Holla Holla

[Ja Rule:][Chorus: 2X](Holla Holla) All my niggaz thats ready to get (Dollaz Dollaz)Bitches know who can get em a little (Hotta Hotta)Come on, If you rollin’ wit me (Follow Follow)Its Murda.. [Verse 1:]Think you fuckin’ wit Ja, NadaWatcha wanna go Dolla for Dolla??? (Holla Holla)My niggaz is (Hotta Hotta) Fucks plenty bitches, and dug bitches […]

6 Feet Underground

Dice are rolling, Knives are outwith thee present danger all aroundI don’t say they mean harm, but they’d each give an armto see us six feet underground.see us 6 feet under ground It doesn’t matter what those morons say [Chorus]It’s Murda I N C Uh, the Lord is calling meMy demons haunt me this really […]

E-Dub & Ja

[Ja Rule]Uh, yeah It’s Ja Rule babyIt’s E-DubYeahDef SquadUhY’all motherfuckers think it’s a game right?Get da name rightR-U-L-E babyMy shit is airtightCompressed, dead all da non-sensePass da 4-5th and load up the cartridgeE Reved up da 6 We about to blow out like bitchez wit bad kidzOnce u feelin da slugz hit Datz as real […]