justify my love I want to know youNot like thatI […]

Partido Feminista

Crowd: Evita Peron Partido FeministaEvita Peron Partido FeministaEvita Peron Partido FeministaEvita Peron Partido FeministaEvita Peron Partido Feminista Eva: Peron is everything. He is the soul, the nerve, the hope,and the reality of the Argentine people. We all know that there is only one manin our movement with his own source of light, we all feed […]

And The Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)

Che: And the money kept rolling in from every side Eva’s pretty hands reached out and they reached wideNow you may feel it should have been a voluntary causeBut that’s not the point my friendsWhen the money keeps rolling in you don’t ask howThink of all the people guaranteed a good time nowEva’s called the […]

Santa Evita

Children: Please gentle Eva will you bless a little childFor I love you tell Heaven I’m doing my bestI’m praying for you even though you’re already blessed Please Mother Eva will you look upon me as your ownMake me specialBe my angel be my everything wonderful perfect and trueAnd I’ll try to be exactly like […]

Rainbow Tour

Peron: People of EuropeI send you the rainbow of Argentina Che: Spain has fallen to the charms of EvitaShe can do what she likes it doesn’t matter much Advisor: She’s our lady of the new world with a golden touchShe filled a bullring 45,000 seater Che: But if you’re prettier than General FrancoThat’s not hard […]