Big Wheel

Yeah it’s a big world out thereand most of it is water.So you better learn how to swim real goodor you should know how to fly this is motiontaking too long, like a bad song, fly to hong kong,high as the sky without the bong.Never the less the level of stress was endless,I felt pressed […]


Back in the old days when gangsters were all the rageAnd crime was the front page of news and TV….A group known to no one who’s blows were all low onesThe cops had shit to go on they had no leads…. Drive by shootingsMurders at will…Pay for protectionOr have yourself killed… Gangbusters… Guys like Al […]


Standing up at the plateWaiting on my dateI was starin’ to worryShe was a halt-hour lateMy team don’t like itWhen I delay the gameBut they know I’m crownedThe girls on the reboundLife is like a stadium at nightCrowd cheers jeersDrama spot lightsThe public know usMaybe they don’tBut now I m gonna show ’emWhat the cameras […]

Sore Loser

You tried out for the high school teamSo you would have some childhood dreamsThat you and your father could shareFootball coach said you’re too smallDon’t even think of basketballYou knew you were destined to fail Went to the track meetYou wanna be an athlete (sore loser)Get back in your seat they saidGo to the dugoutThree […]

Funnel King

Wake up Monday nothing newWeekend has caught up with youLie in bed hold your headPray to god you ain’t deadAlarm clock rings out like a bellStart this day a living hellTake a breath and what’s that smell?Well it smells like shit… but you can’t tell Just like you – always thereJust like you – never […]


Check check one two on the boom shotHere’s the one on the gun in the street spotLittle boyz in the hood far from L A.Got the heat on the streetNow they’re ready to playGot the look of a crookNow they got the propGassed up head full of leadMight even drop a copOr not, who knows, […]

No Fronts

No fronts no tricks no soap box politicsNo guns just blunts we kick this just for fun We come with the fat jointsTo uplift the moodsBig up to people catchin’ on this grooveThis is Dog Eat Dog not a snitch or a snoopI might chew a bone but don’t call me poochWe’re not braggin – […]

Getting Live

I’m hitting switches in my eighteen wheelerBurning trees on the run from the smokies like a dealerA master MC on the CB kid nappin your ears GBut you can’t even see meI’m breakin up all you good ol’ guysAnd I’m collecting mad propsAt truck stops from all your wivesI keep it live with word manipulationIts […]