Believe In Me

I’ve been asking all the timeCould I be blindHey, I’m kinda feelingThat there’s just one reason whyLove won’t dieHey, I’m kinda pleadingStay by my side Coz I can’t eat, can’t sleepYou’re the only thing I care aboutWhen you smile you’re so sweetIf I could tell youThe way I feel Believe in me, and you’ll seeThat […]

Arms Of Mary

The lights shine down the valleyThe wind blows up the alleyOh how I wish I were lying in theArms of Mary She took the pains of boyhoodAnd turned them into feel goodOh hw I wish I were lying in theArms of Mary Mary was the girl who taught me all I hadTo know–she put me […]

Can't Stop Me

I just can’t imagine how it would beTo look in your eyes and feel miseryI can’t believe what I would sayIf I moved for your hand and you moved it awayOh, and I may have done wrongWon’t you give me some timeIt won’t take me longIt’s a yes and no gameAll pain and no gainYou’re […]

Baby Can I Hold You

Sorry, is all that you can’t sayYears gone by easilyAnd still words don’t come easilyLike i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry forgive me, is all that you can’t sayYears go by and stillWords don’t come easilyLike forgive me, forgive me, forgive me. But you can say babyBaby can i hold you tonightBaby if i told […]

And I

It’s been a while how have you been doingDo you over think about me and you andAll the things we used to doThe times that we sharedWell I’ve been looking for love and affectionIt’s brought me back in your directionEven though we’ve been apartYour part of my soul Ok I know (I know I was […]

Good Conversation

Everybody’s so mixed up about love these daysAnd everybody’s trying to work it out in different waysI don’t really need to know your aspirationsWhat I need from you babeIs good conversationTo put my mind at ease An old friend called the other dayAnd wasn’t quite sure what to sayDidn’t seem to know me anymoreAnd I […]

She's The One

I was afraidOf ever letting you in nowAnd showing you my heartWas something that won’t beginI was on a roadBlown by the windLife was just a stormy seaJust waiting to rescind But you lift me upAnd you give me hopeAnd with every breath in my bodyI want the world to know why She is the […]

Games Of Love

Many years ago nowin the Garden of LoveA temptation that was watched from aboveI’ll be your Adam, if you’ll be my EveSo come show me that youwill not deceive That love, just a crazy feelingDeep and hidden meaning, it’s trueAnd love, takes some understandingSo don’t you go and break all the rules We’re talking A-B-CI’m […]