I’ve got a sandstorm blowin’ in my head I’m seein’ many colours but the one that’s coming through is red It’s stoppin’ me dead tryin’ to make some tracks but my feet are feeling like a lead Stop being blead, stop being blead Oh, my things aren’t the same Anyone could see that if I […]


I was born to live and I live to give I’m the love that you feel, the life that lives real in you I was born to die and I live to cry I’m your tormented soul, blackness that holds to all you So think of me as history and I will leave to you […]


I guess I’m alright, guess I’m alright I guess I’m doing fine, guess I’m doing fine Do you think I’d miss you, do you think I’d care Do you think I’d lay down and die You never even tried You never even tried Now its about time, it’s the right time If you willed your […]

Back of My Mind

They say they’ll take it away to reassure them that the future is there I hear the words that they say but don’t believe them We take the control, the hours taking it’s toll From the back of my mind, I can hear you From the corner of my eye, I still see you We […]


Well I can see my reflection reflecting in you And I can feel the connection connecting the two It’s dream reality, trying to break free and wake me Dream reality Trying to break free from this world, from the world Well I can feel your reactions reacting with mine And I can sense things are […]

Tell It Like It Is

Oh, here it comes again, I feel the heat again Blaze to the very end, rise like the sun again I’m on my feet but I can’t seem to stand Got control but ain’t got command The things I need slip through my hand So I tell it like it is, always hit or miss […]


When you start to find, start to see the signs Read between the lines Then you start to learn, wheels start to turn Like fire burns I tried to show you but you could not see me I tried to tell you but you could not hear me, no So I just let go Then […]