From the Window of my Room

[B-Real]Now lately I’ve been findin myself, pourin my guts outExpressin my thoughts, lettin my nuts out in the wallsof sleep, I can’t keep it all in the hall clearWhile others keep it inside for the pride they hold dearShoulda been, woulda been, coulda been the copsStop look and listen, you’ll get a vision of hip-hopIndividuals […]


[B-Real]Living in the city of the ScandalousShisty motherfuckers, can’t even trust my own brothersSo who can I choose to trust, me, that’s whoNiggas want a piece of the pie, fuck off and die!Jealous, envious fools want to rush thisLoco, trooping ass nigga with the cash, shitMotherfuckers just get your own, and leave mine aloneForty-five places […]

Killa Hill Niggas

[Capitan Pingaloca] “Esto no me gusta. Aqui la gente, la gente no sirve pa’ mierda. Aqui yo soy, yo soy Capitan Pingaloca. Y to’ mundo aqui, me sirve a mi o va pa’l carajo. Oye… revolucion compadre!”   [B-Real] In the midst of the madness no question, who’s the baddest MC’s in the game runnin […]

16 Men Till There's No Men Left

Ladies and gentlemenWe would like to present to youa group that is simply just marvelous, just marvelousLadies and gentlemen, Cypress, Hill [B-Real] 16 men on a dead man’s list[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo![B-Real] 16 men till there’s no one left[SenDog] Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo! Verse One: B-Real So many fuckin emcees […]

Dead Men Tell No Tales

[B-Real]Pam Pa Ra Ra (4x) Any die, if the beholder the soldier begins to boreFour score, seven bullets (Yeah hit the floor nigga!)Take you outdoor, darkness frightens you even moreI’m here to enlighten you, with the hardcoreBring it raw, like the red, dead meat, in your plateAnd I’ll fill you up with the energy the […]

Hand on the Pump (Muggs' Blunted Mix)

Cypress Hill, Cypress HillCypress Hill, Cypress HillCypress Hill, Cypress HillCypress Hill, Cypress Hill (B-Real)Well I’m an alley cat, some say a dirty rat On my side is my gat, see I’m all of that Sendin off buck shots for I’m gonna wetcha Running hard, but I’m still coming to getcha Thinking like a peace smoke, […]

Hand on the Pump

Verse One Well I’m an alley cat, some say a dirty ratOn my side you see my gat, see I’m all of thatSendin off buck shots for I’m gonna wetchaRunning hard, but I’m still coming to getchaThinking like a peace smoke, comin on a homicideYou talkin shit, try to take me for a rideI’m not […]

Hand on the Glock

cypress hillcypress hillcypress hill Crusing through the neighborhoodSome say I’m no goodClaimin I’m a criminalBut lets make it understoodJust one man man with a whole lot of homeboys (whole lot)Ya get the click of the glockWhen I pull of the chrome toyCheck me and I’ll check you back (check you back)Then jump backto my big […]