Brooklyn's Finest (feat. Notorious B.I.G.)

[Pain In Da Ass] [*gunshots*] OKAY, I’M RELOADED!!! You motherfuckers, think you big time? Fuckin with Jay-Z, you gon’ die, big time!Here come the "Pain"! [*gunshots*] [Jay-Z]Jigga… (Jigga), Bigga… (Bigga)Nigga, how you figure… (how you figure)Yeah, yeah, yeah, aiyyo Peep the style and the way the cops sweat us (uh-huh)The number one question is can […]

Bring It On (feat. Big Jaz, Sauce Money)

[Sauce Money]Aiyyo Jay word up; these motherfuckersFuckin talkin that comeback shit like they cookin crackShit I ain’t frontin all I want my pockets green like slum changeYaknahmsayin? Front the roll we roll back like rubbers motherfuckerFor real; with no trace of AIDSWe keep our pockets fully blown, Roc-A-Fella click nigga Aiyyo we pattin down pussy […]

Can't Knock the Hustle (feat. Mary J. Blige)

I’m makin short term goals,whonder whether foesjust put away the leathers and put ice on the goldchilly with enough bail money to free a big willyhigh stakes, i got more at stake than phillyshoppin sprees, copin three, duece fever i guess its fully loaded,ah yes,bouncin in the lex luger, tires smoke like buddha50 g’s to […]

Take You Home With Me a.k.a. Body

[Jay-Z]Uh, uhh uhh, Kel’sYoung, M, X, tra, money, let’s go [Chorus 2X: R. Kelly + (Girl)]Girl you know you got a body-adi-adi (do you like it?)Where you get your little body-adi-adi (do you want it?)Girl I wanna freak your body-adi-adi (what you want it?)I just wanna take you home with me [Jay-Z]She get it from […]

Streets is Talking

[Jay-Z]Is he a Blood, is he Crip?Is he that, is he this?Did he do it? Y’know, ehhLook.. If I shoot you, I’m brainlessDifferent toilet, same shit, and I’m sick of explainin thisI’m waitin on arraignment, my nigga is the plantiffYeah, I know what you thinkin – fucked up ain’t it?I shoulda known better, and I […]

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

[Jay-Z]I thought this was America people!Uhh, yeah, guilty until proven innocent huh?That’s how we workin huh? OkayBefore me there was many; after me there will be noneI am the oneUh-huh, okay, I see how we playin Yeah, I get it down – anxiously the public can’t waitNiggaz had to have it way before it’s release […]

Big Pimpin'

[Jay-Z]Uhh, uh uh uhIt’s big pimpin baby..It’s big pimpin, spendin G’sFeel me.. uh-huh uhh, uh-huh..Ge-ge-geyeah, geyeahGe-ge-geyeah, geyeah.. You know I – thug em, fuck em, love em, leave emCause I don’t fuckin need emTake em out the hood, keep em lookin goodBut I don’t fuckin feed emFirst time they fuss I’m breezinTalkin bout, "What’s the […]

Parking Lot Pimpin'

[Jay-Z]Yeh, it’s that knock right hereYou fuck around not have the right speakers in your systemyour shit be soundin like this [*funny sounds*] Big thangs, thick chains, ain’t shit changedGet brain in the four-dot-six RangeShit mayn, switch lanesEvery town I hit you switch lames, bitch flip big ‘caine I givin ’em whiplash when I’m whippin […]