Mama Yo Can't Go

It’s been a real long time since last I’ve seen it. I’m sadly curious what’s going down that way. Within my heart and soul I’ll always be there. But there’s no way I can go back, I just can’t go. Mama yo no can’t go, Mama yo no can’t go, no, no Sometimes I can’t […]

Show Me The Way Back To Your Heart

I remember days nights werenever coldI had you in my lifeI had you here to holdand I remember love warm as asummer daybut I lost youand I lost my waynow I’m in the rainbegging you please, please baby won’t you show me the wayback to your heartlet me see a sign to know if I’mclose […]

Sex In The 90's

Tell me that I’m crazy ’cause I love to have funStay up all night and party go to bed with the sunAlways on the dance floor till the end of the nightAnd if I go home alone then everything is alrightLove and romance just ain’t the same anymoreWhat can you do, accept or ignoreI thought […]


destinyhas once again surprised meoh destinymust want you here beside mequietlylike the sunrise with its splendorunexpectedlywith a passion strong yet tender you draw me inlike the moon draws the tideswept away by this lovetaken in by your eyes if I had to walk away from youI know that it would be no use’cause you’re so […]

Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams

Goodnight my love. Pleasant dreams, sleep tight my loveMay tomorrow be sunny and bright And bring you closer to me Before you go, please be honest (please remember)I need you so And this love that I have for you Will never grow cold If you should wake, in the still of the night Please have […]

Heart With Your Name On It

Hey there baby are you feeling down?‘Cause you’ve got nobody’s arms to wrap your arms aroundAre you thinking what you’re looking can’t be foundIf a part-time heart is what you needWhat you want now baby you won’t get from meIf it’s a part-time love you’re looking forDarling don’t be knocking on my doorBut if you […]

Path Of The Right Love

love, love, love, love, lovesay the word so very looselywhere we came from is love, lovepure loveand we’re on our way back homeand on that way you never look back’cause there’s nothing there to seejust look around youthere’s always someone that’s in needof maybe just kindnessas we watch each other bleedfrom wounds we choosewe never […]

Steal Your Heart

I don’t mean to be the teardropspilling over your resentmentsdon’t intend to be the crywith which you voice yourdiscontentmentI don’t wanna be a picturefading slowly from your memorydon’t intend to be a shadowsimply darkening your passage Only wanna lose myself behind the mirror of your eyesbe the only balm that soothesthe secret passions in your […]